Saving Grace

Season 3 Episode 19

I'm Gonna Need a Big Night Light

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 21, 2010 on TNT
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Grace returns to Oklahoma City, rejuvenated and with a new perspective on how to deal with crime. And the family is still trying to grasp what exactly happened.
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  • It all comes together and to an end for "Saving Grace"

    I can't say enough good things about "Saving Grace." One of the best shows to, well, grace television. I can always tell a great season/series finale when I can't stop thinking about it. There were a lot of excellent character moments: Grace/Clay (in the hospital); Grace/Ham (in the bedroom); Grace/Rhetta (in the stairwell); Grace/Earl (on the beach). The episode closed out the series for me and didn't leave me feeling empty. There was, however, one scene I think could've/should've been included: Mary Frances's necklace somehow surviving and getting back to Clay. The ending was spot on, though . . . I loved watching the reactions of those missing Grace: Bobby (one of my favorite characters) was tear-inducing; Rhetta and Ham heartbreaking; and Butch (when he looked at the unscathed pile of letters) understated yet powerful. Too bad the show was canceled but I'm glad I was a part of it while it lasted.moreless
  • 9.0
    It always makes me sad to see the ending of one of my favourite shows. but all good things come to an end, right. It is not just the "final" episode that makes me sad, it is also the death of an extraordinary character.

    Even at that last moment I wished/ hoped that Earl -or someone- would save the day, and of course save Grace. but no, God had a plan for Grace. After all the bad she'd done, she had to kill the evil- we'll never know for sure whether she succeded. I think this was an epic, and a brilliant final episode for "Saving Grace". This is what the show needed. I'll never get over the fact that Grace died, because in time -as a fan- I learned to understand and love Grace, she became a part of me, and watching a part of myself die is never easy- trust me.

    I wish there were more episodes, to resolve things with Ham... There were no other like "SAVING GRACE".moreless
  • Series Finale

    The series finale was so great. It had me crying at the end. I thought for everyone to believe that grace was telling the truth about earl she would show up as an angel, but she didn't. The end was so sad she finally killed the evil that killed her sister and then she went home to god. Everything just rounded up. With the bag of letters surviving the blast now everyone will have some idea that there is a force out there because with a blast like that all of those letters should have burned with it. The series finale is the number 1 of my top ten episodes of Saving Grace.moreless
  • Saving Grace and the episode wasn't perfect but still more good then bad.

    Very nice finale that went exactly where it needed to go. Show always had its issues, but it was what it was and I liked it for that. It wasn't Touched by and Angel or Highway to Heaven by a long shot. Grace was deeply deeply flawed and yet when push came to shove she'd shove back and do the right thing. That's what made her a hero...maybe not a saint but definitely a hero.

    the one thing missing was that the brother who was a priest wasn't there at the final montage. Him not being there felt off to me. I mean everyone was witnessing a miracle and the priest wasn't there.

    The only other thing that annoyed was that it ended so abruptly. The song montage could have gone on a little longer.....then again so could the show.moreless

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