Season 2 Episode 21

Any Questions?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 09, 2013 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Olivia: Your Statement of Candidacy papers... the official documents you should have filed months ago with the G.E.C. in order to run for reelection? They're sitting on your desk, unsigned.
      Fitz: So? Those papers are practically ceremonial. I can file them at any time.
      Olivia: But you weren't going to.
      Fitz: I was.
      Olivia: No, you weren't.
      Fitz: What does it matter now?
      Olivia: It matters.
      Fitz: I'm going out there tonight and telling the american people that I am not running for a second term. It doesn't matter.
      Olivia: It matters. Were you planning to run or not?
      Fitz: Why are you so--
      Olivia: Were you planning to run or not?
      Fitz: Olivia!
      Olivia: Were you planning to run... or not? (Fitz keeps quiet and looks the other way) Fitz? Look at me.
      Fitz: This is not a conversation we are going to have. I chose you.
      Olivia: I know you want to be with me. I believe that, but--
      Fitz: Liv--
      Olivia: Listen to me. If you don't want to be President anymore, if that's why you're quitting, then that's okay. That's great. That's bold and brave. Is that what's happening? Are you being bold and brave? Because I don't think so. I think you're quitting because you don't believe you can win on your own. I think you believe you are everything your father said you were. And I think you believe you don't have what it takes to be a legitimate President. And I think you wouldn't believe any of that... You wouldn't be afraid , you wouldn't doubt yourself, if it weren't for Defiance, if it weren't for what we did to you in Defiance, what I did to you in Defiance.
      Fitz: I already made my decision! I already... Why can't you just let this go?
      Olivia: I did this to you! And if you give up your chance to run again, I will blame myself every day of my life. And one day, so will you. We stole that election. We stole your chance. Take it back. Run. Run and win!