Say Yes to the Dress

Friday 9:00 PM on TLC Premiered Oct 12, 2007 In Season


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  • Get rid of Shay

    I stopped watching this program. Have enjoyed it for years but can't stand Shay. He is arrogant, loud and rude. And what is he doing actually dressing the brides? Ick!

  • The new guy !!

    I love this show. Watch it all the time. If this disrespectful arrogant ass that thinks OUR Randy is "out of date" and he is the answer, stays I will stop watching!!!! Hate his voice and attitude. Go away !
  • Unneeded Drama

    The New guy Shay is extremely annoying to me. They set up the show to make it seem like there was a big deal that there was another male consultant. Cut it out its just annoying i don't watch say yes to the dress to see to guys trying to make themselves seem better than the other, i watch it for the dresses. There doesn't need to be drama in the show. He is very disrespectful to Randy. He needs to stop trying to make himself seem better.
  • Really dislike the new guy.

    Love the show. Please get rid of the new guy!!!
  • New Guy Sucks!!!

    I Love say Yes to the Dress but this new guy Shay makes me not want to watch the show anymore.
  • Lose the new guy please!

    If the new guy stays, I won't be watching anymore. Kleinfeld's is class and he just does not fit in. All you have to do is hear him speak and the slang he uses. In what world is he high end? Not!!!
  • Say yes to the dress

    The camera is obviously controlled by a male. He is driving me nuts: SHOW THE ENTIRE DRESS AND HOLD THE SHOT FOR SEVERAL SECONDS !!!
  • Your members/viewers will be going elsewhere soon...

    This is Randy's show and the new guy he isn't out by march 4th me and alot of other ppl in Louisville ky have pledged to boycott the show. Pissed me off the way he spoke to Randy even in an has no place at rid of him.
  • Good Episode

    I'm a huge fan of Say Yes to the Dress. I highly prefer it to the Atlanta version of this show, but it's one of my favorites. I happened to randomly catch this episode and I'm so glad I did!!! I happen to be one of those girls who LOVES simple, modest wedding gowns with long sleeves. Getting to see the bride at the end with the long-sleeved wedding dress was wonderful! Her dress was GORGEOUS.

    I'm not a fan of the new guy. He needs to respect that Randy was the first male consultant doesn't seem to be a part of his agenda. Don't like him or his attitude at all.
  • I agree - the new SUCKS!!! Love the show, HATE the new guy!

    The new guy is arrogant, ignorant, and needs to be gone. Kleinfeld's may think they need something new, but "Say Yes To The Dress" does not. Whatever the new sucky guy's name is, he isn't the first male consultant there, Randy is, and he needs to go away, period.
  • The New Guy SUCKS

    There's a new in town-And the new guy is horrible!

    What were you thinking? And, that voice. It's like nails on a chalk board. PLEASE get rid of him before next season. I have loved this show since the beginning
  • chocolate face

    Please, somone, mainly the make up artist that does Camille's mouth makes her look like she just got through eating chocolate icecream. You need to better blend the two lip colors.

    Klienfeilds has a very reputible name, it is very difficult to feel the luxury of your collection because some of the close ups show all the tacky tears , holes and things falling off. Your viewers know that many people try on these dresses but it destroys your name when you cannot make sure that the dresses are in top shape always for television. With all the $$$ that comes into the shop, can't you hire someone to be appointed to keeping the dresses in tip top shape, or don't get so close that it shows, or have the person in charge of what is to be cut out, cut out the tears, holes and the things falling off!

  • Stay Chic Fashion

    The dresses are beautiful, every women wants it. There are so many hand made wedding bridal dresses on Etsy, you can save money, and get a high quality made dresses for your event.
  • Say Yes To The Dress: The Big Day "Kristi"

    I watch "Say Yes To The Dress" religiously but the episode of The Big Day with Kristi (the ex cheerleader) was enough to make me stop watching all together. She was so obnoxious and rude. If I were her fiance I would have punched her in the mouth and told her the wedding was off right on tv. Come on crying because you didn't like the way the make up artist did your trial run of make up. Then she was cussing people out and being overly obnoxious on the wedding day. What an ass and I wish her new husand tons of luck with the bitch. I couldn't even finish watching the episode because she got on my nerves so bad!! DEFINATELY A BAD EPISODE!!

    WHY THE HELL WOULD I WATCH A BRIDE FRICKIN' GOIN' CLOTHES SHOPPIN'!? BORING!!!!! It's the most pointless show on TLC. (well, better than honey boo boo). Why do reality shows exist?! THEY'RE MOSTLY BULLSH!T!!!!! ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!!!
  • Its a cool show

    The dresses are beautiful and some of the back stories really make you feel for the bride.
  • Crazy stupid

    WHo spends this much on a dress i spent 700 or so total for an amazing dress. 6000 is what they call a small budget!!!! the people in shows like this need to have a labotamy!!!! It really makes me sick!
  • Waiting to be--Mother of the Bride

    I love watching this show just to get ideas of what it will be like when I am finally the "mother of the bride" someday!
  • I have always loved looking in magazines at bridal fashion, for as long as I can recall, but this show hones my selective inputs skills!

    This show is like the Oscars and other awards shows for me. I usually tune in to see the dresses and can't be bothered with the awards ceremony itself, generally because people make idiots of themselves more often than not.
    This show is the same. So when I do watch, I look in to get my bridal wear fix, and have to work to tune out the bridezillas, the Mom-zillas, the consultant-zillas and all other forms of "zillas" that might present themselves.
    It does amaze me how truly unimaginative, or conversely, over-the-top some of the gowns can be...but no matter how out-there or boring, there seems to be someone who loves it! Guess that's what its about...
    I do have to say though...if I see anyone else buy that horrible corset thingie...I will give up on the entire human race...
  • Say yes to the dress is a great show!

    I absolutely adore Randy. He is my idol! I love seeing Randy and Carmelle fight over who is going to pick the right dress. It is so funny because Carmelle is so serious and she gets really mad if Randy walks in to one of her appointments. I can't wait to see the episode where one of the employees, Sarah gets engaged. She gets to shop for dresses at the store. The best part is that when she finds the right dress Randy starts to cry! Oh I love Randy! Say yes to the dress is a great show that you can't miss.
  • What could be better than watching a bunch of brides find the dress of their dreams!?

    This show taps into everyone's 'dress' fantasy. Even though I'm not a huge wedding fanatic, I still love to watch the "dance with the dress" choice! We are treated to the inside look at a top Bridal store in NYC. The staff are top-notch, the brides and family? Priceless. Every dress of every kind line the closets--and every bride of every kind line the dressing rooms! The mothers cry; the clerks run around to please. Whether you've done it yourself or have always wondered what the mystery of the "hunt" is...this show is a must see. It almost (and I say that loosely) made me want to find my dress all over again. Almost. Great idea for a show and I hope there are many more to come.
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