Season 2 Episode 15

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2013 on ABC

Episode Recap

David believes he is being followed and Huck is dispatched to be his body guard. Unfortunately for David it's raining and Huck is going through some issues with water of all kinds as a result of the water boarding interrogation. Fortunately David's stalker turns out to be Wendy's best friend, Molly, who believes that the man that killed Wendy is out to get her as well because she can identify him.

Jake and Olivia have their first meeting (date) in which Olivia learns the meaning of the word Albatross. Could Olivia be having feelings for this guy or is it just business? We learn that Jake's spying on Olivia is a direct command from the Commander in Chief himself, Fitz. Jake and Fitz appear to be old friends. At their first face to face meeting in the oval office Jake tells Fitz that he does not have anything to report on Olivia and that she seems lonely. Fitz informs him that she cannot be trusted and to continue the surveillance. Jake neglects to mention the fact that he's made contact with Olivia.

In the White House the business of the hostages is becoming a political nightmare for Fitz. With compromised intelligence he's uncertain of what to do and it doesn't help that the hostage's families don't think he's doing enough to get their loved ones back. Matters are made worse by the kidnappers showing a live broadcast of one of the hostages being beheaded.

Cyrus is still out in the cold and is powerless to advise Fitz. In discussion with Mellie, she encourages him to tell her what his advice would be. Cyrus tells her that Fitz should effect a bombing raid on Kashbar, hoping that he will get back into Fitz's good books, however when Fitz orders the strike and it's a success Mellie is the one who gets the credit for the idea which infuriates Cyrus. When he meets up with Olivia he complains about Mellie but Olivia advises him to leave her alone "let Mellie be. Don't over think it....eventually she's going to go too far and cross him you just need to be there when she does."

Cyrus decides to help Mellie to her doom by encouraging her to have a private telephone conference call with the families of the hostages unknown to Fitz. Cyrus leaks this information to one of the white house press corps who listens in to the conversation and publishes it the next day. Fitz is furious with her and Mellie realizes that it must have been Cyrus who set her up.

The Associates are paid a visit by Sen. Peter Caldwell whose younger brother Will is running for the Governorship of North Carolina. The only problem is that there are rumors that he is gay and Peter wants to put these to rest by finding Will a wife. Olivia calls on Will who insists that he is not gay but agrees to them finding him a wife. Harrison and Abby set about finding suitable candidates. At the meeting of Will and their first choice Abby begins to have doubts due to her own past experience with high powered political families and has a heart to heart talk with the candidate which results in her pulling out at the last minute. Fortunately, they have a backup who proves to be ideally suited to the task. When it seems that all's well on the Caldwell score Olivia gets a call from Harrison that the DC Dish, a gossip paper, has found out about the arrangement and is going to publish the story. Olivia sends Harrison to "shut it down". Harrison manages to do just that and informs Olivia that it was not the first girl who leaked the story, as they had assumed, but someone from within the Caldwell family.

At the Caldwell fund raiser Fitz is the keynote speaker. He notices Olivia in the crowd when he gets to the podium and keeps an eye on her when he has finished his speech and is mingling with the guests. He notices as she receives a phone call and is in animated conversation with the person on the other end of the line. It is in fact a call from Jake insisting that they go out on a second date.

After Harrison's call Olivia begins to remember certain conversations she had with the Caldwells and walking out in the garden she witnesses Will kissing his sister-in-law Marion, Peter's wife. Olivia tells him to end the affair, he tells her to mind her own business. Olivia then proceeds to give him a lecture, which is as much about her own situation as it is about his, culminating in her telling him "…..stolen moments aren't a have nothing, no one, end it now."

Back at Pope and Associates Huck finally decodes the files Wendy had on her flash drive which are personnel files of the hostages. Molly recognizes the man that she thinks killed Wendy as the CIA Director Osbourne. Meanwhile Osbourne is busy telling the President that the leak is not in his department and that he needs authority to check out the other state departments.

Amongst all these goings on Abby and David find time to have two close encounters of the physical kind in her office and his car.

After the Caldwell fund raiser Fitz summons Jake again to ask for an update on Olivia. He's not in a friendly mood this time and demands to know who Olivia is seeing. Jake reassures him that Olivia is not seeing anyone!!!!