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NBC (ended 1965)


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Say When

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Debuting on Monday January 2, 1961... Say When! is a knockoff of The Price Is Right and the star of the show is Ex-Announcer of Concentration Art James. 2 contestants competed in this shopping game. First, a pre determined amount was set (two $750 games with the two winners going to the $2000 game) Each contestant took turns picking a category prize from 4 (IE; musical instruments, kitchen, car, boat). Prizes could be cheap or expensive. A contestant has to pick a number to replace the prize their opponent chooses and if he/she gets a Blank Check,the contestant has to choose the quantity from 1-100 of that prize,not choose another prize for that turn. If the player felt that the next prize would put him/her over the amount, they can call "Say When" @ that point & stop. If they go over the amount and the opponent wins. The opponent also wins if their leftover score is lower than the person who stopped. If a player reaches 0 total, the player wins a cash jackpot. 2 out of 3 determined the champ! Finally Say When cancelled on Friday March 26, 1965 on NBC-TV.


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