Season 2 Episode 4

Beltway Unbuckled

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2012 on ABC



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    • Mellie: I can't do this. I'm holding the sticky hands of kids who pick their nose and telling their idiot parents to do their job and immunize their kids. How stupid do you have to be not to immunize your kid? Isn't it just natural selection if your unimmunized snot-nosed kid gets smallpox in the 21rst century? And I have to smile and get puked on?

    • Cyrus: (at the White House) You can't be here.
      Olivia: I wouldn't have come if I didn't need a favor.
      Cyrus: You want Fitz to call the Prime Minister of Kurkistan and to waive Lavich's diplomatic immunity.
      Olivia: Yes.
      Cyrus: No. Politically impossible right now. I can't go into why, but--
      Olivia: You need access to Kurkistan's airspace in case you want to attack East Sudan.
      Cyrus: (looks at her and takes a sit) I just left a meeting with three staffers who think Kurkistan is next to Morocco. God, I miss you. Also, you can't be here.
      Olivia: A young girl was brutally left to die--
      Cyrus: Yes, dead girl, violence, murder, people are bad, I'm feeling emotions. The only reason I allowed you through those White House gates is because he's on the Hill right now. You can't be here. He's not doing well. He's struggling, he's suffering, and seeing you will make it worse. I've got to keep his mind in the G8, so you have to go before he comes-- (the door opens and Fitz enters) Before he comes back and sees you.

    • Huck: There are nine 458 Spiders in the D.C. area, registered to these owners.
      Abby: All men, it turns out, because women don't have embarrassingly small sex organs they need to compensate for.

    • Harrison: She's the "Beltway unbuckled" girl! (mentioning a blog)
      Olivia: Jenny Nystrom?(asking for the missing girl OPA has been helping search)
      Harrison: Someone found out, leaked it to the Post. She's the one, Liv, the one who's been sleeping around town.
      Quinn: Which is why the blog hasn't been updated since...
      Olivia and Huck: Saturday the 17th!
      Olivia: So the girl we've spent the last three days describing as the innocent girl next door--
      Harrison: Has had her hands down the pants of every other senator in town.
      Quinn: (seen Liv starts to make a call) You're calling...?
      Olivia: (to Quinn) Edison, to thank him for doing such terrific due diligence. (on the phone) Senator Davis, please. It's Olivia Pope.
      Abby: Let the slut shaming begin!

    • Mellie: (entering the room where he's sleeping on a couch)Fitz. Fitzgerald!
      Fitz: Mhhmm.
      Mellie: There are nine other bedrooms besides our room and this nursery. You are sweating up the baby's sofa. I will have to have it cleaned.
      Fitz: If I sleep in one of the other bedrooms, the staff will know.
      Mellie: So then they'll know.
      Fitz: Mellie, if the staff knows, then the press will know in under 24 hours.
      Mellie: Good for them!
      Fitz: Really? You're fine with the press knowing that we don't sleep in the same bed?
      Mellie: Tell the press that pregnancy is making me toss and turn, so you're sleeping in another bed so that I can be more comfortable. Tell them that you have been staying up late in bed trying to come up with new ways to keep America safe and democratic and free, and you don't want to disturb my pretty little head with all that thinking! Or tell them that I don't want to spend my nights sleeping next to a man who gets erections in his sleep dreaming of Olivia Pope!

    • Edison: The President of the United States had me kicked off the Senate intelligence committee, and is having my behavior looked into by the ethics committee. And to my thinking, it's because I was reckless enough to talk to you, so now I'm your client. Pro bono. Unless you have a conflict of interest. You're not still tied to the White House, are you?
      Olivia: (remembering her latest fight with Fitz where she told him it was over) No. No ties.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 25, 2012 on Citytv
      Czech Republic: February 12, 2013 on Universal Channel
      Finland: January 19, 2014 on Liv

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