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Thursday 9:00 PM on ABC Premiered Apr 05, 2012 Between Seasons



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AIRED ON 4/28/2016

Season 5 : Episode 19

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Based on the real-life PR expert Judy Smith, Shonda Rhimes is producing a new project about a crisis management pro (played by Kerry Washington) and her dysfunctional staff.


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    Fan Reviews (136)

    • Loved this show until this season

      Well I am ready to remove from PVR. Really not liking the Olivia and Jake thing and really not liking Olivia. The only people worth watching the show for are Millie, Susan and Fitz, as long as he doesn't try and get back with Olivia.
    • 1.0
      The show is definitely one I would love to see canceled at this point. It used to be one of those shows that kept me at the edge of the seat, I never knew what was coming. More importantly than the surprise elements were the characters who were complex but relate-able. I no longer like any of the characters, they have actually all be turned into one thing - power-hungry maniacs. It's not interesting or shocking even, just really dull and disappointing. I don't even care if I miss an episode. I want it to be canceled because I feel like I have to watch it to the end even though I absolutely hate it. Please cancel this show soon, it no longer has anything to offer.moreless
    • Disappointed

      Very disappointed with this season. Don't like how the characters Olivia and Jake are being portrayed. Previously Olivia's character seemed strong and confident. Now she just seems to be a bully along with her father. Also, how can her father not be in jail anymore when he killed the president's son. The president and his wife are doing nothing about this. This is so unrealistic! I'm not enjoying watching the show anymore.moreless
    • Stopped Watching

      I watched because I believed the President and Olivia would make a heck of a team kind of a modern Hart to Hart. Huck being a father by day and a gladiator would have made good family safety plot. I put up with watching her screw the world and look desperate and weak. It wasn't the having sex it was the desperation you could feel. I put up with her being used. However, the abortion, china pattern sexist bull and them finally able and she'd rather be a Mistress is why I stopped watching the Good Wife and why I'm not watching Catch. Ms. Rhimes your notion of strong women is NOT it. Drama does not have to be drama filled so until this is made a bad dream segment or a clone I'm not watching any of her shows because they'll all end up being stereotypical and sad caricatures of warped women. Either they listen to the fans because the ratings are sinking or watch the show sink. This was a favorite and now I'm totally out as well!!!!moreless
    • Gone down hill fast

      I watched seasons 1-3 recently whilst off work following an operation and was hooked. I thought the show was great. However 4 onwards, and most specifically this season, its got worse and worse. The weird relationship between Jake and Olivia has become seedy and just creepy. In fact Olivia, Fitz and Jake are now all completely unlikeable characters. I think the show has definitely had its day and I wont be watching any more. Unlike Grey's which is still awesome after 12 series.moreless

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