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Based on the real-life PR expert Judy Smith, Shonda Rhimes is producing a new project about a crisis management pro (played by Kerry Washington) and her dysfunctional staff.

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  • What's going on are they trying to make us not like Olivia??

    Wow.. I use to really love this show.. The season started off so good, now I don't know anymore. I was so inspired that I make a commercial about it, just to make people more aware about what really going on in the world of Elections.

    Now I just don't know anymore, I just don't know.. They better do something about this fast. I've read some comment over here, and we all pretty much feel the same way.moreless
  • Needs to wrap

    Scandal started as one of my favorite shows! I couldn't wait to watch! When Olivia and Fitz finally got their moment, I was so happy! I understand Shondas need to address current issues and she could've done that by addressing women's needs through Mellies dialogue. However, she went WAY over the top showing Olivia getting an abortion. Olivia is now a self serving bitch. Won't be watching after the holidays.
  • disappointed

    I love scandal but the way they have Olivia's character is annoying. I want her & the President to be together but she acts like she doesn't know what she really wants & it's making the show irritating. Just let Olivia & the President remain happy together to make the show better
  • The Decline of Olivia Pope

    I am extremely disappointed in the character Olivia Pope. I have watched this show since its debut and I have watched this character evolve into an unlikeable person who uses persons for her own convenience. Whilst I understand the writer(s) need to identify with the real word, I had somehow hoped Olivia and Fitz could have a future. If the writer (s) wanted Mellie and Fitz to be reunited this could have been done without making Olivia into the typical Bitch Mistress who wants the gain and fame with no pain and finds the man only attractive if he is taken... Welcome to the real world of wives who have to be versatile enough to play the role of wife and mistress at the same time. Apparently this character can only be given the role of a mistress who doesn't even want the entanglement of a child you cant take the heat Olivia stay out of the her character get any some how think somoreless
  • NOT Breaking Bad

    Characters have become increasingly unlikeable and one dimensional - spouting essentially same thing every episode. Both they and plots seem written with sentimentalism and as if the writers don't know what the storyline is, because the characters don't develop and change through their actions like real people do. It's as if these adults in the story aged in every way but emotionally- everyone's 15 but looks old and can strategize like chess champions. Btw I'm sure everyone is aware but gladiators were slaves. Some character needs to mention this at some point otherwise it makes it look like the folks behind this show don't know their slave history, but then given the writing maybe they don't.moreless

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