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Thursday 10:00 PM on ABC
I realise that as a whole Scandal is totally unbelievable and far fetched (chiefly Fitz being a republican) and yet the one thing that keeps bothering me about it more than anything is the fact that in 2 and a bit seasons we have yet to meet or even get a glimpse of Fitz and Mellie's kids. It just seems so odd that something as minor as casting two adolescents for a scene or two in the 40 or so episodes we had so far was something the writers never even seemed to entertain. Not even when we saw Fitz on the campaign trail or posing for family photos with America's baby.

The last thing Scandal needs is a parallel teenage story line (see Homeland) and I don't think Shonda even knows how to write kids but considering several and repeated mentions were made of said mysterious (and obviously unloved and neglected) kids I do think this idiotic insistence/oversight is just plain ridiculous. I mean surly this show should try and hold on to a tiny resemblance to reality where it can.

I'm not sure why I'm so fixated on this one small detail but it is driving me insane.

That and also considering he's the leader of the free world it would be nice to actually see Fitz acting or doing something even remotely presidential every now and again rather than being totally driven by his horniness. Just saying....