BBC Two Premiered Jun 19, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Steve Coogan plays Tommy Saxondale, an ex-roadie with anger management issues and a pest-control business. Tommy is a little arrogant, a little egotistical, and feels the world owes him more respect than it typically shows him.

    A mate put me on to saxondale and I will forever be in his debt. I have always been a big Coogan fan since his Alan Partridge days. To put ot simply, Saxondale is another character in coogans arsenal that will continue to gain him legions of fans. But its just not what coogan brings to the show that makes it so good. Its the supporting cast that also really shines. They play of coogen and as with any consumate performer he excels in playing the straight face letting them get many laughs. The humour wont be to every ones taste. Its very english humour played very straight. But anyone looking for a series to sink there teeth into and get a good laugh, why not invite saxondale over for a light beer and relax.
  • Sarcastic genius for the sophisticated

    Genius is often overlooked or unrecognized by the lowest common denominator. If you are intelligent, you\'ll love this show. Steve Coogan fans will also enjoy his craft skills in the series. The makeup he adorns match so well the mannorisms of the ex-rodie Coogan plays in the series. From the all access pass past which he still relives, to the mach1 mustang driving, temper flaring mochismo present Coogans\' character is brilliant. Each episode begins with a group therapy anger managment session which he inevitably extrocates himself from utilizing the commedic stylings of nonsensicle over-the-top yet commited debate. In Summary:

    sarcastic genius for the sophisticated