Say Yes to the Dress - Season 4

Friday 9:00 PM on TLC Premiered Oct 12, 2007 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Seeing Eye to Eye
    Episode 19
    Randy and Dianne work with a bride who says her budget is $7000, but her mother reveals that it's actually $4000. Next a beauty queen comes to Kleinfeld's with her mom, who wants her daughter in a big ball gown.
  • 12/18/09
    A plus-side bride searches for the perfect dress. Also, another bride hopes to lose 20 pounds by her wedding day.
  • Daddy's Little Girl
    Episode 17
    A bride looks for an Audrey Hepburn type dress. Also, a mom-to-be worries about her dress fitting her ever-growing belly.
  • Princess Brides
    Episode 16
    A bride thinks her budget is $10,000, but she's not the one paying for the dress so her dream dress might not work. Also, a toy designer wants to look like a princess on her wedding day.
  • Nightmares and Dreams
    Fashion director, Randy Fenoli and Director of Sales, Nicole Sacco take a look at the inner workings of the salon. Also featured are memorable moments from the series.
  • Family Support
    Episode 14
    A bride must deal with the stress when her family decides to do a dress intervention. Also, a bride invites her future mother-in-law to her dress fitting.
  • The Price of Beauty
    Episode 13
    Randy and Dianne team up to help a bride find a lacy dress. Also, a second-time bride brings her fiancé along to her appointment and finally a bride sees the red gown she ordered for the first time.
  • Two to Say I Do
    Episode 12
    A bride is pressured by her mother to buy a different dress. Also, another bride visits alterations to try on a gown she purchased before she got engaged.
  • Moms and Daughters
    Episode 11
    A bride wants a simple dress, but her mother envisions something glamorous. Meanwhile, another bride wishes her mom was there to help her choose a gown.
  • Plan B
    Episode 10
    A bride who purchased her dress more than a year ago has decided she no longer likes it, while another doesn't recognize the gown she bought when she shows up for her fitting.
  • She's a Vision
    Episode 9
    A bride comes to the salon with five very outspoken bridesmaids who give many differing opinions about the bride. Also, Vera deals with an unhappy client in alterations.
  • THe Blowout Sale
    Episode 8
    The annual blowout sales arrives and a policewoman searches for the perfect dress.
  • Voice of Reason
    Episode 7
    A bride who has lost more than 100 pounds comes to the salon looking for the perfect dress. Another bride has a lot of big drama on her big day.
  • 10/2/09
    Michelle Duggar arrives at the salon to try on dresses for her upcoming wedding vow renewal. Also a bride who has tried on 100 dresses wants to try on even more.
  • Ready or Not
    Episode 5
    Bride-to-be Bernadette takes discerning taste a little too far when she starts criticizing and nitpicking every dress, driving her consultant crazy with all her negativity. Meanwhile, Melanie keeps resisting a favorite dress, but may finally be ready to make a commitment. Her fitting might end well, but it might also be back to the drawing board.moreless
  • 9/18/09
    The consultants do not know how to react when a bride has an unusual request. Instead of something borrowed and something blue, she wants to go for leopard print. Meanwhile, even after helping many other brides, a wedding planner has a surprisingly difficult time choosing her own dream wedding gown.
  • 9/18/09
    With so many picky, budget-conscious brides, consultants have to pull out all the stops to make a sale. Debbie has to find a last-minute dress for a procrastinating bride, while both Audrey and Vera are willing to drastically reconstruct off-the-rack wedding dresses, just to suit their choosy and indecisive clients.
  • Practically Family
    Episode 2
    Hip, trendy bride Tiffany decides to fly in the face of tradition with a hot pink wedding gown, but her mother is more of a purist and cannot stop dreaming of a white dress. Meanwhile, Holly is getting married for a second time, and comes to her fitting to see how take two of "I do" will look.moreless
  • Overbooked
    Episode 1
    Picky beauty queen and bride-to-be Bre will not accept anything less than the best, even if it means she has to try on literally thousands of gowns. Jennifer's twin sister convinces her to wait for a better gown, so Jennifer has to leave the store without a dress she loves.