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Saving Hope

Thursday 9:00 PM on CTV Premiered Jun 07, 2012 In Season



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Saving Hope
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AIRED ON 2/18/2015

Season 3 : Episode 18

Show Summary

When Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) ends up in a coma he remains aware of what is going on around him as his spirit roams the halls watching the chaos that he has left behind.

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  • Awesome show

    Addicted to the series,great story lines, one of my favourite.

    love it love it love it, hopefully it'll not get cancelled.
  • Clever argument and great artists

    This series is great and it is actually one of the best of the whole TV programming, for those of you who haven't seen it I highly recommend
  • Shockingly Great

    I highly recommend this show. I have had so many hairs standing on end and surprises throughout this series that I can't quit watching. The acting is top notch, the stories, writing and directing all come together so well that you don't feel like it's a TV show but reality. Really well done.
  • I think this show is great

    I enjoy watching each episode and really like the characters. At times a few components of the show are tacky as in some of Dr. Zach Miller's (Er dude) lines, but they still give me a laugh. Anyways I hope more people start watching it as well to keep it going even if it is only aired in Canada. Everyone else that is commenting so negatively are way out of line. I think this show is so much better than Grey's Anatomy and ER. This show has such a hopeful view of medicine/afterlife plus it has some cool medical related procedures with a dash of drama. And Erica Durance is so hurt things!moreless
  • I can relate to Charlie

    growing up with Mom saw and communicated with Spirit then becoming on yourself. How would you explain that to your peers. You try to hide it ignore it but when spirit gives you the nudge you can't ignore your open season. So yea the writers have nailed it, to those reading who may be skeptic don't be afraid of the unknown as it's the unknown that may be the answer to your pray.moreless

    News Briefs: NBC Dumps Saving Hope to the Web

    Plus: The Voice The Voice The Voice!, a new project for Awake's Kyle Killen, and FX is Kung-Fu fightin'.


    Open Caption: Saving Hope Gets Ghosty

    When the Chief of Surgery falls into a coma, a hospital spirals into chaos while trying to revive him.

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