Saving Grace

Season 1 Episode 3

Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 06, 2007 on TNT
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Grace and her team investigate the murder of a manager of a sleazy local motel. The investigation eventually leads to a maid, who claims the victim was trying to rape her. Complications arise when a local priest offers her the right of sanctuary. Meanwhile, Grace begins to accept Earl's presence in her life.moreless

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  • It is very interesting how the series deals with spiritual matters. With Faith. Finally a series that is open to different believes and accepts that it is about how you life your life and not in which way you believe.moreless

    I just love the relationship Grace has with her Nephew. When he is with her, she completly changes. The two of them are really great together. I also liked when Earl put different symbols of believe in Grace' house. I like the idea that every religion believes in the same god and Saving Grace really is not about one religion, but in any believe and about living the live in a way that one feels comfortable, but does not hurt anyone and not themselves. It is an very interesting concept and I would have hated it, if they would have said " You are not cathlic enough, you go to hell". There are enough people who already do that and I really hate it. I hope the series will even get better with each episode. But as long as it keeps up, I'm in every week.moreless
  • God is...great?

    so we get a look at what happens when Earl looses his temper. i remember thinking "holy sh*t..." but i also thought it was funny. i liked a lot of things about this episode, what can i say? i love the show. i thought it was very funny when Earl filled Grace's house full of religious icons, and doesn't she trip over a stack of bibles! haha, nice. I liked when she flashed her badge and said it was the only thing that would get her in a church. i like Grace's attitude. i thought the part was hilarious when she went to the church after Maria and asked the father to take her confession, and proceeded to tell him she stole Maria's bible. you can tell she was just trying to antagonize him lol. "so...double up on the hail mary's?" love it. i thought all that crap about Maria claiming sanctuary at the church was in Grace's words "bullsh*t". Also, i think the reason grace hates the church is...i think she was molested when she was young, and she's mad at god for not protecting her. i also think that's the same reason she's mad at her brother. i think if Ham is going to keep knocking socks with Grace, he should just leave his wife. it's a little ridiculous and it makes her look stupid. i wonder if we're going to get to see her in a future episode. i like Grace's friend that works in the lab. (i forgot her name). also i think it's cute that Grace's nephew Clay is getting ready for his first kiss...i'm not so sure Grace should be teaching him and showing him movies on such in DEBTH kissing, since he's not that old yet. However, i don't have kids so what do i know? lol. i like the new Captain, who apparently knows Grace. She absolutely does not like UT does she? haha, she keeps riding Butch hard about that. Anyway, can't wait to see what next week brings.moreless
  • the wrath of wings and all...

    So the case that Grace is working on takes her into a church. Of course Earl is there outside to make some comment. And she makes it very clear that it is job related, that the only thing that could make her go into the church is her job. Maria (the witness/suspect) has faith in god and turns to the church before all else. This is something that Grace just can not comprehend. Earl talks to Grace's brother (the father) and makes some comments about having a stubborn woman in his life, hint, hint. Grace is upset at her brother for a stance that the Catholic Church takes giving sanctuary to a murderer. She makes a comment about them protecting pedophiles and now murders and when she was asked about her first kiss she clams up and says she doesn't remember…maybe these are hints as to why she hates the church.moreless
Onahoua Rodriguez

Onahoua Rodriguez

Esther Prueza

Guest Star

Michael O'Keefe

Michael O'Keefe

Father Lloyd Tierney

Guest Star

DeLane Matthews

DeLane Matthews


Guest Star

Tom Irwin

Tom Irwin

Father John Hanadarko

Recurring Role

Mark L. Taylor

Mark L. Taylor

Henry Silver

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • This episode contains a character named Clifford Durkin who is introduced about 17.5 minutes into the program. Durkin's character is a religious zealot who founded 'John Watch.' Durkin uses a video camera to capture men soliciting prostitutes and then outs them publicly. Durkin's camera ends up capturing the episode's killer on tape. Durkin's character is a reference to Oklahoma native Brian Bates, also known as The Video Vigilante and founder of Since 1996 Bates has been featured locally, nationally and internationally for his efforts to document and dissuade acts of public, forced and/or organized prostitution in Oklahoma City.

    • Henry, the medical examiner, has a cat named Molly. Grace was inquiring over Molly's health.

    • (sign on building mentions Arcadia Lakes))

      Arcadia Lakes is an artificial lake created in 1987. It's located in central Oklahoma, just northeast of Oklahoma City. The lake has a land surface of 1,820 acres and about 26 miles of shoreline.

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    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Požehnej, otče, neb jsem zhřešil (Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Israel: April 7, 2008 on YES Stars 2
      Czech Republic: January 19, 2009 on Prima
      Slovakia: July 10, 2010 on JOJ
      Finland: May 12, 2011 on MTV3

    • Although credited, Bokeem Woodbine (Leon Cooley), does not appear in this episode.

    • Kenny Johnson (Ham) and guest star Onahoua Rodriguez (Esther) have previously worked together on "The Shield". She played the snitch Emolia who was responsible for his downfall by reporting him to IAD.


    • Father John: I keep waiting for a camera crew to jump out, like I've been Punk'd.

      Rhetta: You watch Punk'd?

      Punk'd is a tv show on MTV that features actor Ashton Kutcher pulling elaborate practical jokes on well known celebrities.