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Based on the real-life PR expert Judy Smith, Shonda Rhimes is producing a new project about a crisis management pro (played by Kerry Washington) and her dysfunctional staff.

Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick

Stephen Finch

Jeff Perry

Jeff Perry

Cyrus Beene

Portia de Rossi

Portia de Rossi

Elizabeth North

Tony Goldwyn

Tony Goldwyn

President Fitzgerald Grant

Scott Foley

Scott Foley

Jake Ballard

Joshua Malina

Joshua Malina

David Rosen

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  • Super sappy and hyper emotional

    This show had great promise. With a great original cast and strong first season, this show was shaping up to be something remarkable. Seasons 1 and 2 were so good at being clever and interesting, but Kerry Washington's character's hyper emotional, over-the-top, and plain ridiculous overreaction to seemingly every little thing is just annoying. I don't think she's stopped frowning since season 3. With an unlikeable roster of supporting characters, and a penchant for stuffing an intolerable amount of hormones induced time-filler sex and emotional tension, I just don't see the point of this show anymore. This show has become so unbelievably monotonous and unsubstantial that it hurts. It had so much potential, but alas I find myself hopping off at the season 4 finale before I start resenting this show any further. Such a shame.moreless
  • Lalalove it.

    Been my favorite show for months now, seen every episode. Though the main actress Kerry Washington acts weird/overreacts, that's how she's supposed to be; how actors/actresses are... If she was supposed to react how people normally would, this would be a reality show. Action, romance, thrill, suspense, and plot twists MAKE this show. Worth 10 point rating all the way.
  • I'm out of here

    I used to like this show a lot. I thought season 1 was great. Season 2 was good too with so many scandals and plots happening. However, season 4 is just getting so ridiculous. The writers seem to think up all these crazy, over the top stories just to out do the previous storylines. It doesn't help that the characters themselves are not nice people, so it's very hard to root for them when they get into trouble. I thought they were supposed to be white knights. They seem to be in season 1, but now they are just horrible people with no redeeming qualities. So, I'm sorry to say, I've stopped watching. It's very rare for me to stop watching a series that I've followed for a few years as I usually carry on just to see what happens at the end. But I just can't bring myself to do that for this show as all the characters annoy me. It's a shame really. It could have been so good...moreless
  • Too much,Kerry Washington

    At first, i really like this tv show, the story, the plot, the twist. However, i just want to say this real quick. I am sorry but Kerry Washington will never win Emmy for leading actress due to her overreacting emotion in this tv show. Kerry washington tries too much and it annoys me (and many ppl who watched it) everytime i see her in Scandal. Even I noticed the way she walked in white house aisle or any aisle was ugh! , as if she tries so much to look cool and slutty sexy. I am sorry but if you guys are into tv show and acting, you will see why Kerry washington will never win an Emmy for Scandal. Shonda Rhimes needs to tell her to be natural and not overreacting. I don't mean to be rude but Kerry Washington is the problem.moreless
  • What in the world happened to Scandal writing?

    Olivia needs to find someone new. The Fitz/Olivia storyline is getting stupid and it is old. Fitz needs to fall back in love with his wife since he plans to stand by her side at her stupid campaign to be VP. The Gay wedding in a republican white house was silly and unrealistic. Gay graphic love scenes (even graphic heterosexual love scenes are offending). It can be implied-- and then get back to the Scandal!. The show has lost its focus. If she truly has PSTD from being kidnapped, why would she take a strange man picked up at a bar, into her home and bed?--esp. after she worked so hard to have a million locks on her door! An insult to anyone who has had PTSD. If she has PTSD, work the story line. That is a real disorder that impacts thousands of people exposed to trauma. Maybe she can fall in love with her psychiatrist who ends up being a spy who is trying to get intel on the white house. Get back to spy, espionage, and fixing scandals in Washington. This last episode about Jake and bringing the father back (finally!) was the best. Let's bring the mother back too, she's good. And some newmoreless

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