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Based on the real-life PR expert Judy Smith, Shonda Rhimes is producing a new project about a crisis management pro (played by Kerry Washington) and her dysfunctional staff.


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    Fan Reviews (131)

    • Goes from Great to horrible + the love story is annoying as hell.

      I have watched 4 seasons so far and here's what I love about this show:

      - The development of all characters is great.

      - The plots in throughout the episodes varies between good to brilliant.

      What gets very old very fast is the love story between Olivia and the president. It should have been killed after first season if not halfway through first season. It becomes unrealistic and annoying as hell to see them have make up sex after each fight.


      Furthermore there are many things that does not make sense at all int his show.

      1. They all know where "command" works and can easily go and put him out of his misery, but nooo. Despite the fact it takes two cops about 3 minutes to come and arrest him in end of season 4.

      2. Fitz throws Mellie out cause she caused 12 people to be killed, but he himself shot down a plane where 300+ people died. And Cyrus has caused more death and scams during the years including fixing the election, but is he fired? No. Hell even when he resigns, he comes back.

      3. Olivia, her associates and "friends" + agents have many chances to kill her father, "command", but does not and keeps getting framed and had by him... For real?

      4. Olivia turns into an arrogant, self righteous and ignorant person, which in the end starts to irritate the hell out of anyone.

      In fact I find the 4 above mentioned things (there are many more) and the love story is annoying enough to rate it as low as a 3.moreless
    • this show is falling down hard....

      The first seasons was great, even this season started reasonable but over the last parts they lost it completely. The story got lost, the single characters are inconsistent, Olivia turned into a ignorant bitch which is basically in the meanwhile one of the most unsympathetic characters of the show. I have loved this show and I cant understand how the producers do not see how this shows goes down. Unless they turn this around into something positive I cant imagine this survives any longer.... Sad!moreless
    • Disgusted by Scandal series episode 1

      Anybody who has any decency and watched this episode will know why I am disgusted by the story of the show. A princess dies in a car crash.

      How can anyone be so evil as to make a programme out of real people's lives.

      No doubt they will try to say any similarities are purely coincidental.

      I've watched every episode of Scandal until now. I'm not sure that I will watch any more.moreless
    • What's going on are they trying to make us not like Olivia??

      Wow.. I use to really love this show.. The season started off so good, now I don't know anymore. I was so inspired that I make a commercial about it, just to make people more aware about what really going on in the world of Elections.

      Now I just don't know anymore, I just don't know.. They better do something about this fast. I've read some comment over here, and we all pretty much feel the same way.moreless
    • Needs to wrap

      Scandal started as one of my favorite shows! I couldn't wait to watch! When Olivia and Fitz finally got their moment, I was so happy! I understand Shondas need to address current issues and she could've done that by addressing women's needs through Mellies dialogue. However, she went WAY over the top showing Olivia getting an abortion. Olivia is now a self serving bitch. Won't be watching after the holidays.

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