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‘Vermont is for Lovers, Too’ definitely earned its mature-audiences-only warning last night. There was lotsa lovin’ going ‘round. There was the usual super-sized helping of scheming, manipulation and intrigue, as well. Not to mention a little bloody chomping worthy of The Walking Dead...

So what sort of scandalousness went down this week?

Rowan has tucked Maya away in what looks to be a deep, dark hole of a prison cell somewhere. Now, with Olivia kicking up the dust, Rowan’s cleaning house:

Maya then proceeds to chew her wrists open. This was, for me, a squeme-factor 10 moment. Unfortunately, it was difficult to look away for the endless time it took for Mrs. Pope to take several juicy bites out of her forearms.

The doctor informs Rowan that his ‘prisoner’ is a very disturbed woman. YA THINK?!

Does Rowan look a little remorseful, hovering over Maya's bed? Maya may have brought all this upon herself. My guess? Maya did something bad, very bad, something that made Rowan give that order for Fitz to shoot down that civilian jetliner.

Maya is clearly pretty damn cray-cray. It is easy to believe that the evil Rowan has kept her prisoner all these years, away from her daughter, and wouldn’t that make anyone nuts, right? Her desperation and the way she stands up to Rowan and even snippets of their conversation makes me think it isn’t all him. And then…

Maya puts the doctor in timeout while she makes her escape.


Our cabal of two is back at it. Mellie and Cyrus are busy at work on their plans for the VPs big gay husband, Daniel. Ah, I love their evil machinations, scheming away in the halls of the West Wing. Hearing this line out of Mellie’s mouth was, indeed, precious:

Mellie baits the trap by dropping a bit of gossip in Daniel’s ear about Cyrus and James ‘open marriage’.

Cyrus has a plan all worked out. He has cleverly tantalized James with the opportunity of writing a puff-piece on Daniel. James, of course, doesn't know he's the honey.
Really, James? REALLY?! Yeah, because Cy is always such a nice guy to you?!

Could Daniel have made a skeevier pass at James- lord, leading with how close he was to his college lacrosse buddies during all those long nights on the road? EW.

Wow, suddenly, James' bs detector grumbles to life with a wheeze and a bang.

Finally! Oh, yes he did, James. Whatcha gonna do about it?

Quinn/Team Pope
Even though I find Quinn mildly annoying, I am really enjoying this storyline.

Team Gladiator has taken Maya Pope on as their ‘client’ and is hard at work finding who killed their lead (you know, the security guard Quinn killed?).

Quinn, for obvious reasons, looks like she’s about to crap her pants several times throughout the episode:

She’s being blackmailed into spying on Olivia and team for Rowan/B-613. She begins a sad attempt to outmaneuver Huck and Jake. Sorry Quinn, you got game, but they have more. She knows time is running out so she does the obvious:

Too bad shooting Charlie won't stop B-613. Do you think Charlie is actually a little fond of Quinn? She did kinda save his life once, right?

Poor Quinn, she's no super spy. Charlie gives her a ride home.

I almost feel sorry for Mellie, especially after last week. Almost.

Mellie is engaging in a little self-indulgent back-patting. Has she finally gotten what she wanted by outing the Prez's affair?

She’s clearly watching her own press a bit too much:

Fitz's response:

Fitz is off to, you guessed it, call Olivia. He wants to explain. He only needs an hour.

Olivia ignores the fitz-phone at the beginning of the episode but.. but.. she puts it in her purse and takes it to the office with her?!? Wha?

She answers one last time to really lay down the law:

At which point she hangs up and bashes the Fitz-phone to bits.

Olivia gets a visit from our fave Secret Service agent, Tom. (Just an aside, Tom, you should be doing everything in your power to put a fork in this. Olivia will be a total pain in your ass if she ever does become First Lady.)

Olivia is delivered to a house in Vermont where Fitz is waiting for her. She concedes one hour. They go back and forth about Rowan and B-613. Fitz lists all the time she could have told him and then make his case:

Fitz and Liv give an impassioned go around to who needs protecting: Liv from her father or Fitz from Liv and her father. Then Fitz starts rambling about this mysterious, god-forsaken house that they're in. We know it is all just foreplay.

Fitz says, "This house is yours. Ours. I had it built for us. When it looked like there was a chance for us, I bought the land and had it built. I couldn't really be mayor, but... you can make jam. There are bedrooms for lots of kids. This was going to be you and me raising a family and growing old together in this house. It was supposed to be ours, Livvie. And I just wanted you to see it at least once, once before I sell it. I wanted you to see the dream."

Meanwhile, back at the White House, Mellie's spidey senses are tingling.

Um. Yeah. No one's picking that up.

The morning after? Fitz has a feeling:

I know it's wrong but I'm feeling just a pinch of pity for Mellie.

And what about Olivia's father?

That's right, she just sicked POTUS on Rowan. It really is ON. I'm just thinking there is a lot more to this story now.

Olivia leaves but not before planting a seed of hope:

Josie Marcus/Team Pope/Candygate

In probably the least entertaining storyline tonight, Candy blows up the Josie Marcus campaign buy staging the theft of a laptop full of campaign secrets, calling her own press conference and all but accusing Reston of the theft.

Candygate does give everyone an excuse to hop into bed. Harrison, shocker, is getting busy with Candy herself. Abby and David wake up all cute and cuddly in bed and David spills that they've pretty much figured out the robbery was faked.

SO... How does it all end???

Cyrus gets a taste of his own medicine.

What did you do, Cy? WHAT. DID. YOU. DO?

Josie Marcus
And.. that's a wrap.
Olivia advises Josie to fire Candy and salvage her campaign. In a bold move, she resigns her candidacy in order to save her daughter.


What Mellie wanted to say:

What she really says:


In maybe my favorite Quinn/Huck moments this season, Quinn walks into her house to find Huck waiting for her.

And he brought presents.

Yep- they figured out it was Quinn who killed the security guard. Now Huck wants answers.

I think this could go two ways. Either Charlie is going to come to her rescue, or Huck will save the day. I’m hoping she’ll break down and confess everything to Huck and things’ll roll from there. After all, Huck and Quinn are pretty much the only ones who didn't get any lovin' in this episode. Huck annoys me but I figure he's here to stay so I'm like 'alright, already!'. Let's just get this Huck & Quinn thing done.

Oh, except Jake... but I'm pretty sure Olivia told him not to wait up for her.

So, what about Olivia’s mother?!?!

Olivia and her mom get their very own ‘hi’ moment.

This wasn't even the midseason finale!

Are we happy that Olitz is back on? I love it and I hate it.
What about Cyrus? Did he get what was coming, or what?
Will Huck really torture, kill and dispose of Quinn in a dumpster?
If he doesn't, will Charlie?
Rowan's goose is pretty well cooked(and just in time for Thanksgiving!), isn't it?
Is Olivia's mom scary as hell, or is it just me? Should we be fearing for Liv's life right now? I kinda think I am.

Can't wait for next week!
Okay, I'm done now.
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