Saving Grace

Season 1 Episode 6

And You Wonder Why I Lie

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2007 on TNT
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Episode Summary

An undercover reporter is killed and Grace has to find the killer which turns out to be a lot harder than she thinks. Meanwhile, Ham's wife confronts Grace about their affair.

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  • thou shall not lie...

    So Earl gets on Grace about lying. She does it so much that she almost does not realize that she does it. Rhetta is super excited as she was called to be an expert witness in a case about DNA that was found on a cigarette butt, but after talking more to Grace (who gathered the info) it turns out that it was not a legitimate collection. Rhetta was mad that Grace lied, that he job reputation was on the line, but also about the money that she really needed. Earl appears to Rhetta to help with the money situation, but he does it anonymously.moreless
  • Grace and the team investigate the brutal beating and gang rape of a journalist/reporter. Grace and Rhetta have a fight. Earl urges Grace to stop lying, and make amends with someone she's lied to in her life.moreless

    ok grace, it's getting a bit ridiculous. who was the guy she was rolling around with in the beginning of THIS episode? my lord lady, if you look up the definition of promiscuity, there will be a picture of Grace Hanadarko, i'm certain of it. so that brings it up to what, 4 we've seen her with now if you count Butch? let's see, Ham, Butch, Henry and now this guy. however i think there's a reason she doesn't like to be alone at night. it almost seems like she panics when her friends or mates decided to leave. i have a therory that she was sexually abused when she was younger, and that that is the reason why she blames god and hates the church, and acts so distant from her brother (the minister one). i'm also thinking that's where her scar came from that got Earl's attention. i can relate to Grace when she talks about god sitting on his "fat a**" and not doing anything...i used to have to blame someone too. she sounds a lot like i used to. every once in a while i still do. Earl did however have something to say back to that. so, Rhetta and Grace had a fight because apparently Grace fibbed to Rhetta about how she obtained a cigarette butt as evidence in a 2 year old case, consequently resulting in Rhetta's chance to make $2000 diminish. so i guess now Rhetta and her man have to sell the cow with the face that resembles jesus....who earl seems to think looks like Garcia? lol ok...i was happy to see the girls make up though. i thought it was funny when the guys were talking and said "i hate when the girls fight." haha. i also thought it was funny when Earl told Grace that god looked like a cross between George Clooney and Halle Berry. also when it came time to tell the victim's parents what happened, i noticed grace was the only one with enough courage to tell them. i love this show, i think it's brilliant, and i can't wait to see the next episode.moreless

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    • Butch: It'll be better in the morning.
      Grace: Promise?
      Butch: Yeah. Now go to bed.
      Grace: Want to join me?
      Butch: I don't take advantage of intoxicated women.
      Grace: I'm not intoxicsicated.
      (Grace stumbles back)
      Grace: Just had a few.
      Butch: Too many.
      Grace: Come on, cowboy. Leave the hat on.
      Butch: Bobby is waiting for me.
      Grace: Send him home.
      Butch: We've been down this road before.
      Grace: It was a good road trip.
      Butch: You tore my heart out, woman.
      Grace: Let me kiss and make it better.
      Butch: Go to bed Grace.
      Grace: See this is why I broke up with you, you're no fun.
      Butch: I'm fun and I broke up with you.
      Grace: HA!!
      Butch: Go to bed Grace.
      (Butch slips out the front door with Grace following. She falls down after Butch closes it behind him.)

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