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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Where the Light Shines
    • Snow of Love Falls Upon the Desert
    • Start of the Final Grand Prix

      Thirty two Scan2Go racers from across the Universe qualified for the Space Championship: The Final Grand Prix race held this time around on Earth. The first round consists of four races of eight racers each. The top three in each group advance to the second and final round. The winner of the second round (12 racers) becomes the official number one racer in the Universe!

      Grand Master Hipopo is the chairman of the event. We learn from his opening speech over half of the qualified racers are rookies to the Final Grand Prix. They will inject a lot of new fresh talent into the event.

      Meanwhile Ryu Kaizel is on his way to Earth blowing through a small star in what looks to be a fire ball comet.

      Advancing to the second round from this group of eight are: King Kraken, Space Pirate Hebina, and Team J.E.T. member Fiona Ryder.

    • Eve of the Final Grand Prix

      It is the day before the Final Grand Prix and Team J.E.T. is still attending functions. Today their first function attending the opening ceremony for the brand new Scan2Go stadium on Earth built to host the Final Grand Prix. The President of Earth, the Governor of Earth, and Team J.E.T. are cutting the ribbon.

      In the meantime the other Gurao graduates and 'Final Grand Prix qualifiers are converging on Earth along with countless number of fans and those lucky enough to have tickets to see the race in person.

      How does Team J.E.T. and their friend spend the last day before the The Final Grand Prix? Tune in and find out!

    • Repatriation! Rescue! Withdrawal!

      Team J.E.T. arrives home (well home for the original four members) to a rock star, hero's welcome that clearly they didn't expect. After meeting up with Coach Ray, Team J.E.T. begins seeing the marvelous changes not just to Earth, but to the Earth Scan2Go training center. They quickly learn fame is hard work, but also how much the people of Earth need help and protection. Can Team J.E.T. find out what has been happening on Earth to its Scan2Go racers in time to save Scan2Go on Earth, as well as insure the Final Grand Prix begins on time?

    • Get Past the 100% Mark

      With the attack by Ryu Kaizel in the "Brothers, Torn Apart" episode the location of the '''Final Grand Prix''', the Ditona Circuit, is no longer possible. We also learn Professor Zero is still missing. While countless other circuits around the Universe exist not all of them have the necessary resources to host he largest Scan2Go racing event of the season. The decision of the new location or to cancel is up to the Scan2Go Masters Council.

      The decision comes down to two locations Earth and Ecotopia. The council decides to hold a Scan2Go race to decide the location. The race will be between the best of both worlds. Earth chooses Kaz Gordon and Ecotopia chooses Nickle to fight it out at Fever Circuit. Who will win and to what lengths will Nickle go to win and how hard can Kaz push for Earth?

    • The Eternally Passionate Guys

      It is Kaz's last chance to qualify for the Final Grand Prix race and can he do it? With the race 2/3 complete, Kaz has only one day left to come from behind (second place each day) to win The Great Challenge Cup. It doesn't look like Kaz is using all of his Scan2Go passion, until three brothers (Barry, Gary, and Jerry) show him their passion, which is so great that they cheer on Kaz. Will it be enough, though, given no one has ever beaten these brothers in the history of the race?

      What of the Wise Old Man, who has been warning everyone who will listen, that the land is angry? Will this endanger the race and maybe end it before the third day is over, and thus Kaz's only chance to qualify for the Final Grand Prix race with five wins?

      What about the others who need this win to enter the Final Grand Prix? Will Gurao graduates Hebina and King Kraken and Team Dradd member Monkey fail to qualify? Remember only one can take first place and thus gain the necessary qualifying win for the Final Grand Prix race.

    • Brothers, Torn Apart

      Picking up from where the previous episode (Last Chance -- Putting it All on the Line!) ended, we again receive the warning from the wise old man. Team JET awakes the next day ready to participate in the last challenge cup race of the season, which is "The Great Challenge Cup." It is a long distance race taking place over three days in a rally format. Kaz must win this race in order to qualify for the Grand Prix, as he only has 4 Challenge Cup wins. The Grand Prix requires an individual to have five wins to enter.

      Meanwhile in another section of the Universe an exhibition race is getting underway of those who already qualified for the Grand Prix. It is going to take place on the actual course where the Grand Prix will occur, thus giving those who enter a chance to experience the track before the actual race.

      Brothers Taiga and Zero enter the exhibition race. Events tear them apart, possibly forever.

    • Last Chance - Putting it All on the Line!

      As Team J.E.T. is hanging out watching a news report on the Grand Prix race, they learn it takes five challenge cup wins to qualify. As they start counting their wins, we learn their current win counts. Fiona, Myron have five wins each, Diego has six wins, Shiro has eight wins, but Kaz everyone realizes only has 4 wins!!! Why? He's been busy doing local races and ignoring the require races to enter the Final Grand Prix race!

      In order for Kaz to enter the Final Grand Prix, he must enter and win the last challenge cup race of the season. The Great Challenge Cup is a long distance race taking place over three days in a rally format. Like Kaz we discover there are other Gurao graduates who only have four wins and are looking for their fifth win.

      Can Kaz win his fifth race and qualify to enter the finals of the Grand Prix or will he have to wait out till next season? Is everyone participating there for the race or are other plans afoot?

    • A New World
      A New World
      Episode 39

      Can Scan2Go be more than racing?  Can Shiro see past only winning?  Team J.E.T. arrives on a world where Scan2Go developed along a different track than the rest of the Universe.  How will this civilization and its culture  affect the individual members of Team J.E.T.?

    • The Enemy is JET
      The Enemy is JET
      Episode 38

      When is Team J.E.T. not Team J.E.T.? When they have yet to learn about the strength of their marketing! It seems Team J.E.T., which now clearly includes Shiro Sutherland, has so much name recognition and so little protection pirates and thieves are stealing their good name and leaving the team to clean up the mess! Can our heroes solve this problem and restore their name on planet Alto and what about the rest of the Universe? Is it time for Team J.E.T. to get a lawyer, manager, etc? Is this the end of Team J.E.T. the fun loving racers and the beginning of Team J.E.T. the business?

    • Wild Cats
      Wild Cats
      Episode 37

      Fiona meets her future rival, Titi, who has been till now a wishy-washy Scan2Go racer because of her pop singing career manager. Titi's public attitude towards Scan2Go upsets Fiona, who won't give her an edge just because she's the current hottest pop star in the Universe. Fiona feels Scan2Go is serious and either Titi takes it seriously or she needs to go back to the lower / amateur circuits and not the Grand Prix races. Can either Kaz or Shiro stand up on the course when these two wild cats go at each other?

    • The Tricolor Guys
      The Tricolor Guys
      Episode 36
    • Revival, Antares
      Revival, Antares
      Episode 35

      The excitement of four races brings us to the disappointing situation of Antares and his machine Scorvilain. While Taiga is still trying to catch us brother, Professor Zero he comes upon Antares who is no longer racing, as he lost his machine in a previous race. Is there a revival in the future for Antares and Scorvilain or is fear what awaits this and other Gurao graduates.

    • Race Kingdom
      Race Kingdom
      Episode 34

      The 10,000th anniversary of Gesodorba Kingdom draws Team J.E.T., Shiro, and King Kraken to an adventure that will either make or break the King, as a leader and as a Scan2Go racer.

    • Wolver, the Flash
      Wolver, the Flash
      Episode 33

      This episode is an homage by the Scan2Go creators and writers to "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back." When Shiro's one person space craft ends up in the mud, it leads Team J.E.T. and Shiro down a common path and allows Mater Hipopo to show the viewers a new power.

    • Ghost Racer
      Ghost Racer
      Episode 32

      Team J.E.T. and P.E.L meet a space going ghost ship.  The ship affects each member of the team differently, except for Kaz who sees it as just another opportunity to race.  Will the ghosts, though, let such a fun individual, as Kaz every leave, though?

    • The Ugly Peachick
      The Ugly Peachick
      Episode 31

      Planet Botto is a world of various sentient birds and about to have its Trial Cup race. While not on Team J.E.T.'s planned stops, fate (or maybe the writers) have different plans. A legacy Scan2Go racer lost the will to race and views Scan2Go as nothing more than a game. Kaz comes to his aid and helps both him and his machine start their journey.

      We, as viewers, learn more about the relationship between a machine and its racer. Don't miss this episode, if you want more clues and facts on the machine and racer relationship.

    • Magic! Witchcraft! Major Melee!

      Team J.E.T. and the space pirate sisters discover they have more than Scan2Go racing in common. Mr. Rabbik, a well known magician maybe behind their machines not following directions any longer. Is this the end of their racing forever or at least till they discover how to get new Scan cards for their machines?

    • The Evolution of Team JET
    • Falgor Breaks Through
    • Path to the Grand Prix
    • Soar Out to Space!
      Soar Out to Space!
      Episode 26
    • Fire And Ice
      Fire And Ice
      Episode 25
    • Show Race
      Show Race
      Episode 24
    • The Graduation Race Begins
    • The End of Team JET?!
    • The Howling Golden Wolf
    • Scout! Scout! Scout!
    • Zero and Taiga
      Zero and Taiga
      Episode 19

      Coach Dile steps aside for a special Gurao instructor and coach, possibly the best Scan2Go racer in the Universe -- Zero! Of course this excites all the original 11 students, except for Tiger. Why? What is it about Zero and Tiger that causes them discomfort?

    • Dragon-Tiger Clash!

      An unexpected outcome is the result of a Scan2Go race between Ryu, Kaz, and Tiger.

    • The Dragon of Destruction Arrives

      We're introduced to Ryu Kaizel, the antagonists and someone who has extremely dark powers and looks to threaten all honest and honorable Scan2Go racers. With this episode the series begins what looks to the end of the beginning and the beginning of the main story plot line. What major developments await our heroes, Coach Dile, their friends, and all Scan2Go racers?

    • Horror! The Mysterious Desert Island

      Like how teacher in Fullmetal Alchemist drops her students off on a deserted island to learn, so Coach Dile dumps our heroes and other Gurao students off on a different deserted island. Will this be the breaking point for one or more of the students and if so, will it include someone from Team J.E.T.?

    • Demon Instructor Dile

      Team J.E.T. meets Coach Dile on their first full day as Gurao students. While he's fulled into believing humans have good manner, it is Team J.E.T. who hears Dile's greatest joy is to make Scan2Go racers cry and drop out. The truth is, well, different, but that is for a future episode. Yet as Dile shows us, only through hard work and tough conditions (which does mean being hungry, tired, and encouraged to drop out) can students truly develop into all they can be as Scan2Go racers.

    • Gurao's Tiger
      Gurao's Tiger
      Episode 14

      After finally arriving at their destination, Gurao, Team J.E.T. meets yet another Scan2Go racer - Taiga, who turns out to have a family history in the world of Scan2Go. With only 10 spots open this year to the classes on Gurao, who will make it? Can Team J.E.T. take 40% of the slots or will some of them have to wait another year and if so will this mean the end of Team J.E.T.?

    • Diego's Awakening
      Diego's Awakening
      Episode 13

      Diego announces he is thinking about quitting Scan2Go, which the guys think is a joke (April Fool?) until he breaks down telling them he lost his confidence. Circumstances and fate work together to help Diego realize winning isn't the measure of a Universe class Scan2Go racer.

    • A Repeat Clash! Kaz vs. Shiro

      During the time between planets, the team reviews their progress in growing as Scan2Go racers. Kaz turns out to be both the best team J.E.T. racer and have the greatest improvement. Unfortunately it falls to Diego to have the lowest level of overall improvement and it falls to Kaz and the other team J.E.T. members to cheer him up at the their next race. How will they accomplish this or will they make him feel even worse?

    • Tracker Jack
      Tracker Jack
      Episode 11

      Jack, a Galactic Space Police Detective, meets up with team J.E.T. as he believes they are in league with Hebina, the space pirate. After actually meeting Kaz and the team, he forgets his original purpose and become hot to join in on Scan2Go racing.

    • Hipopo Defeated! The Secret Of The 7-Colored Treasure

      Master Hipopo dies and with his final breath leaves his Scan2Go dojo to Kaz. His final advice is to not hate anyone as this is the fate that all Scan2Go racers must face. The space pirates, introduced earlier, take this opportunity to come after the dojo treasure. Can Team J.E.T. protect the dojo, its treasure, and follow-on as Master Hipopo would have them.

    • Machine Guru Hipopo

      Kaz continues in his slump failing to even qualify in a desert world race. Dradd, who wins the desert world race, sends Kaz and Team J.E.T to see his old machine Master, Master Hipopo. What they find isn't what Kaz expected, but it is what Kaz needs to bring him and his machine into sync with one another.

    • The Young Scarlet Hero, Antares

      Team J.E.T. meets Antares, who claims to be Zero's number one apprentice. Antares and his car, Scorvilain, are very popular on his home planet with kids and other Scan2Go racers. It is his flashy and whimsical attitude that causes him and Team J.E.T. to become adversaries.



    • The Masked Racer, Zero

      Zero, who maybe the greatest Scan2Go racer in the Universe, finally makes an in person appearance in the series. Until now we've only seen him indirectly (e.g. Kaz reading about him). Kaz and many others enter an exhibition race in order to win the chance to race against Zero. By the end of the race Kaz is up against an elderly gentleman who people keep under estimating. Who will win the chance to compete against Zero, Kaz, the old man, someone else, or tune in and see for yourself.

    • The Squid King
      The Squid King
      Episode 6

      This episode introduces us the Squid King Kraken Gesoika MVIII, who is the ruler of planet Geso. He is a Scan2Go racer. The King takes an interest in Myron after he enters Team J.E.T accidentally into an underwater race.


    • Diego's Tree
      Diego's Tree
      Episode 5

      Team J.E.T. lands on the plant Savannah, which uses nature as a power source. They meet Rhino. He is the villain in this episode as he is attempting to take control of the planet and the source of all power (the tree of life).

    • Every Cute Girl has her Fangs

      We meet Lady Hebina Charlene Joare the 88th, Daijako and Kohebiko, who are space pirates. Hebina is also a Scan2Go racer and becomes a rival to Fiona. Racing agaist Fiona and Team J.E.T. she loses and runs away.

    • The Mystery Racer, Shiro Appears

      The J.E.T. bus isn't taking the trip very well and the team stops for repairs. While at the space port, team JET discovers an exhibition race and a fellow traveler from Earth, Shiro. Kaz and the others want to enter the race, but it takes five members, so the team asks their Shiro to join them. Not a joiner it takes time to talk Shiro into joining, but he does become part of team JET this one time. One of their competitors in this relay race is team Penguin, which seems to be always fresh and never tires. Kaz and the team realize the Penguins are cheating by using brand new racers with each leg. After a long back and forth race, it is the awesome power of Shiro's machine that brings the enhanced team JET victory!

    • Race to Space
      Race to Space
      Episode 2

      While Coach Ray continues to work with the team, Kaz puts his sights on Gurao, the best Scan2Go training school in the galaxy, if not the Universe. After trying to "borrow" the J.E.T bus and P.E.L (its navigation computer), Coach Ray offers Kaz and the team a deal. If they can beat him, he'll let them go to Gurao using his space bus and nav computer. At first the team doesn't work together, as none (other than Kaz) wants to go into space, but neither do they want to lose to Coach Ray. Finding the start of their inner strength, they win the race and the right to travel to Gurao. Will they have what it takes, though, for the school to accept them as a student, though?

    • Going for Number 1!

      Coach Ray brings team J.E.T (Junior Earth Team) to their first tournament. Given they are the first Scan2Go team from Earth (a back water planet of the Universe), they've not gone through all the preliminary bouts / qualifying contests held on other planets. This upsets teams that have had to fight to get to this official tournament and Team J.E.T. ends up battling against one of these teams with both expected and surprising results. In the end Kaz, the Team J.E.T. leader, comes through with an impressive event that causes a famous racer to take public notice of him.