Saving Hope

Thursday 9:00 PM on CTV Premiered Jun 07, 2012 Between Seasons





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  • not attracting me

    well, during this show I do lots of things, changing diapers, feeding, calling my friends, and even finishing some tasks from work.

    This is how boring this is, it feels the actors are trying to make a medical drama but it's not working. I am disappointed with Erica taking such a role, she could have done way better than this, I mean a doctor is too tacky lately.

    another character that I thing is so cheesy, Dr. Goran, for God's sake we are sick of such a role where a playboy doctor who used to date the hero comes back and oh he still loves her but he still pines for other women. CHEESY!

    ok and another annoying character is the ER doctor, I can't even remember his name, is he trying to be funny in a serious way???

    I agree with one review about that Dr. Maggie being a stalker, she's a little creepy!