Saving Grace

Season 1 Episode 7

Yeehaw, Geepaw

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 03, 2007 on TNT
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A body is discovered and Grace heads the investigation. She goes to her Native American grandfather for assistance and realizes he may be afflicted with Alzheimer's disease.

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  • Better than the usual. They need to keep it up though.

    What do I have to say about Saving Grace? Well, to start I have to admit I expected a lot more from the show. Although it has the general theme of Grace being saved by her Angel "Earl", there is no consistent theme running through every episode for viewers to get attached to. Maybe if there were some sort of particular issue that Grace had to work on or an event she had to work through then alright. But just the general idea that she's on the wrong track and needs to turn her life around doesn't really mean anything to me unless I have something to see her work on. That's the basic element lacking in this show.

    At times I have to admit that I love Grace and other times I can't stand her. Honestly, do we really need to see her having raunchy sex with random and non-random guys in EVERY episode? Granted it's her characters nature but it's getting old and a bit boring. Holly Hunter does bring an interesting perspective to the character and a certain charm but I really can't decide yet if I love her or hate her. Only time will tell I guess.

    This episode was definitely one of the better written episodes this season though. We got a great secondary story and a great primary story. The secondary story dealt with Grace and her fellow officers discovering a torched body in the middle of a deserted area buried in a shallow grave. We find out the body is that of a soldier who just returned home from Iraq. This was a great idea on the part of the writers because before this the cases Grace followed were not all that interesting. But the overtones of "should we or should we not have gone to Iraq," what soldiers are like after years of war, and how they're received at home, all played a part in this story and made for a great and thought provoking episode. Grace and the boys eventually figure out that it was the father of the dead soldier's best friend who killed him because he blamed him for his son enlisting and eventually getting killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Decent storyline all around…

    The primary story dealt with Grace's family relationship's and in particular those with her sister and her grandfather ("Geepaw"). As it turns out Geepaw has Alzheimer's and it's only getting worse. It's just an awful disease and no one deserves it; Grace agrees but even Earl can't get her to yell and complain to God about it. Grace is utterly devastated about the condition of her grandfather and for the first time you can really see her struggling with the choices she's made and her belief's on religion and God. It was nice to see things starting to progress a bit in touching upon the purpose of the show.

    The epitome of what's lacking in this show occurred towards the end of the episode. It was unbelievably telegraphed that Grace would ignore her family and take her grandfather horseback riding despite his deteriorating condition, leading to his fall off the horse and significant injuries. The writers just aren't working up to par and they play stupid games with us. Shock value does not equal good writing and its terribly transparent how much the writing has been lacking all season.

    The last thing I'd like to mention is Grace's relationship's with Ham and Butch. I sort of felt all season that Grace's character has much more chemistry with Butch than Ham. I just don't see the relationship with Ham at all. Most times he just looks like a bumbling doofus while Holly Hunter and Bailey Chase ("Butch") have a deep chemistry that just works. So what happens? Butch and Grace hook up again – they had a relationship prior to the time when the show takes place. Grace needs to get rid of Ham and stick with Butch; but I have to give it to Butch, he was 100% right when he said "she's dangerous." You can totally get burned by Grace because half the time she doesn't even know what she's doing.

    Anyway, we have two episodes in the first season. The writer's better pick up the quality or I don't know if I'll be able to watch past this season…moreless
  • meet the fam-dam-ily...

    So we start to find a little bit more about Grace's family in this episode. We see three of the six remaining siblings gathering at Grace's bar to talk to her. Grace's sister has the great idea that a family cruise is the best thing right now. Grace is against the idea, But Earl seems to think otherwise. On the job, there is a death that seems to be related to ancient Native American customs takes Grace to her grandfather's place. She finds him having some trouble and after talking to her sister finds out that it is early onset Alzheimer's. The family wants him in a home and Grace is the only that feels he needs to able to live his life the way he wants.moreless
  • Grace, Ham, Butch and Bobby investigate the brutal murder of a man that was set on fire and burried face down with an owl feather, leading the team to believe the killing was a result of an indian tribe ritual of some kind.moreless

    So we find out that if a tribe burries you face down with an owl feather, they are condemning your soul to hell, and assuring that your spirit will not come back. Nothing good usually comes out of a situation involving war and bad blood. So everybody blamed Ryan for Chaz's death in Iraq. Ryan looses his leg in the war but that apparently wasn't enough for Chaz's father and his friends, who blamed Ryan for Chaz being in the war in the first place. Chaz's father killed Ryan and disposed of him in a dishonerable way because he felt that Ryan didn't deserve being honered, and that his son did. Grace's grandfather is struggling with Alzheimer's disease. Though the parts where he was urinating in the crime scene and especially the plant in the office with the boss watching struck me as amusing, the result of the disease and him falling off a horse and getting injured was less comical. He gives Grace her grandmother's ring as if he thinks he's going to die. Grace feels guilty for taking him out on the horse. So, Grace is sleeping with Butch this week. Earl carries her into the bedroom from the couch, and looks like he's in pain when he sees her scar again. When Grace was looking at the stars with her grandfather she mentioned something about nightmares. She doesn't want to have anything to do with the family getting together, especially not to go on a cruise for ten days...what i want to know is where she got the scar, what happened to her to give her nightmares, why she hates her family so much...But the million dollar question, who didn't they protect her from when she was younger? I think Grace was sexually abused by someone. I can't wait to see next week's episode. I love this show and wish the season wasn't ending so soon.moreless
August Schellenberg

August Schellenberg


Guest Star

Patrick St. Esprit

Patrick St. Esprit

Leo Hanadarko

Guest Star

Daniella Alonso

Daniella Alonso

Lily Blackbird

Guest Star

Tom Irwin

Tom Irwin

Father John Hanadarko

Recurring Role

Mark L. Taylor

Mark L. Taylor

Henry Silver

Recurring Role

Jessica Tuck

Jessica Tuck

Paige Cushing

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Rhetta: (To Grace) Soon as I get the gasoline and barbecued flesh smell out of my nostrils, I'll be sure to sniff you up.

    • Grace:Can you match a hoof print to a specific horse?
      Rhetta: Only if 'The Who' is playing in the background.
      Grace: Is that a no?
      Rhetta: That's a no!

    • Grace: Promise me we'll go to the same old age home.
      Rhetta: We'll get matching walkers.
      Grace: No, motorized scooters. We can rip around the place.

    • (Paige and Grace's brother Johnny, a priest, comes in)
      Grace: I can't believe you called Johnny.
      Paige: (referring to Geepaw) He calms down if he sees Johnny.
      Grace: Only cause he thinks he's going to Hell if he doesn't.

    • Geepaw: Is one biting the other?
      Rhetta: No.
      Geepaw: When they were kids, when the yelling stopped it would be followed by a scream. Which meant Paige bit Grace. And Grace would be running after Paige with some kind of power tool.
      Rhetta: Scary, but not impossible.

    • Bobby: Do Lily Blackbird and her brother have an alibi?
      Grace: Each other, which means... you know. No.

    • Earl: I hate that disease. (Referring to Alzheimer's)
      Grace: Your boss seems to love it. Giving it to so many people these days.

    • Geepaw: Sorry 'bout the gun, I thought you were Paige.
      Grace: You were gonna shoot Paige?
      Geepaw: Just scare her a little.

    • Geepaw: You wanna smoke?
      Grace: Pass, last time I smoked what you offered I was high for a week.

    • Earl: I ain't never been on a cruise ship... well Titanic in it's last moments.

    • Grace: That my ice cream?
      Earl: Your ice cream's 7 months old. Tastes like cardboard.

    • Paige: Remember those great family vacations we used to take? All of us piled up in the car.
      Grace: Yeah, 7 kids in the back of a station wagon. Bloody, bruised and grounded by the time we got to Six Flags.

    • Earl: So which is it? The job or the woman?
      Butch: Both.
      Earl: The job can tire a man out but it takes a woman to twist the man up and son you're twisting.
      Butch: A buddy of mine likes her too.
      Earl: Well, that's tough.
      Butch: And he's married.
      Earl: Even tougher.
      Butch: I saw her on a horse today. That's what did it. That damn horse.
      Earl: What was it that broke you all up in the first place?
      Butch: She's dangerous.
      Earl: One of them, huh?
      Butch: One of them, Ain't even in the same league as this one.
      (Bobby comes into the bar)
      Butch: Excuse me, I'm meeting a friend.
      Earl: Good luck.
      Butch: You too.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Rodinu si nevybíráš (You Don't Pick Your Family)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Israel: May 5, 2008 on YES Stars 2
      Czech Republic: February 16, 2009 on Prima
      Slovakia: July 24, 2010 on JOJ
      Finland: June 9, 2011 on MTV3

    • Featured Music: "Over Your Shoulder" by Calexico
      ((CODA - Ending Scenes) Grace going through pictures of her family. / Grace and Butch together while she grieves. / The next morning, Earl finds her passed out on the daybed and he carries her to her bed.)

    • Although credited, Bokeem Woodbine (Leon Cooley) does not appear in this episode.