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Another ride on the crazy train but still a great episode… “A Door Marked Exit” was all about those scandalous pigeons coming home to roost.

Another fabulous episode, as long as you are willing to give yourself over to the absurdity, I was FINALLY convinced of the Jake-Olivia connection(only to have it snatched away) and *gasp* I think I am actually starting to like Quinn with Charlie. Huck needs to get fed to the garbage disposal and I'm sorta wondering what the point of Abby and Harrison are... Fitz came off looking like a grade-A jerk and Mellie is, apparently, truly a psychopath. Cyrus and James, well, yes, we knew Cyrus was a minion, if not the Devil himself, but I didn't expect James to sell out like he did.

Sally and Cyrus

Kill your husband? Who ya gonna call? bzzzt Not Fitz.

Oh, right, Cyrus Beane!

As Sally waits for Cyrus, she relives her last moments with her husband.

Sally basically completely lost her shit at Daniel, giving him a sermon worthy of one of the great Evangelicals.

She is standing on the doorstep to history and he has stolen her future.

I’m pretty sure this is the moment that seals his fate:

And that’s it for Sally. She gives it to him deep- with the letter opener, in the back. More than once.

Um. What’s up with those awesome Secret Service Agents?

Cyrus arrives and surveys the damage…

…As Sally mutters about how the Devil came in, the Devil made her do it, she let the Devil in… you get the idea.

That’s the problem, Cyrus, sometimes our plans get away from us.

Cy runs the highlight reel in his head:

Cyrus has a feeling.

Hard to look at your face in the mirror, huh, Cy?

Olivia and Team Pope

Olivia sends Harrison and Abby to find out everything about Marie Wallace so that they have everything on her when they arrest her in Hong Kong.

Olivia then starts in on Huck. Where’s Quinn? Huck has a tracking device on her and she’s at B6-13, alive and walking around.

Huck crammed the tracker where the tooth he yanked out used to be.
Yummy. More screaming.

Quinn & Charlie

Quinn is still with Charlie and Rowan, about to get the blackmail tapes of her committing murder back. Huck has obviously tasked her with killing Rowan at the same time. Quinn hesitates with the syringe of death shaking in her hand.

An agent pops in saying they’ve found Maya/Marie taking off from an airstrip and Rowan snatches the tapes back.

Charlie’s sage comment: You snooze, you lose. Oh, and upside, she’s still alive and breathing. Charlie wasn’t ordered to kill her. Whaa??

Quinn pops into the ladies. After discerning no possible door(or window) marked exit, she dismantles the paper towel dispenser to get something to pry the tracking chip out of her gum.

I’m thinking that Quinn is going to have a hell of a time getting an implant put in there to replace that tooth. Maybe she can turn it into a permanent little hidey-hole now that she’s going to be a Super Spy.

Ba-bye syringe, chip from phone and tracking device.

Olivia, Huck & Jake

With tracking device having been flushed down the toilet, Huck loses Quinn on his computer.

Huck: “Quinn’s gone.”

Huck: “I don’t know, the chip turned off, she’s just gone.”
Olivia: “…You, what? Tortured her?”
Huck: “I used interrogation protocol.”

Olivia sends Jake to find Rowan, and hopes they’ll find Quinn, too. She tells him to take Huck with him but to keep an eye on him.

Huck is obviously on Liv’s shit list at the moment, and honestly, can’t blame her. It still isn’t clear to me when and how much he revealed regarding what transpired between the two of them.

Does Olivia know? Does Huck even know? that Quinn is being blackmailed by Rowan? They know from the security footage that she killed the security guard but it is unclear if they know she was not working against them willfully.

Rowan & the President

Rowan is racing toward the airfield with his agents when he finds himself blocked in and taken prisoner.

He is led in shackles to a brick room where Fitz appears to have a little chat with Rowan.

Fitz wants to keep Rowan where he is until Maya’s plane lands.

I sense Rowan is withholding.

Sally, Cyrus, Charlie & Quinn

Quinn’s about to make a break for it from Wonderland.

Wonder Twin powers, Activate!

Cyrus argues with Sally that she needs to let him clean it up.

I honestly think he wants to take it on. He feels guilty, that this is all a result of his machinations. Of course, he’s still not willing to go down for it.

Charlie(Cyrus’ guy, remember) and Quinn go to work.

Quinn and Charlie, once again, make a great team!

Hrm. Still wondering about them there Secret Service.

David Rosen, Abby & Harrison

Abby and Harrison cut off someone named Shelby(NSA girl) as Rosen comes in.
Abby references how she asked him to take Marie Wallace’s name off the No Fly List, just the day before. She tells him it turns out that Marie Wallace wasn’t so innocent after all and they just need a little peek at her file.

Poor Harrison. “Uh, hello, Harrison right here.”

David: “Yet that is what I do.” roll eyes “Fine.”
David agrees to e-mail the file to her.

Um. DAVID, DAVID, DAVID. Really? Is Abby that good a lay?

Olivia, Huck & Jake

Where are we?

Jake lost his happy memories, too.

This and last episode it seems like Jake is finally growing a spine. He’s still pretty nice about it, but I’m glad he’s standing up to people finally. I am actually really starting to like Jake- there is a sort of earnestness about him that is appealing in the face of all the ich-ery around him.

Sally, Cyrus, the Doctor and the Corpse

Cyrus coaches Sally on what to do/say when the doctor arrives.
The Doc arrives and Cy explains, obviously, the man had a heart attack.

Cyrus convinces the doctor to sign off on the death certificate. Bow neatly tied.

Cyrus and Mellie

Mellie babbles on about how God has smiled on them, Sally’s God, nonetheless!
Then she notices that Cyrus is slugging down the alcohol. At 7am, Cy?

Cy is a lot drunk and a little cray-cray.
“The Devil came in. That’s what she said. The Devil came in. We came in! Ergo, we are the Devil! I am actually the Devil. You should have seen me handle it. There is a dead closeted hillbilly dead on the floor, and there I am… “Give me your sins, Sally.” I am at the top of my game. The Devil is at the top of his game!”

But Mellie always cuts right to the chase:

Nope. Devil. Top of his game!
Olivia would tell Fitz. Can’t have that.

Mellie does the honors.

Awww… Mellie is being such a good First Lady, what with Fitz being busy and all.

Fitz & Rowan

This gets ugly.
Fitz asks Rowan what kind of man takes a child’s mother from her?

Seriously, Fitz?
WTF? Talking about Olivia like that? Then he says:
“The things I could tell you… About how she tastes. She’s quite a girl. Talented.”
Fitz, you just went to the top of the ASSHOLE list, right next to Huck.

Rowan goes off on Fitz:

And how he only thinks he loves Olivia, how all he wants to do is get out from under having to be a MAN.

Olivia is his way out of fulfilling his father’s dreams.

Honestly, I take offense in general. Olivia is a self-made woman. She made herself what she is- not her father, not Fitz. And Fitz doesn’t own her, seems like the other way around.

Olivia and Abby

Abby reads Olivia in on Marie Wallace’s file. She’s gone by numerous names in numerous countries but is known by her contacts as Marie Wallace. She is a spy for hire. She was using Olivia’s father to steal high level government secrets.

Abby has a think.

James and Cyrus

Cyrus tries to get to James before the news of Daniel’s death breaks but, oops, too late.

Cyrus: “What most upsets you more, James? The realization that you may have married a murderer or the sad fact that your closeted fling will never be able to bend you over a desk again?”

Cyrus ends with, uh, condolences, “I am deeply, deeply sorry for your loss.”

Sally, Leo & Mellie

Leo consoles Sally:

Mellie to the… rescue?

Mellie warns Sally that she should limit her visitors, especially ones like Leo, especially at a time like this.

Sally looks pretty damn miserable, eh?
Could Mellie be happier? Girl needs a padded cell.

Charlie and Quinn

Quinn is huddled up half-naked again. This is getting to be a disturbingly familiar look for her.

Not sure what is up with Quinn- except maybe she’s psychotic from having been tortured and forced? manipulated? emotionally wrecked? into some weird relationship with Charlie.

James & David

James goes to David Rosen with his suspicions about Daniel Douglas’ death.
He explains that Daniel was gay and James slept with him, there was some kind of politicking going on and now Daniel conveniently has a heart attack.

David Rosen reminds James about how he previously ruined his life and isn’t willing to go out on a limb for him again. Shows him a test taken by a student during his brief teaching career where every answer was a picture of a penis.

James is out of luck.

Team Pope

Olivia, Harrison and Abby try to figure out why Rowan had the plane shot down over some files.

Huck and Jake are trying to track down Rowan.

Rowan, Fitz & Olivia

Olivia convinces Fitz to let her see her father.

Olivia has figured out that Rowan pulled Maya off the plane, interrogated her and found out there was a bomb on that plane. Rowan made a judgment call and had the plane shot down thinking there was a bomb that would have killed thousands detonating over London.

Marie Wallace/Maya Pope/Mom fooled Rowan like she fooled Olivia.

Fitz apparently reports directly to Olivia Pope now.

Rowan is set free.

He tells Fitz that B6-13 isn’t something that will go away- cut the head off and another will grow back in it’s place.

Hrm. Don’t be giving people ideas there, Mr. Smartypants.

Charlie, Quinn, Huck

Charlie wakes to find Quinn gone. Poor Charlie.

Quinn heads back into Pope headquarters.
Without a word from Abby, Harrison or Jake, she goes into Huck’s office and tells him that she’s back.

(Uh, even after your psycho self tortured me!)

"Aren't you going to say anything to me?"

“If it wasn’t for Olivia I would have pulled out all your teeth. If it wasn’t for Olivia, I would have peeled off all of your skin. If it wasn’t for Olivia I would kill you right now, right here. Liv saves us and you betrayed her. You’re not a Gladiator anymore.”

Screw you, Huck! I thought Quinn was family? You promised not to kill her but I think you kinda just did. What an asshole!

Quinn, you should have saved that syringe and given it to him, deep!

Cyrus & James

Cyrus is home when James comes in.

Cyrus says he is the same man James married, just now James can finally see the 666 on his forehead. Cyrus declares his love for James and asks him what happens next.

So, I think James would be cray-cray not to get the hell out of there, but I’ve thought that pretty much every time Cyrus acted like a tool toward him.

Olivia, Fitz & Jake

Liv checks in with Fitz on her mother’s plane.

Marie Wallace is in the wind.

Jake & Olivia

Then, Jake is gone.

SIGH Okay, I haven’t been a huge fan of Jake and Olivia but I’ve always liked Jake. This scene really sealed the deal. No clue how she could let him slip through her fingers. (Can’t overemphasize this with what an ASS Fitz has been acting like.)

Quinn & Charlie

He sounds not just surprised but ASTOUNDED. This was another 'Poor Charlie' moment for me.

Quinn actually looks kind of pretty and vulnerable here. Yeah, I'm feelin' the pity.

Again. So freakin’ broken! Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? Are they just clinging to one another because they are so screwed up and have no one else? I will say, AT LEAST, Charlie hasn’t tortured Quinn, yet. And, I don't know, at least he doesn't pretend to be one of the good guys. (LIKE HUCK)(*hate*)

Charlie is kind of hard to figure out. He clearly digs the spy-torture-killing stuff and comes at it with quite a bit of pragmatism, but he really does seem to have a soft spot for Quinn. Didn’t she do a little drilling on him once, though? SO SCREWED UP!

But so SAD, too!

Sally & Leo

Sally and Leo get into it over the fact that Cyrus and the Grant Administration are milking her grief.

Bergen's first thought? "Sally, dental hygiene is SO important."
Second thought? Bergen figures out she killed Daniel Douglas.
He’s not freaked out that she killed her husband, he’s pissed she called the White House.

Sally seems a little shocked by the fact that her confession wasn’t even a bump in the road for Mr. Bergen… the bump in the road was her not calling him to fix it!
Yeah, I’m a little shocked, too.

Shelby & David Rosen

Shelby(NSA-girl) busts into David’s office. She waited for him all day the previous day and she can’t wait any longer.

Guess what it is?
Yep, Sally calling Cyrus saying she has ‘committed a sin’.

Rowan, Olivia, Jake

As Rowan makes his way back into Wonderland, Olivia calls him.

She wants to know if he was trying to protect her, hiding Maya/Marie/Mom away for 22 years, or trying to protect himself.

He tells her she’s never going to get the answers she’s looking for.


Rowan is back and he's bad!


Rowan: “The hell you are.”
Jake : “B6-13 is not an individual, cut the head off the snake, another one will grow in its place.” (Oo, BURN!!)
Rowan walks out.

Fitz: “We’re gonna make a good team, Jake.”

Cyrus & James


And the cliffhanger...


Looks like Mama Pope isn't quite done with Olivia yet...

So... What's next?

-Will Huck and Quinn bury the hatchet(maybe in one or the other's head)?
-Is Quinn now going to be on the opposing side of Team Pope?
-Who likes Charlie and Quinn together? It's so broken, but there is something kinda sweet there and they both seem to be a little goofy/lacking in emotional IQ points... so maybe they'd be a good match?

-What in the world does Maya/Marie want? Revenge? Probably? She's obviously willing to sacrifice what would have been a get-out-of-jail-free card for whatever her plans are.

-Is Fitz going to drop it to Olivia that he taunted her father with 'what she tastes like' and how 'talented' she is? Ew. Did this knock Fitz down, like a few altitudes for anyone else? Or is it just me?

-Harrison! I want a Harrison story! What's up with that?

-Why is David Rosen such a tool? Is Abby *REALLY* that hot in bed? Think he'll go after Cyrus and Sally based on NSA-girl's evidence? Will he get Team Pope involved?

-Think Cyrus will turn to Olivia when he realizes that David Rosen has EVIDENCE on him and the First Lady?

-Does the Fifth Amendment apply to James here? That might give James a WHOLE lotta leverage. Will he use it or be stoopid?

-JAKE?!?! Oh no!!! Is Jake going to become evil? He can't!! Can he?

-What will Rowan do? *shudder* Rowan may not have been *quite* as bad as when we thought he locked up Liv's mom forever for some nefarious reason- but he is still EVIL. He's not going to let this B6-13 coup go, right?

-Finally, I know it only takes a sec to open a bottle of wine but who is making all that popcorn for Olivia? It's even in a nice bowl and everything.

So, my MVP for this episode was Jake. He was awesome. He finally took ahold of his power. He finally exerted some dominance in his relationship with Olivia- leaving me feeling like she blew a *really* good thing there. But I don't know, I never quite trust the emotions of the moment with this show...

Thoughts anyone? Would love to know what everyone thought and where people think things are going...

I thought this and the previous episode were A+'s, even if there was a lot of people-acting-like-asses- loved it!
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