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  • Info on the show.

    TNT wasn't the one that founded the Show. CBS did and posted it on their TNT station. Holly Hunter, Stated that she didn't wont to do the show any more. That is how come it Ended. They also Created Saving Hope taking this away from the Saving Grace. Yes, It's one of the greatest Drama . show that was aired at the time. All the Actors did a great wonderful job in the . Show. It had good points in the . show that touched a lot of fans and people out their. Shown that Cop's are human just as we are and make mistakes as we did. But Also shown that they did care about the people they save in the daily lives. One of the best screen written of all time.
  • Saving Grace

    One of the best shows I've seen. Can't believe there were only 3 seasons. I cried so

    hard at the last episode. Wish it had ended better and kept going. Love it.
  • love holly

    why was this cancelled. great show, great interaction of charaters
  • reruns

    Give us our show back we would love to have a rerun or just a marathon of all the episodes please we want it back
  • Way to go TNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would LOVE to see this show come back!!! I know several people who have seen this show and LOVED it ALL OF THEM!! WOW, WAY TO GO TNT !! cant say enough about fresh, honest, fun, sexy, intriguing, heart warming, tear jerker, this show brought us on a wild ride and we NEVER wanted to get off!!!

    THANKS for all the YOU GUYS.

  • I once found, but have now LOST - MY Saving Grace!

    I've been walking a path similar to this in life... I AM Grace in some ways, tough and gritty, determined and strong. My life is summed up now in those last few episodes, as Grace faces a horrible tragedy AND everything else slams into her as it's all falling apart. How, as each piece is taken - it helps her to let go of this life, helps her to see so clearly what her purpose is, without fear.

    The writers, must have gone through quite a tragedy in their own lives to write such powerful pieces! Course, I guess the truth in that is - only those of us who are out here walking with OUR EYES WIDE OPEN can really grasp the beauty of it - ESPECIALLY, the end...

    A Mass Murderer came into our home, and destroyed my life in a similar way to Graces... I could relate too much to the horror of the death of that little girl. Grace heard the music - just like I still continue to hear my daughters screams from that morning as she was being stabbed to death! Both of us seeing the bloody image of the dead child before us. The guilt that swallows you, and how those who love you fear for you...

    I thank the writers, for putting something out there that is so true to MY life, if only because I NEEDED IT. That final scene, where Grace confronts EVIL? I too, am working to that day. I MUST face EVIL in the courtroom, MAKE SURE it receives the Death Penalty for the protection of all those I love, too. I thank the writers for that image I will carry with me, will GIVE ME STRENGTH when I walk into that courtroom - To see myself throwing that cigar, only in my case - it's using my words... The beauty of grasping the true meaning of that final scene, that after the EVIL DESTRUCTION OF EVERYTHING ELSE IN MY LIFE - I could finally be at peace if I was taken by GOD too... I will tuck that away, and carry it with me ALL THE DAYS I MUST CONTINUE TO LIVE IN THIS LIFETIME.
  • Great Series

    When is it starting?

    This show has been one of my favorite TV shows. I do miss it. It made me thiink of my faith & the possibilities of what could happen as devine intervention. AWESOME PROGRAM. wish it would come back on.
  • Not too bad

    I think this show was a good pass time. It wasn't the kind of show where I wanted to watch every single episode. I think that Holly Hunter did a good job playing this character. I also loved the connection between Rhetta and Grace's friendship, that they would do anything for each other. I didn't LOVE the show but I will admit, i did shed a few tears in the final episode. Especially when they pulled her body from the rubble and everyone saluted Grace, it was sweet and showed how much of an impact Grace had on the people around her. I wish that Earl could have saved Grace, something. Kind of like by the grace of God, and that moment would show Grace's true purpose and why God chose her. Good show all in all.
  • Response to Worlita: "...Very offended by the porn and foul mouth...."

    Worlita, While I understand your point of view, you must understand the writers' as well. The point they were conveying was honest. MANY people start and live their lives in this way that Grace did, yet they turn it around. In my personal opinion, it was authentic, realistic, not "sugar coated" like many other tv series that touch on sensitive subjects such as religion, angels, etc. I think it was refreshing to finally have someone show what REALLY happens sometimes in life. I'm not saying it's true of everyone, but MANY ppl live their lives that way and find a calling and turn it around. I LOVED this show, and I wish that they would bring it back. Our society is soooo quick to judge, and always want to sugar coat reality instead of showing what it really is! Saving Grace was realistic, to the point, and very touching.
  • What a let-down! I'm so dissapointed.

    Great show with great actors, but the finale was a complete dissapointment that made absolutely no sense. I was a total fan of this show up until the ridiculous, lame series finale. As a fan I could have come up with several different endings that were better than what was aired. I don't know what went on behind the scenes as far as staff and network cancellation are concerned, but the viewers are the ones who got cheated in the end. The writers should be ashamed of their work here. They should take notes from the writers of The Tudors series finale - now that's how you end a tv series!
  • An abrupt (and not in a good way) finale

    Many shows have trouble finding a fitting end, few actually pull it off. Lost was the most recent that got closest to it, the remake of Battlestar Galactica almost but then ruined by a cameo and too obvious metaphor. Saving Grace on the other hand ended with what on paper sounds like a shocking ending but in delivery was truly absurd. After 3 seasons of pretty decent television (and a few rocky episodes) viewers were left with the feeling of 'Why did I bother?'. If the show was actually trying to ridicule religion or belief systems then perhaps it actually worked on that level. Like Earl's expression in the last few frames perhaps the viewer was mean't to think 'God's plan is garbage then...'. Personally though I don't think the show was being that clever and would imagine it was a poorly contrived method of pulling on the heartstrings (cue the cliched ballad by The Calling during the end sequence). That clearly went drastically wrong. The bluntness at which the devil/demon informed Grace about her sister's necklace and the speed of her reaction/the explosion just didn't gel. I am sure the team behind Saving Grace will clap themselves on the back for provoking such a strong reaction from the fans for the ending. However they will be wrong in doing so as this wasn't a clever though unsettling ending like say The Sopranos or The Shield. It was just disappointing.
  • I'm so sad this show is over.

    It's the best show on tv right now. Someone outta do something about that. I'm sure Grace can either come back as an angel or just come back.

    The ending was very dramatic. I can't believe she died. It can't be over!!! No! Say it isn't so!!!

    I have 53 more characters to put in this space, so I'm going to ask if anyone knows how we can get in touch with these people and insist they keep making this series. Holly Hunter should be on tv all the time. She's an amazing actor. Her mannerisms are impeccable. Hanadarko was my idol!
  • Grace is a devil lover. Some angel (tom from lost) comes to annoy her. Waste of my time.

    Grace is a beer drinking smoker that cusses like a sailor. Then some angel shows up. Some guy wrote a review about how good of a christian show this is. WRONG!!!! Unless christians love shows with sex, profanity, and violence (grace hits people and runs over a guy). I wasn't sure what kind of show this is, but i believe it has something to do with solving crimes. It's like a cheesy religious show with a murder mystery thrown in. Holly hunter is an award winning actor? This woman is a skeleton that probably has drug problems in real life. My aunt julie was on crack and her skin got a pale and wrinkly just like holly hunter. Molly holly needs to check into rehab and eat some cheeseburgers.

    No need for me to continue watching. TNT should cancel this show after they see the ratings for next weeks show.
  • I'm very offended by the porn and the foul-mouth. Decent writers can make the point w/o the filth. Yuck!! You ruined a great concept by wallowing in the gutter.

    The premise of the show is great. The gutter language and lewdness is unecessary, juvenile, and unacceptable. We are the only censors left, so I censure the writers for their guttermouth and their classlessness. Yes, we know people have sex; they also urinate, bleed monthly, and pass gas; but we needn't see it on TV. I'm disappointed in Holly Hunter. I truly considered her a class act, but my opinion has changed. Having watched the show, my heart and mind need some psychic hand sanitizer. Ew.
  • If only God could sue for libel…

    If God exists, He’s not going to like Saving Grace one little bit. True, He’ll probably forgive (as He’s so good at that) the leaden writing and the clichéd storyline. And it’s unlikely that He’ll be as uptight about the eponymous Grace’s louche lifestyle as many of His followers here on Earth are. But what will provoke the Almighty’s ire is the way in which He Himself is portrayed. He’s made to seem cruel and capricious. Apparently, He has a team of angels that He sends to Earth to save His chosen few. The angels achieve this by proving beyond any doubt to these very, very few and highly favoured individuals that God exists and that He will consign them to an eternity in hell unless they behave as He wishes. So, no need for faith or free will then. Funny that, thought those were essential to the Christian creed. Does God send these angels to Usama bin Laden, Stalin or Adolf Hitler to prevent them from undertaking mass-murder and genocide? Does He send them to glib atheists who might tempt good Christians away from the true path? Does He send them to evangelical preachers whose dalliances with rent boys cause such pain to His followers? No, He sends them to people like Grace, an alcoholic floozy whose simplistic, immoral, Manichaean view of good and evil would disgust a small child with learning difficulties, let along the Supreme Being. If only God could sue for libel…
  • With a tobacco chewing angel named Earl and a lead actress with loose dentures, this series is ridiculously bad.

    Let me start by saying I've never been a Holly Hunter fan. Her lisp is really distracting. It's just not attractive at all. But putting that one annoyance aside, there are plenty of other flaws to this show.

    First, I feel like I'm being constantly preached to. I don't have a problem with series where the underlying theme is religious. Sometimes those shows can be quite good. For instance, I really enjoyed Highway to Heaven back in the mid-80's.

    Saving Grace is NOT Highway to Heaven. The lead character (played by Holly Hunter) has zero redeeming qualities. She's a bi-polar, alcoholic slut. I don't know how else to put that, frankly.

    Then there are the other problems, like the ridiculous premise that she and a death-row inmate have shared a religious experience after she hit him (and killed him) with her Porsche. She was drunk, hit him with her car and called on God to help her. So Earl the tobacco-chewing angel shows up and whisks her off to the Grand Canyon and tells her what's what. They have this weird sexual connection when he wraps her in his wings (apparently letting her feel God's love or something) and then *poof*, she's back at the accident site. It's all just really, really badly done.

    I could go on for much longer about this show, but hopefully what I've already mentioned will help steer others clear of this show.

    This is not a show I will be tuning in for. It's that bad.
  • I see no redeeming values in this show or in Grace herself.

    Grace has done nothing in all three shows to repent and change her ways in any way, shape or form. It may have been better if she had tried and not succeeded. But she has not done so. After all the attempts by God to win her over with no change in Grace, I believe this show is a flop. I didn't expect her to become a nun overnight, but I did expect her to believe and try to do better. Grace appears to be continually trying to win her way into Hell. She wins at that. I see no redeeming values in this show or in Grace herself.
  • To summarise this show is to call it a lost cause.

    Saving Grace is a disgrace! The show should be taken off the air. The story line is a sexual,anti-moral presentation of what, "Saving Grace"is.One would hope Grace gets saved but, it isn't likely with the help of that depraved, messed up angel. The sex is too raw and the message is a total lie. There is enough confusion about all the religions in the world without this show trying to combine them all. The show makes lite of and demeans the real message of salvation by making false and crass comtents. Hopefully the show will be short lived. Maybe the network needs to come up with something else worth saving.
  • If this show continues, there truly is no god...

    Over the top. Excess can be glorious when provided a compelling context. Or sometimes when cut free of all context. It's extremely ugly however when slathered onto heaping scoops of pretentiousness.

    It's not that I have a problem with strong content, it's that I have a problem with CONTRIVED content. One of my all-time favorite programs is "Deadwood", another is "The Wire". The former probably set a record for most profane utterances in an hour, while the other once featured a scene where the f-word is spoken almost exclusively for three minutes, plumbing its splendid variety with gusto.

    The big difference with those two shows and "Saving Grace" is that "The Wire" and "Deadwood" managed to birth authentic, multifaceted characters whose dialogue seemed to spring naturally from the situation, as well as from the world built up around the characters.

    In Saving Grace, it's like the writers have been given a ration of cuss words to use to maintain some banal "edginess" quotient and by god, they sure manage to insert them as awkwardly as possible. "The Shield" manages to seem genuine despite having to work within the same content contraints, so it isn't like there is a valid excuse for the lack of integrity in the writing. It's simply a lack of skill.

    This dearth of craft in the writing is apparent all over the place, like the recycled crime plots, the disingenuous use of meaningless sex and boozing to "explore" the main character's impenetrable pain and the incoherent larger arc about "faith".

    This last is really the most unforgivable failing, since it's what the entire show professes to revolve around. Despite not being a religious person, I was hoping for a show that tackled faith with some honesty. A show that, at the end of the day, sought to affirm faith would instantly gain my respect if the subject were treated with some intelligence and insight. Instead we're treated to cutesy banter, hollow portent and a bunch of trite homilies couched with faux provocateur posturing.

    Programs with weak writing can occasionally be salvaged by outstanding perfomances. Unfortunately, the acting in Saving Grace is uneven at best, with the possible exception of Laura San Giacomo. Most of the characters seem to be acting to a wall, not the other characters. There is no rhythmn to the readings. It's just a lot of bluster, volume in place of feeling.

    On final judgement, there's just nothing redeeming about Saving Grace. (Bad puns be damned...)
  • Grace is a hard nosed detective with a bit of southern charm and no moral boundries given a second chance to save her damned soul.

    The show has a different feel to it than most shows. Grace is a detective who lacks any remarkable or extraordinary qualities other than her missing moral compass. Grace is basically a fallen soul who is given a last chance by an angel to redeem her soul and stay out of hell when her days are done. Usually when you think of shows where a person is given a second chance and the revelation of the existance of a higher power the person reforms and changes becoming a decent human being, but not Grace. Grace continues on trying to avoid her miracle choosing damnation over salvation. Grace is a flawed and fun, easily likable, but not as much as she disgusts you. Grace is very much like the people you party with, but would never want involved in your life. As much as you want to root for her you can't help but hope she goes to hell. Show is definitely worth a watch.
  • Grace solves a crime with the help of a sex swing and some other people.

    Saving Grace is a good show. Unfortunately, it's attraction is 65% Holly Hunter, 20% Earl, 14% the rest of the cast, and 1% crime solving. Hunter might as well be acting on a white, blank stage, because nothing else matters when she's onscreen. Unless she's with Earl. Then there's that captivating dynamic of imagining someone actually talking to a guardian angel--and the actor that plays him is pretty awesome too. This particular episode was not up to par with previous episodes. I had to really think back to what had happened (I watched it a week ago), and can't remember much of it other than Grace swinging on a sex swing in the suspect's home (a nice turn by Elias Koteas--the skinhead from the 80's movie 'Some Kind of Wonderful'). I think the problem might be that the show is trying to wear too many hats at one time and therefore is having an identity crisis. Is it a show about redemption? A single woman making it in a hard world? A crime solving show? I could do without the weekly crime solving story and stick to Earl, Grace's mysterious connection to the guy in prison and, sure, her personal interactions with friends and co-workers. Just not at work. Once that's over, start another season long crime mystery...Aha! There it hour is not enough time for Grace to be involved with a crime. It's so tedious. Let's leave that formula to THE CLOSER (which I enjoy btw). They've found a good balance over there for D.C. Brenda Johnson--more crime solving and less personal mess. Grace is all personal mess. I hope to see more of it.
  • do you believe in second chances? grace hanadarko does. she's a hard living, hard drinking oklahoma city detective who's life is being watched over by her very own angel named earl.

    Yeah, yeah. Another cop show. The airwaves are full of them. Saving Grace is worth giving a shot. Grace Hanadarko is a hard living, hard drinking Oklahoma City detective who is spiraling out of control. One night, while driving drunk, she kills a pedestrian and thinks, "oh s**t". a flash of light and appears Earl, a last chance angel. He tells her the accident wasn't real but one day it might. Earl, played perfectly by Leon Rippy, acts as Grace's conscious. Which is a full time job in itself. Grace, Holly Hunter, while being a good detective is a train wreck personally. She's smokes too much, is drunk almost every night, sleeps around and is having an affair with her married partner, Ham. Earl is also last chance angel for the man grace "killed in the car accident", Leon. Leon is a death row inmate. He was sent to prison for dui and while there he killed a prison guard, sending him to death row.

    Rhetta is grace's best friend and the pd's medical examiner. Grace's brother John is a priest! Go figure. Those two are the only ones grace tells about her angel friend. Her relationship with Ham is volitile. They're great partners in the field. But Ham is well aware of Grace's past dalliances and is insecure about it. Heck, in quite a few episodes, "just last week, last night" Grace was with another man. Grace and Ham seem to made for each other and Ham eventually leaves his wife.

    The remaining supporting cast is excellent as well. My definite fav is Butch. Baily Chase is so hot! Yee-haw!!! by the way, Grace had a thing with butch too. Bobby is Butch's patner, he is quiet, strong and dependable. Bobby is also one of the few men in the dept Grace hasn't slept with, lol. Lorraine Toussaint is wonderful as always as the detectives supervisor, Kate. She's their boss, mother and friend all in one. Grace is definitely a flawed leading lady. Sometimes you wonder why people are drawn to her and if she even deserves their loyalty. But I suppose that's part of the point of the show. No one is perfect and don't we all deserve a second chance? Warning, not a show for the kids! The premiere episode started out with a butt naked Grace and Ham getting it on. The language is not be desired as well. I don't know, is Grace supposed to like like "trailer trash"? And Ham too? Sometimes they look like a couple of crack addicts. When you see her off screen, Holly is actually an attractive woman. All in all, a decent show. I usually dvr it but I haven't missed an ep yet. Saving Grace is worth watching just for Baily Chase.
  • As bad as watching Chuck Norris or Seven Seagal watching themselves. Holly is pure ego.

    I stopped watch Holly after 'The Piano', and she has not changed her true colors. What is with her need to display her body to everyone? It looks like an 80 year old dehydrated corpse. I rented the 1st season from Netflix to watch Ken Johnson, but wow. This is pushing religion to an absolutely retarded level. If this represents Oklahoma cops, wow!! The police chief is killed, then the next scene she's making stupid pancakes for her nephew. She drives the boy in her car without seatbelts, She is constantly drunk and drives. She constantly visits with a death row inmate and all those guards are good with that, being he killed a guard.

    What's that saying? " reasonable suspension of disbelief". Way beyond my ability to suspend that much flaw.
  • AMAZING cast!

    I had never watched this show until Amazon added it to my recommended items. I'm so glad I bought it. It is a fabulous cast - an AMAZING cast! A lot of actors that I've liked on other shows (most noteably to me - the actor who played Lemonhead on The Shield). I am three episodes in, and am so glad I have the entire season. One Note: This show is not for kids - and it's great to have good adult TV (it reminds me of shows like Rescue Me, the first season on The Shield, and I can't think of more good adult TV).
  • producers sure work in mysterious ways.

    disregarding the banking potential. producers sometimes forget the title of their own show. It would have been nice, had the main character had at least a couple of qualities other than being an kinda ok looking blond woman. unfortunately, otherwise likeable, Holly Hunter plays (and does so very well) a semi young woman, who quickly summarized can be described in the word: selfish. For viewers she must be labeled as truely unlikeable, why time is wasted saving this particular individual is, here well in to season 2, yet to be revealed.
    trying from time to time, writers give her human skills, such as showing of emotion or guilt. but as the Grace turns around laughing while drinking JD from the bottle. all empathy turns to smoke, and i find myself reaching for the remote.
  • If I thought last week's episode took my breath away ... well this week just left me speechless ... good speechless ...

    I am not sure what part of the series is the most breath taking ... Grace's continual vulnerability ... like a lost child so in need of hugs ... big hugs ... the incredible poignancy of each storyline ... which btw just get better and better and each one unfolds ... or is it the punchline you are left with at the end of the programme ... it gives you food for thought ... well this week was a banquet! How quickly we forget those who died in disasters ... how tragic but normal that we go from one terrorist attack to another and so quickly forget those who have gone before. That's what I love about this series ... it slaps you back into reality to tell you that you must NEVER forget ... you need to remember how people's lives and loves were changed, devastated because of one intolerant act and Grace shows us how to be human ... how to question one's faith in spirit and in life and to never give up ... keep on doing good things and it will come right in the end ... particularly if you have a nekkid man on your living room floor that you then coat in ketchup and mustard ... yep he made one hell of a hot dog! New meaning to the term ... hot buns!!!
  • Since I had 13 years as a cop, the last 6 as a Detective Sgt.. This show is the frst since Law and Order to realisticly show how real cops live. Especially female cops who can make it in a man's world and hold her own.

    The "Saving Grace" that aired tonight, July 21, 2008 gave me goosebumps! I had a drug reaction once while in the hospital. For 12 hours the staff worked to keep me alive. At the foot of my bed stood a man that to this day I can see in my mind but when I try to describe him I can't.The nurses told me no one had stood there?? On the show when her co-worker met the angel she could not describe him....brrrrrrr cold chills.
    I have always been a big fan of Holly Hunter. I can not remember a bad movie or one of her's I would gladly watch time and again. I think she's right on with nailing her character on the head. Whom ever advised her for this show knew what it's really like for female cops who run with the big boys. I lived on the edge not knowing if I would make it to see another day. You try to pack as much love, passion, laughter you can into each day, praying all the while that the Man upstairs has your back. Please don't change a thing, I think you have a hit and I hope it runs for a long time. Thanxs Rebekah
  • Holly Hunter is a survivor of the OKC bombing and sexual abuse as a child. Her sister did not survive OKC and Grace blames herself for that. Interesting how she handles life, her "fall from Grace" and, interaction with EARL , her guardian Angel.

    I have watched every episode. I loved Holly Hunter in all of her movies and I am so glad she has come to the small screen. She plays the part of Grace expertly and I look forward to this series continuing for quite sometime. Her interaction with Earl is extremely interesting and makes me think, how would I react if I could actually see my Angel, which, I do believe I have. I highly recommend this show to any adult - it's not for kids - thus the rating (shown at the begining of each show). That rating is there for a reason. I highly recommend this new show and look foward to it's return in July.
  • Holly Hunter plays a cop who needs to be saved, and Earl appears to show her the way.

    I saw the promos for Saving Grace and thought the show looked interesting from the start. I'm not familiar with Holly Hunter from anything, but I do like seeing Laura San Giacomo back on TV. Holly plays a rough, by-her-own-rules, cursing and swearing Oklahoma police officer who is not very pious or religous, but when she accidentally kills a guy, Earl the Angel appears. He's not the typical Angel; he's wise and reverant, but he really likes the human stuff of drinking and chewing, but he does want to lead Holly on the way to salvation, but she's making it difficult. She's not ready to believe in God, and she's using Laura playing a CSI to determine who or what Earl is. Leon Rippy does a great job as Earl. The overall view of the show is sort of a police drama with a fantasy element and x-rated material to show what sort of character Holly is playing. It's a decent show worth a watch; more than enough to fill the Monday night void.
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