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I hate when these shows do this.

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    I am absolutely disgusted and annoyed by how things are turning out.

    We have the first season about how Charlie and Alex are meant to be together, and even the whole Joel cheated on Alex (and how they are trying to make his character better by being the mother), and how devoted Alex was to keeping Charlie alive. And how Alex was Charlie's one and only,

    Then in Defriended, because of some idiotic reason, we have to deal with Alex and Charlie distancing themselves, as sparks fly between Joel and Alex, and then preview for the next episode, heavily implies Alex and Joel are getting together, and Charlie is out of the picture.

    What the hell?

    I am pissed and disgusted, there is no plausible explanation for why this is happening. I get that Alex and Charlie have issues with the whole Charlie "can speak to ghosts" and is keeping it a secret, but this plot does not need to happen.

    And I wish it didn't, I honestly do not why there can't be some happy couple on a show, without there being some unnecessary plot devices about relationship issues.

    Just whatever. Completely change the rules Saving Hope. Just Whatever.

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    have you been watching the last ep?

    seems they are getting togheter again!
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