Say Yes to the Dress - Season 8

Friday 9:00 PM on TLC Premiered Oct 12, 2007 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • New Beginnings
    Episode 18
    "Say Yes to the Dress reveals the inner workings of the world\'s premier bridal salon, Kleinfeld Bridal. Part fashion show, part bridal story, part family therapy, the series uncovers the hurdles the staff faces to make each bride completely satisfied.
  • Bling It On!
    Episode 17
    Krystle wants to find the perfect dress for her wedding to Phillies baseball player Ryan Howard. Deshae is a Southern belle who's all about glitz, beads and sparkle! Later, bride Monique has arrived for her final fitting just two weeks before her wedding.
  • 8/10/12
    Indian bride Rashi wants an Americanized gown for her wedding reception. Katie will be having two wedding ceremonies, and longs to find a dress that makes her feel special. Shenelle is back for her fitting, and nervous about seeing her custom color dress.
  • Red She Said
    Episode 15
    Bride Kelly wants to say I do in her favorite color -RED! Beth never imagined herself getting married, so she wants to be the opposite of traditional by wearing black to her wedding, and Bride Ashley wants to give her guests a gown to remember.
  • NFL Brides
    Episode 14
    Holly Robinson Pete is planning to renew her vows on the Empire State building. Bride Devon has come to Kleinfeld with her fiancé Duane Brown who is the left tackle for the Houston Texans. Taya is engaged to Adam Koets of the New York Giants.
  • Expecting Brides
    Episode 13
    Bride Tisa's looking for a dress that makes her look hot even though she's 3 months pregnant. Victoria is 6 months pregnant and looking for a dress for her wedding just 8 weeks away. Emily is 6 months pregnant and at trying on her gown for the first time.
  • Worth the Weight
    Episode 12
    Bride Kristy has lost 100 pounds and is looking for the right dress to show off her new figure. Kristin has lost 40 pounds and is excited to fit into dress samples. Judith arrives at the salon for her first fitting, nervous that the dress will not fit.
  • Rocker Brides
    Episode 11
    Bride Kristin wants to find a rock and roll, edgy wedding dress. Lindsey who's all about leather and lace, surprisingly decides on a softer wedding dress look. Amber has two wedding dress priorities - a dress that is different and shows off her tattoos.
  • Big Budget Brides
    Episode 10
    Bride Monisha has come to Kleinfelds looking for a dress for her three wedding ceremonies. Mary is has a budget of thirty thousand dollars to buy two dresses. Down in alterations, bling loving bride Andrea is a little nervous to try on her gown.
  • 7/13/12
    Natalie's hoping Kleinfeld will be the last stop on her bridal gown tour of the North East. Amy has lost 70 pounds but still sees herself as overweight. After some initial fears, Elona's gown is more beautiful and sexy than she ever could have imagined.
  • What's My Style
    Episode 9
    New to wedding dress shopping, bride Farrah doesn't seem to know what she wants in a dress. Stephanie's style is vintage glam and knows exactly which dress she wants. Lela doesn't know what she wants and Christiane gets nervous about finding something.
  • His Opinion
    Episode 8
    Bride Tara is shopping with her best friend, Olympic figure skater and fashionista Johnny Weir. Taylor brought her fiancé Austin to help her find her dream gown. Brandi's shopping with her fiancé Warren because she needs his approval.
  • 2 Dresses, 1 Dream
    Episode 7
    Figure competing Ty is looking for two dresses for her outdoor wedding in Atlanta. Bride Jacqueline wastes no time explaining that she would like two different style dresses for her wedding. Christina is at the salon for her second dress fitting.
  • Race Against Time
    Episode 6
    Amy purchased a gown elsewhere but changed her mind and now she's on the hunt for her dream dress. Edwina has only 3 months to go before her wedding. It's the first time Bride Michelle is seeing her dress since losing 50 pounds.
  • Sway Poles & Motorcycle
    Bride Krystle has decided to share the spotlight with her mom, Kathy. Afrodite and her Greek mother Maria have never agreed about fashion. Lindsey's mom battles multiple sclerosiis, so it was important to Lindsey that her mom attend the fitting.
  • 0.0
    Bride Krystle has decided to share the spotlight with her mom, Kathy. Afrodite and her Greek mother Maria have never agreed about fashion. Lindsey's mom battles multiple sclerosiis, so it was important to Lindsey that her mom attend the fitting.
  • Sister, Sister
    Episode 3
    Farmer bride Katie's stylist sister convinced Katie to ditch her jeans and cowboy boots for a wedding gown for her special day. Courtney's looking for a flashy ball gown. Jennifer vowed to lose a lot of weight, so she ordered her dress a size too small.
  • Extreme Entourage
    Episode 2
    Melissa is a headpiece consultant at the store who is shopping for her wedding dress. Stella is having a Greek wedding and has brought along a big entourage! Carli is returning to the store for her final fitting after a challenging dress selection.
  • Bride Aimee says she wants a dress that's tight, blingy and to use her words "a little slutty." Yovanna and her two friends have flown in to find a dress that shows off her figure and some butt crack. Sahar, a belly dancing paralegal, has her fitting.