Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

Friday 9:30 PM on TLC Premiered Jul 30, 2010 In Season


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  • Same ole.. same ole

    Tired of watching this show.. Same ole thing every time.. Same Sweetheart neckline just different girl. Never a different dress. Boring..
  • Now, if they could just make it sound-free...

    So, I am guilty of looking in to this show and its parent because for some inexplicable reason, I have always liked looking at bridal fashion and I was hoping for something along the lines of What Not to Wear.

    Instead, and particularly for this Atlanta-based spawn, we get to watch yet another Reality train wreck of humanity at its absolute worst. I have yet to see a parent, groom, family or "support group" with anything kind to say to or about the bride. I have seen a lot of crushing, inappropriate opinions and behaviour in the put-down fashion of every so-called comedy or reality program on the air today.

    The bridal consultants aren't much better and the Atlanta "Fashion Director"? Well, he behaves as a jerk and does not provide any positive advertising for his salon at all. Were I a bride looking for a place to buy...this place would be out!

    So, as with the original, I turn down the sound and just look at the gowns...and wish I personally, hadn't chosen something so totally hiddy all those years ago!