Saving Grace

Season 1 Episode 12

Is There A Scarlet Letter On My Breast?

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2007 on TNT
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When a murder trial is about to begin, the star defense attorney digs deep into the team's private lives, including Grace's sexual habits.

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  • Revealing is an understatement!!

    Grace Hanadarko lives her life like a man. Grace drinks hard, plays hard and works hard. She has several addictions: sex, alocohol and tobacco. These 'weaknesses' or 'flaws' are brought out in a MAJOR way in this episode. Grace makes no apologies for how she lives her life. With each episode, we learn a little more about what makes her tick - what makes her the way that she is. In this episode, Ham finds out that Grace has not only slept with many other men, but she has slept with Butch. That starts a fight between the two men. The assistant prosecutor that comes in to prep everyone for court, digs up dirt on each person and reveals it in their first "meeting". The things that are revealed creates tension amongst all of them: Bobby and Butch because Bobby kept his insulin controlled diabetes a 'secret' from Butch; the team learns that Rhetta has financial problems and Henry still lives with his mom; Butch was involved in an accident when he was younger and comes from money. The creepy defense attorney arrives and the show REALLY begins. He thinks that by digging up the dirt and laying it all out that the outcome of the case is going to come out in his client's favor. Part of his 'game' is parading all of Grace's sexual conquests through the squad room. It is kind of shocking and embarrassing for most of them, except Grace. To alleviate some of the tension, Grace says, "That was summer. He brings in fall and winter and we're gonna need a bigger office!" Grace seems to take it all in stride. For her, the bottom line is to put the bad guys away.

    Thrown into the mix is the pressure that Grace is feeling to go to her nephew, Clay's, Confirmation. Sister Laura Marie, a nun that taught both Grace and Rhetta makes an appearance. You can tell that she does NOT approve of Grace and really cannot figure out why Grace's sister, Mary Francis, chose her to be Clay's God Mother. Sister Laura Marie asks Grace what it was that she had written on the bottom of her shoes that could be seen when everyone is kneeling to pray during Mass. Grace replies, "Left shoe: Screw. Right shoe: You." I did feel bad for Grace as Sister Laura Marie praised Rhetta for all of her accomplishments, but showed disdain for Grace and refused to acknowledge any of Grace's accomplishments. Grace doesn't want to go, but, in the end she does. She even tells Earl that he needed to have more faith when he was doubting that she would attend!!

    There were many "OH MY GOSH" moments. They were both shocking and humorous. This episode definitely removed several more layers of Grace.moreless
Gordon MacDonald

Gordon MacDonald

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Sandy Martin

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Fay Masterson

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