Saving Hope

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 07, 2012 on CTV
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When Charlie Harris, Hope Zion Hospital's chief of surgery, falls into a coma, he ends up wandering the hospital in spirit form.

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  • I'm saving hope that this isn't just a medical drama

    I'm saving hope that this isn't just a medical drama with some half ghost wandering the corridors just to make it different, without really making it any different.

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    • Charles: (voice-over) As surgeons, we deal in absolutes, in certainty. We make a choice. We believe it's right. We can't second-guess ourselves. At least, that's what I used to think.

    • Alex: This is life and death. You have to be aggressive.
      Joel: Okay, when did this become about you telling me how to do my job?
      Alex: When you came in here and started soft-pedaling me like I don't know the facts.
      Joel: You know what? I came in here because I was trying to be nice to you.
      Alex: Well, don't be nice. 'Cause you're a lot of things, Joel, but you're not nice.

    • Charles: (voice-over) What if we did get to know our patients? What makes them happy or sad? Would it help us? Would it help them?

    • Charles: (voice-over) In case you're wondering, during a craniotomy, they drill holes in your head. And that's about it. See, most patients don't understand how physical surgery is. The body is tough. You gotta crack a few bones, poke a few holes, and really get in there. And it works, most of the time.

    • Charles: (voice-over) See, doctors like tests. It's the unknown that scares them. Yeah, this is exactly what I would do... see what's going on in my brain. I can tell you what's going on in my mind. And I wish I could hold you, Alex, and tell you that I'm gonna be okay... But I can't. And you know what? There's no test for this. I am having an out-of-body experience in a tuxedo. (to himself) Wake up, you dumb bastard.

    • Joel: I mean, you didn't invite me to the wedding, so presumably, you're still in love with me.
      Alex: (laughs) Right. I totally forgot. I like to remember the poems you wrote me...
      Joel: Mm-hmm.
      Alex: The breakfasts in bed, the nurses you were banging.
      Joel: Yeah. Okay, we can stop right there.

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