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Woke up this afternoon with three questions .... Not sure where to go for answer

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    This afternoon I woke up with three Scan2Go questions.

    1. How did Scan2Go racing come to exist in the Universe?

    2. How did Scan2Go come to and grow in popularity on Earth?

    3. How did Coach Ray and Team J.E.T. discover and develop their Scan2Go racing?

    In the case of question #1, I'm talking about all the way back to before Scan2Go even existed. Originally, I was thinking Scan2Go racing came from one planet, but maybe it came from several planets combining different aspects of racing.

    An example is how close the racer is to his machine (I noticed in the series the racers call them machines and not cars). This closeness, I suspect, is from a technology and not some "magic" in the Scan2Go Universe. This planet might not develop say other aspects of the racing instead the multiple components of Scan2Go came together on one of these planets or maybe even another one.

    NOTE: The mind / machine technology may be what is causing the evolution. It would be a great area to explore in story or in the TV series.

    Where to get answers, though? That is the question . . .

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