Saving Grace

Season 3 Episode 3

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Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 30, 2009 on TNT

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Rhetta and Grace getting drunk outside on a blanket at Rhetta's farm; while Rhetta's off getting more wine, Ronnie (Rhetta's husband) asks Grace if Rhetta will ever forgive him for losing the farm that's been in Rhetta's family for generations. Grace says that maybe in five or ten years. She only shrugs noncommittally when he asks if Grace herself would ever forgive him. Rhetta returns and decides that she and Grace need to dig up their old time capsule, but neither can agree where they buried it. They set off with a shovel and a tractor to find it.

After a discussion with Earl in the mystery coma woman's hospital room, Grace gets a call from Ham letting her know that a bomb exploded in her brother Johnny's church, and he's fine but getting checked out at Blessed Heart hospital. Grace only has to walk to another part of the same hospital to see her brother with tape around his ribs and other assorted injuries. Immediately, Grace forces down her tears and worry and starts to question him about who might be angry enough with him or the Catholic church to commit the crime. As he's asking her not to get "all gung-ho", he is interrupted by their brother Leo, who blusters just as much as his sister.

Back at the police station, Grace and Captain Perry talk it through; Ham comes in to tell them what they've learned about the male body they found in pieces at the church bombsite. Grace wonders if the bomber had been aiming for the church or Johnny, and when Ham asks her what her gut tells her, she whispers that she thinks the person was after Johnny. She asks Ham to run a trace on all the calls to and from Johnny's phone.

Ronnie arrives just as Rhetta's showing Grace a map she found of the farm so they can try to figure out where they buried the time capsule, and she panics, asking what's wrong. He just needs her to sign a paper for the auction on Friday. Rhetta looks at the paper and takes Ronnie into the hallway, where she proceeds to yell at him as Grace and her nephew, Clay, watch from a safe distance.

Grace finds Rhetta stewing in the stairwell, upset because she'd told Ronnie that she wasn't going to sell her grandfather's panel truck, and it ended up on the list of auction items anyway. Her anger and fear span the upcoming loss of her farm to the fact that a bomb went off in her church to the realization that the holy cow Grace had given her would no longer be hers. Grace gives her a hug and offers to beat up Rhetta's husband, but Rhetta admits that it's her fault too since she had Ronnie do all the finances so she wouldn't have to do them herself. Rhetta asks how much longer she can whine since her family's healthy, they have an apartment, she loves her job, and she's bowling a 170. She can have the rest of the day to whine since she has a such a good bowling score, Grace kids before Rhetta returns to work.

Earl appears and reminisces with Grace about the money tree Grace had wanted to grow when she was a kid by burying - and watering - a one dollar bill. Before she leaves him, Grace hesitates a moment, trying to decide if she's going to say anything, but she just shakes her head and walks out the door.

Butch and Bobby question Johnny's secretary, Lita Mae, who says she doesn't know of anyone who would have wanted to bomb the church, and they ask why she was late coming to church that morning. She says she took some personal time.

Johnny asks Grace to ask Earl about the bombing, but Grace tells him that Earl doesn't help her solve crimes. She also tells him that he's going to stay with her.

A tearful woman runs into the room, right at Johnny. Grace steps in front of him, but Johnny pushes her aside to comfort the woman. It turns out that her husband was the man they'd found in pieces by the bomb, and they clear him as a possible suicide bomber.

Butch learns that Johnny and Lita Mae talked for hours every night and wonders what the husband thinks of that.

Back at Grace's house, Grace has made Johnny's favorite spaghetti and is hiding the cell phone that he can't find. She places it underneath a towel and starts to question him about Lita Mae as they eat. Johnny's cell phone rings, and Grace pretends that it had just been misplaced. Grace continues the interrogation, but Johnny won't say anything. Upset that Grace checked his phone records, Johnny says he's leaving, but someone shoots into the house before he can get very far. Grace tackles Johnny to the floor, waiting until the sound of a motorcycle fades until she asks if he's okay. Johnny's upset that he burst the stitches on his shoulder.

Everyone meets at Grace's house to investigate, and they learn that Johnny told Lita Mae where he was staying. Because Johnny won't tell her about the late-night calls, Grace decides that LIta Mae's husband needs to be brought in for questioning. Rhetta determines that the gun used was a 9mm.

Butch and Bobby question Lita Mae's husband, who expresses his support of Johnny. He owns a motorcycle and a gun, but he says he didn't try to kill Father John. He admits that he's the one who calls Father John, because the priest is helping him reconcile his need to become a woman with his face.

Grace goes to visit coma girl, who, according to the nurses, has a huge amount of alcohol in her system. Grace spots a pink drink umbrella by the bed and hides it when a nurse enters.

Rhetta determines that the person who made the bomb is more than likely a leftie and that the bomb was hidden in a flowerpot.

While in his fire truck, Leo is hit with sniper fire, but his only injury is a scratch to his cornea. Grace starts to break down in front of everyone, but Ham gathers her in his arms and walks her away from the scene.

Rhetta learns that the gun fired at the fire truck came from the same gun that shot into Grace's house. Clay arrives with a plant in a flowerpot, telling his Aunt Grace that it's for her. Realizing that it's the same flower, the same kind of pot used for the bomb in Johnny's church, Grace places her hands over Clays and makes everyone else leave the building while they wait for the bomb squad.

The bomb squad determines that it should be safe for Grace and Clay to gently hand over the bomb to them and run for the door. Later, the head of the bomb squad tells them that the bomb was exactly the same as the one inside the church except that this one didn't have a detonator. It did, however, contain a note telling Grace that now she knows how it feels.

Grace gently questions Clay about the man who gave him the pot, and at first he can't remember any details. She gets him a soda; as he tells her about his day, he ends up remembering much more than he'd expected, and Grace gives him a big hug before taking him home.

The rest of the crew runs through the case, and Perry doles out assignments. Every cop covers each of Grace's family members who are in town for the evening (Grace's sister and mom are on their cruise and have no knowledge of the goings-on).

The next morning, Johnny thanks Grace for the day before. She apologizes that everything is happening because of her. Johnny tells her that it's not her fault. He leaves; Earl arrives. Grace asks what Earl's doing with coma girl, and he admits that they've been hanging out a bit. She to tell her at least something about the girl, and Earl confesses that she likes m'ai t'ais.

Grace goes to Rhetta's lab; they talk it out, discussing the Orchid that was in both flowerpots. Grace remembers a Vietnamese guy who owned a donut shop who gave her that flower when she was on patrol. He said she kept him safe. She tried to relocate him, to no avail. His shop kept getting harassed, and he ended up shooting a kid who had been giving him problems. He'd been sent to jail and had gotten out a few weeks before. His son just got convicted for selling dope and is due to go to prison soon.

Bobby and Butch question the son, who expresses much anger at his father for ruining the family after killing the boy and being sent to prison for eighteen years. Bobby admits to being young when his father went to prison, but Butch tells him that ended up okay, not convicted for selling drugs. The son agrees to set up his father for the cops.

The father rides up on his motorcycle to meet his son, and Bobby, Grace, Butch, and Ham intercept him. The father can't believe his son turned him in to the woman he blames for betraying his family. Grace has Bobby uncuff the man, who immediately goes for Grace. Without any difficulty, Grace has him on the ground in seconds and kicks him three times: once for the dead husband in the church, once for her brothers, once for Clay.

Back at her lab, Rhetta has a surprise for Grace: Ronnie found the time capsule. Rhetta opens it, and Grace cringes. Turns out, Grace was mad at Rhetta at the time and took out all of Rhetta's stuff. Grace tries to diffuse Rhetta's anger by telling her that they were all going to get together and buy Rhetta's grandfather's panel truck. Still very angry, Rhetta grabs Grace's Siggybaby (doll baby) and tries to set fire to it, but Grace pulls the lighter out of her hand. Rhetta then tears off Siggybaby's head, and they both stare at the two pieces of doll baby in shock.

Grace ends the episode sitting by the coma girl's bed, reading the newspaper.