Season 2 Episode 21

Any Questions?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 09, 2013 on ABC



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    • Olivia: (answering the phone during Fitz's press conference) Harrison, I can't really talk.
      Harrison: It was a setup. I... it was all a setup. Charlie took the Cytron card.
      Olivia: Which means the mole has the Cytron card.
      Harrison: Which means the mole has Defiance. Liv, I'm so sorry.
      Olivia: Tell me we have a name, Harrison.
      Harrison: We got a name.
      Olivia: Who is it? Who is Albatross?
      Harrison: Billy Chambers. Billy Chambers is the mole.

    • Olivia: Your Statement of Candidacy papers... the official documents you should have filed months ago with the G.E.C. in order to run for reelection? They're sitting on your desk, unsigned.
      Fitz: So? Those papers are practically ceremonial. I can file them at any time.
      Olivia: But you weren't going to.
      Fitz: I was.
      Olivia: No, you weren't.
      Fitz: What does it matter now?
      Olivia: It matters.
      Fitz: I'm going out there tonight and telling the american people that I am not running for a second term. It doesn't matter.
      Olivia: It matters. Were you planning to run or not?
      Fitz: Why are you so--
      Olivia: Were you planning to run or not?
      Fitz: Olivia!
      Olivia: Were you planning to run... or not? (Fitz keeps quiet and looks the other way) Fitz? Look at me.
      Fitz: This is not a conversation we are going to have. I chose you.
      Olivia: I know you want to be with me. I believe that, but--
      Fitz: Liv--
      Olivia: Listen to me. If you don't want to be President anymore, if that's why you're quitting, then that's okay. That's great. That's bold and brave. Is that what's happening? Are you being bold and brave? Because I don't think so. I think you're quitting because you don't believe you can win on your own. I think you believe you are everything your father said you were. And I think you believe you don't have what it takes to be a legitimate President. And I think you wouldn't believe any of that... You wouldn't be afraid , you wouldn't doubt yourself, if it weren't for Defiance, if it weren't for what we did to you in Defiance, what I did to you in Defiance.
      Fitz: I already made my decision! I already... Why can't you just let this go?
      Olivia: I did this to you! And if you give up your chance to run again, I will blame myself every day of my life. And one day, so will you. We stole that election. We stole your chance. Take it back. Run. Run and win!

    • Fixer: (to Mellie) I am very good at what I do. I can move mountains and work miracles. But I can't make your husband love you.

    • Fitz: (talking about his planned speech announcing he won't run for reelection)It's gonna be alright.
      Cyrus: We'll be a lame duck administration.
      Fitz: We'll leave proud of the work we did.
      Cyrus: We'll be a joke.
      Fitz: Hell, we're not even supposed to be here. Need I remind you? You stole this ride. At least we got some mileage out of it.
      Cyrus: True. And the back seat did see some action.
      Fitz: (laughing) Yeah, that was my fault (they both start laughing)

    • James: (at a press conference) Why not simply deny the accusation?
      Cyrus: The President considers this a private matter. If the President addressed every question about his personal life, we may as well turn the Oval Office into a daytime talk show set.

    • Harrison: What's your endgame?
      Olivia: My endgame?
      Harrison: The First Lady just put you on notice. We don't have a lot of time. This needs to be dealt with.
      Olivia: No, it doesn't. Let it be.
      Harrison: Right now, at this very moment, you are standing in the eye of the hurricane, and you're gonna sit here and pretend?
      Olivia: I'm not pretending.
      Harrison: You think the White House is gonna protect you? Is that it?
      Olivia: I can protect myself, thank you very much.
      Harrison: You are not the fixer here, Liv, you are the problem. You're the client. You're my client. Like it or not. So I'm not asking you for the truth. I know the truth. I know enough. At any minute, any second now, so will the rest of planet Earth. So what I'm asking you is, what is your endgame? 'Cause the eye will pass and the winds will kick up and you... you are not tethered to anything. But I'm here. And I will be your anchor. And I'm the only one that can see you through this. We'll fight to the end. So snap out of it! Tell it to me straight. What do you want?
      Olivia: We need to prove whether Sally's the mole. Get on it.

    • Sally: Well, you know what the Bible says.
      Cyrus: No, I don't.
      Sally: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
      Cyrus: That's not from the Bible. Not everything is from the Bible, Sally.

    • Mellie: So.. I assume all you fixers work the same, or...
      Mellie's Fixer: I have one rule. No lies. I am your priest, your shrink, your hairdresser, your bedfellow, your best friend. I am very good. All I require is complete and total honesty. Can you do that? Can you be honest?
      Mellie: I am the First Lady of the most powerful nation on the planet. I didn't get here because someone like you held my hand and called themselves my hairdresser. My hair is done. So don't ask me if I can be honest like I'm some little girl confused by all the books and smart talk. I can be honest. I can also lie. It all depends on what's in my best interests.

    • Mellie's Fixer: I was surprised to be called. I-- I know Olivia Pope usually handles your needs.
      Mellie: Olivia Pope handles my husband. I have needs of my own these days.

    • Olivia: (they are both dressing at Olivia's home)I'll put my ear to the ground, find out what I can about how the public is taking all this, how it's being messaged by the news anchors and pundits, and I'll get some intel on Mellie and what her next move is going to be. And then Cyrus and I can--
      Fitz: No.
      Olivia: Fitz!
      Fitz: No! You don't do anything. This is my problem. I made a decision, and I'm going to deal with it.(pause) What?
      Olivia: What?
      Fitz: You have a look in your face.
      Olivia: Because you're wrong.
      Fitz: I'm not wrong.
      Olivia: I am very good at what I do. I am better at it than anybody else. And that's not arrogance, that's fact. And I'm definitely better at it than you and your boy at the White House. You need me if you are going to survive this.
      Fitz: Maybe. But you are not fixing or handling me anymore, Livvie. And if we are gonna survive this, if you and I are gonna make it together, you have to stand down.
      Olivia: But--
      Fitz: Stand. Down. And wait for me to do this on my own. You are not in charge of everything. (Liv smiles and he kisses her)
      Olivia: Fine.

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