Saving Hope

Thursday 9:00 PM on CTV Premiered Jun 07, 2012 Between Seasons





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  • Stop recycling

    I've been watching the show from the beginning on Hulu and my only complaint is that the writers seem to think that a loving relationship can't have any adversity at all: Alex runs at the first sign of trouble, Shahir hits a wall with his asbergers and he cuts and runs, Dr. Shaw and Dr. Chin keep bed-hopping hoping to find the perfect mate... C'mon already. Stop writing as if it has to be a Disney fairytale and start writing realistic relationships that work through all the crap. The throwaway patient characters seem to get it, why can't your main characters?
  • Writers Turned Alex Into A SKANK

    Alex.... I love Charlie forever... Screws Gorman ... gets pregnant ... doesn't know who baby daddy is. Goes back to Charlie ... Charlie doesn't care who the baby's daddy is. REALLY???? Breaks up with Charlie for completely stupid reason.. starts hitting on Palmer. Need I say more? Charlie has been great except for having no back bone. He needs to tell Alex to take a permanent hike. Saving Hope has lost all its charm. It's turned into a Canadian version of Grays Anatomy. They should rename it WHOS SLEEPING WITH WHO.
  • Saving Hope

    I love this program because whether you believe in God or not it leaves open the possibility that we have a soul and it moves on to somewhere else when we die.
  • saving hopeless,braindead,should be in a insane ward and hooker heaven or slutty

    I've been watching hope since joel blew up and months before when harris and reed were hit by a car on there way to get then you've really screwed things up for me and reed should be together in love and not screwing makes them look people in my title are like that and who wants a hooker for a wife and have to think about that dont know who's kid it is but i wouldn't want to take care of someone i hated so much,if its really lost alot of interest and joel dies and harris is suppose to take her back after shes been screwing him,joel!!UGH!!
  • I had no idea this was the season finale

    What a great end to a show that hits so hard to the heart. I love it and can't wait for the new season. I just wish that Reed and Harris would have some time off from all the drama and let someone else do the crying and fighting for life. Still, it's a great show and I'm going to go nuts until the new season starts. Have a great hiatus you guys, you certainly deserve it.
  • Season finale tonight!

    2-hour season finale tonight at 8PM on CTV!
  • Best Show in all TV Programming!

    After tuning in to the first season and watching it all the way through to the end, I have become hooked on this show. Completely delighted they are now showing Season 2. I just can't get enough.
  • Dr. Goren

    I want him back. Make it a dream and bring him
  • Awesome show

    Addicted to the series,great story lines, one of my favourite.

    love it love it love it, hopefully it'll not get cancelled.
  • Clever argument and great artists

    This series is great and it is actually one of the best of the whole TV programming, for those of you who haven't seen it I highly recommend
  • Shockingly Great

    I highly recommend this show. I have had so many hairs standing on end and surprises throughout this series that I can't quit watching. The acting is top notch, the stories, writing and directing all come together so well that you don't feel like it's a TV show but reality. Really well done.
  • I think this show is great

    I enjoy watching each episode and really like the characters. At times a few components of the show are tacky as in some of Dr. Zach Miller's (Er dude) lines, but they still give me a laugh. Anyways I hope more people start watching it as well to keep it going even if it is only aired in Canada. Everyone else that is commenting so negatively are way out of line. I think this show is so much better than Grey's Anatomy and ER. This show has such a hopeful view of medicine/afterlife plus it has some cool medical related procedures with a dash of drama. And Erica Durance is so hurt things!
  • I can relate to Charlie

    growing up with Mom saw and communicated with Spirit then becoming on yourself. How would you explain that to your peers. You try to hide it ignore it but when spirit gives you the nudge you can't ignore your open season. So yea the writers have nailed it, to those reading who may be skeptic don't be afraid of the unknown as it's the unknown that may be the answer to your pray.
  • eagerly awaiting its start up agian.

    I enjoy this show. it is knid of mindless relaxing tv, somethign you don;t have to think about too much after a tough day at the office.
  • why did they stop it

    what happened to saving hope , i looked forward to it every week and it just stopped. i have found here the 13th episode and watched it. is this the end of it ? if so it hasn't ended right,plz finish it. i no some people didn't like it but i did and i know of several more people that enjoyed it.
  • not attracting me

    well, during this show I do lots of things, changing diapers, feeding, calling my friends, and even finishing some tasks from work.

    This is how boring this is, it feels the actors are trying to make a medical drama but it's not working. I am disappointed with Erica taking such a role, she could have done way better than this, I mean a doctor is too tacky lately.

    another character that I thing is so cheesy, Dr. Goran, for God's sake we are sick of such a role where a playboy doctor who used to date the hero comes back and oh he still loves her but he still pines for other women. CHEESY!

    ok and another annoying character is the ER doctor, I can't even remember his name, is he trying to be funny in a serious way???

    I agree with one review about that Dr. Maggie being a stalker, she's a little creepy!
  • something worse than alcatraz

    i cant believe it has even gone this far...its not original in anyway
  • Sick and Tired of Waiting. Wake Up Already

    I really love this show, just watched the latest episode and they let that bitch his ex-wife take Michael off of life support. Who the hell is she, like Alex is nobody. The ex-wife is a none mutherfuckin factor, and if Michael don't wake up or he dies on the next show, I am done with this show. Love
  • Decent if you like this genre

    If you like dramas that take place in a hospital(I do with the exception of Grey's Anatomy) you will like this show, nothing super original, but all the stuff you need. Good acting and plenty of emotional scenes. People who don't like this show either don't like hospital dramas or are just haters. But I wish someone would tell the DP to knock it off with the blue lens flare.
  • Meh...

    I really want to like this show, but it's mediocre at best. NBC was smart enough to air this show during the summer when most of my favorites shows are on hiatus. If this show had premiered during the fall competing against the likes of Greys Anantomy, Private Pratice, etc. It wouldn't have lasted 2 episodes.
  • B-O-R-I-N-G

    The show keeps telling me to like Alex, that she's struggling with her fiance's coma and to feel bad for her...I can't. Alex is cold and unfeeling. Is it just me or is Maggie a freaking stalker? Seriously, I keep hoping that Charlie's Coma is contagious and the entire hospital drops. CANCEL THIS STUPID SHOW.
  • Unoriginal, unpleasant and need a lot of changes.

    Take ER, General Hospital, Grey Anatomy, mix them with Ghost Whisper and A Gifted Man, then add few lines from Scrubs; Voila you got a new unoriginal show, where the spirit roaming the halls without a reason and just a normal day of a small county hospital.

    Unless the writer(s) add a purpose for the ghost and some more attractive stories to the hospital staff, this show need to be ended right now, no need to wait for the whole season.
  • ghastly

    this show has no reason to still be on american airwaves. it is beyond terrible. if canada likes it, please keep this trash north of USA borderlines, TYVM
  • May survive where A Gifted Man Failed

    Very similar to A Gifted Man witch was canned recently but where GM had a ghost visit the main character was more sad and without hope and the characters were unknown and boring.

    Saving Hope has characters from old favourite shows Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG1) and Erica Durance (Lois Lane in Smallville) and there is more time in the trenches with the medical side so I will give it a good chance as long as it airs when Greys Anatomy is on season break