Saving Grace

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Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 23, 2007 on TNT
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Grace Hanadarko is an Oklahoma City police detective with an alcohol problem and a self-destructive lifestyle. After she hits a man with her car while driving drunk, she asks God for help and an angel named Earl appears. Earl wants to help her find the right path of life again, but it is going to be a hard piece of work for both of them.moreless

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  • Welcome to Grace

    For the ups and the downs, a good intro to what the whole show is about. A remarkably well-written show, it's FINALLY a look at faith and God that isn't cloying or preachy. Gets into some very deep issues in a way that doesn't insult our intelligence or give us an OD of sugar. We also get to meet some excellent characters, starting with Grace who has some real dark spots but also has a deep love for her family, her friends, a commitment to her job, and a real need .

    I saw "Tatarize" comments, and while I understand how frustrating it is to not get it, he just doesn't get it. The whole thing is about faith, about there are answers we don't have. If this life was perfect, if God was Captain America rushing in to solve crimes and save baby ducks and prevent war and nobody ever died or got sick, faith would be easy, shallow and worthless. I know it's an answer that is annoying as hell if you don't get it, but it really is about faith, about the moment you take the leap and say "OK, you know better than I do. I trust there is an answer, a reason for all this, and it's beyond my understanding for Some people just can't do that. Now, the good news--contrary to what the vast majority of people (including the writers of this show, sadly) say, I am also absolutely certain that "hell" is a myth, a manmade lie. Salvation is a gift of grace, not something we "earn" by doing the right thing, and certainly not for thinking the right thing. The arrogant, "you better believe in me and worship me or I'll roast your ass in Hades for all eternity" God of the Old Testament is a lie, Jesus himself said so.

    Anyway, heavy the kind of stuff "Saving Grace" doesn't shy away from exploring and discussing. The story gets overly simplistic at times but while it is a faith and belief (or not) show, it's built on the foundation of a pretty good cop some of the crimes are going to be well written and compelling, and some are going to be yawners that people could think up in 10 minutes like "kid who's depressed stops taking his meds, gets cut from football team, and is driven by angry rock and roll to molest little girl then kill It's way, way ahead of, say, "Dragnet" but there are times that part of the show is a bit flat. This episode is one.

    If you're expecting "Little House on the Prairie" because of the religious discussion, you'll be shocked out of your gourd in the first 30 seconds, but for all the nudity and sex, you'll be glad you stuck it out. And for those of us who are Christians but not puritans, you gotta be impressed. For her years, Holly Hunter still looks real fine.

    And as a proud Oklahoma City native, I love the show's setting, they do a great great GREAT job of integrating the City and its people as part of the cast. They get a little heavy with some things (there ARE people in the state who don't have either OU or OSU stuff all over their desks, and the show makes Stillwater seem like a rare minority when, in fact, the City is close to OK, maybe it comes to the Sooners vs. Cowboys debate) but overall they did their homework and got OKC pretty darn well (there is one ep in season three where they, inexcusably, say the name of a major suburb, Edmond, incorrectly but overall they get it down perfectly) And trust me, it's not just a TV thing, the burgers at Johnny's ARE that good!moreless
  • Detective gets a last chance with the help of a tobacco chewing angel. *sigh*

    Finally a show depicting atheists as smoking, drinking, drunk-driving, cow-stealing, adulterers who park in handicapped places, flash old people, engage in promiscuous sex, scoff at ethics, and spill booze on bibles. And that's the good one! The other one is a suicidal teenage pedophile kidnapping child-molester on drugs!

    While drunk driving, she manages to runs over a guy and says "Dear God, please help me." -- Whooshed off to the grand canyon by an angel.

    She later finds Grand Canyon sand in her shoe and talks to Earl (the angel) some more.

    Problem of evil: "doesn't work that way."

    That was the angel's odd response. Babies are drowned and children molested because... it doesn't work that way. The Holocaust, the Boxer Day Tsunami, Fraggle Rock... it just doesn't work that way. An all powerful, all good God wouldn't prevent evil? That doesn't work that way. I would prevent those things if I could! So either, I'm not good for wanting to do that, or God is not powerful enough to do that, or God is not as good as me.

    All in all, despite the bigotry... I could see this show becoming the next Touched by An Angel and being successful. I won't be watching it though.moreless
  • The beginning of what may turn out to be a very interesting series

    This was definitely not the best pilot I've ever seen but it was a decent one. I liked the idea behind the show a sinful detective drunk driving and hitting someone only to ask for God's help. It was interesting and seemed different!

    The cattle auction was brilliant I loved how Grace just lifted her coat so everyone saw her badge before she went to sit down. It was so amusing to watch Alvin Green hitting on Grace I think I would have sucker punched him too if I had been in Grace's position. It sucked that she wasn't allowed to work the case until she apologized too. I loved the chase through the cattle yard after Grace sucker punched Alvin Green. It was great to see her cheering from above as they caught the kid.

    It was so cute to see Grace when she came to pick Clay up from school. I loved how she just took him and his crush for an insane drive in her car. It was cool to see someone that wasn't wound way too tight seeking a little crazy fun with her nephew and his crush.

    Earl was really awesome I loved how he took her to the Grand Canyon. It was interesting to watch the effects too. I loved Earl's wings.

    This was a really interesting start to a seemingly interesting show. I liked that it started off and you weren't really sure what you were going to get and that the case was with a missing ten year old girl. The depressed teenage boy was very creepy. I think this was a pretty good pilot and all but the show might just be a little too mature for my tastes. I will continue to watch and see where it goes though.moreless
  • This is a new show starring Holly Hunter as a strong-willed, beer swilling, promiscuous cop.

    Oh my God,I cannot believe how great this pilot episode of Saving Grace was. After I watched it, I felt like I had

    just watched not an Emmy award winning show, but an

    Oscar award winning show. It felt more theatrical than

    TV. I was actually stunned on how well the show was written and produced. The characters were phenomenal.

    I absolutely loved Earl, the angel. And I especially enjoyed the special effects and how well they showed his wings. That was really special - awesome. And I also have to mention how mind-boggling beautiful the transport scene to the Grand Canyon was - WOW!

    All I can say is: Look out Kyra Sedgwick and The Closer,

    there's a new kid in town! :)moreless
  • all jacked up!!

    Wow – so this show got my attention from the very first moment. That would be the hard core sex scene that belonged more on HBO – you could tell the fast camera movements were to cover up the fact that certain things were blurred out. I loved the fact that she is a Jack Daniel’s girl – she drinks like I do. And I loved her car – really want one. Laura San Giacomo was cool. I have only ever seen her on movies (missed out on Just Shoot Me) so it was cool to see her on TV. In the future might get to Touched by an Angel for me, but I am going to give it a shot.moreless
Roger Aaron Brown

Roger Aaron Brown

Percy Yukon

Guest Star

Brooklynn Proulx

Brooklynn Proulx

Maddy Franks

Guest Star

Steve Rankin

Steve Rankin

Alvin Green

Guest Star

Tom Irwin

Tom Irwin

Father John Hanadarko

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Grace's license plate reads XZ8 2R7.

    • The Police Station phone number on Grace's caller ID is 405-555-0162.

    • (the scene with Clay and Grace at the end of the episode standing near the OKC National Memorial)

      The Oklahoma City National Memorial was built and dedicated to educating visitors to the impact of violence, and honor the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. There are several sections to the memorial. The Gates of Time shows a permanent 9:01, the time the bomb was set off, the Reflecting Pool, Children's Area, Survivor's Wall, Rescuer's Orchard, and Survivor Tree.

      However, arguably, the most poignant sections of the memorial are the empty chairs and the fence. The 168 empty chairs stand in 9 rows. Each row represents one floor of the Alfred P. Murrah Bldg. The 168 empty chairs represent 168 lives that were lost. The fence started as a safety barrier for the site, but soon became a symbol of support as people started to leave letters, photos and other mementos tucked into the chain link fence. People to this day, still leave mementos behind on a daily basis.

      The memorial was designed by Butzer Design Partnership, and dedicated on April 19, 2000 by President Bill Clinton.

    • the scene in the stockyards when the suspect is captured

      Stockyards City was founded in 1910 and was built primarily for meat processing and packing. In 1961 facing an overhaul of stockyards and updating the equipment, the packing plants closed. However, the stockyards are still profitable with cattle trading and other businesses. It's a source for apparel, equipment, supplies and the community of cattlemen.

      We also saw one of the sale rings, and heard the auctioneer at work.

    • Named after the Oklahoma native humorist, the Will Rogers Park is home to the Horticultural Gardens and the Oklahoma City Council of Garden Clubs. The council was organized in 1921 to promote gardening and conservation. The gardens include the Ed Lycan Conservatory, The Arboretum, and the Charles E. Sparks Rose Garden.

    • (Clay refers to Tim McVeigh going to hell))
      Timothy McVeigh was executed in 2001 for his conviction in the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal Bldg.

    • Grace exhibits many symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), including irritability, sudden intense anger, occasional violent outbursts, low self-esteem and shattered self-confidence, emotional numbness, and avoidance of anything that reminds her of the experience. The heavy drinking might be due to her inability to sleep, yet another symptom.

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  • NOTES (14)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Policistka (Policewoman)

    • International Show Titles:
      Latin America: El Angel De Grace (Grace's Angel)
      Czech Republic: Božská mrcha (Divine Bitch)

    • This episode was nominated for the 2008 Prism Award for "Drama Episode".

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Israel: March 24, 2008 on YES Stars 2
      Czech Republic: January 5, 2009 on Prima
      Slovakia: July 3, 2010 on JOJ
      Finland: April 28, 2011 on MTV3

    • Everlast wrote and recorded the theme song called "Saving Grace" for this series. Their music proved inspirational to creator and executive producer Nancy Miller while she was writing the pilot script. The song was nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music" in 2008.

    • Writer/Producer, Nancy Miller is an Oklahoma City native. She's named several of the characters after cities in Oklahoma.

      Ham Dewey, Dewey, Oklahoma is in Washington County, north of Tulsa.
      Bobby Stillwater, Stillwater, Oklahoma is in Payne County, near Oklahoma State University.
      Percy Yukon, Yukon, Oklahoma is in Canadian County and part of the OKC metro area.
      Kate Perry, Perry, Oklahoma is in Noble County, approximately 60 miles north of OKC.
      Butch Ada, Ada, Oklahoma is in Pontotoc County, in southeastern Oklahoma.
      Clay Norman, Norman, Oklahoma is part of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Statistical Area.

    • Featured Music
      -"Saving Grace" by Everlast (theme song)
      -"Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys
      -"Mein Herz brennt" by Rammstein
      -"Lonely Road" by Everlast
      -"Saving Grace" by Tom Petty
      -"Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich)" by Big & Rich

    • In an interview with Parade magazine, Holly Hunter mentions that she accepted this role because most roles offered to women her age these days are supporting characters.

    • TNT posts episodes of "Saving Grace" on one day after they debut on television.

    • A new first look feature can be seen at Regal Cinemas during the "Regal First Look." It features an interview with series star Holly Hunter and several scenes from the pilot episode. The feature also contains music from the Dixie Chicks and Leann Rimes.

    • Holly Hunter spent 2 weeks with the Oklahoma City Police Department researching her character and police procedures.

    • Holly Hunter's character Grace Hanadarko was originally named Anadarko while the show was still in development. Anadarko is actually a city in Oklahoma, which is the state where the show is set.

    • The Pilot was shot on location in Canada and Oklahoma City; however, the remainder of the series is filmed in Burbank, California.

    • TNT originally ordered the pilot for "Saving Grace" back in March of 2005 under the working title of "Grace." For unknown reasons, production of the pilot was delayed for over a year. In July of 2006, Holly Hunter was finally cast in the lead role of Grace Hanadarko. "Saving Grace" finally received a 13 episode series order in December of 2006.