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Oct 09, 2015
Abby, Olivia, and The Republic
I think this week's episode is going to be fascinating. We are already seeing a departure from normal character roles.

Abby used to do everything for Olivia and was so far removed from the White House drama. Now she is embroiled in it. She's allying with Cyrus and Elizabeth. Will she be a gladiator and do what Olivia wants, or will she uphold her duties as Press Sec and protect Fitz (and "The Republic?")

Olivia has given shit up time and again for Fitz. Lied for him, rigged elections for him, freaked out at him when he started a war for her. Now, after she is outed and he needs her, she leaves him alone to deal with shit. And then she comes back and drops a bombshell that she KNOWS will cause a stir and may jeopardize Fitz (and Mellie).

I just thought it was an interesting ...Read more
Jun 01, 2015
She Drives Me Crazy!

As much fun as it would be, no, this isn't a Fine Young Cannibals reset. This is my little rant on a TV trope that really irritates me. Stong, intelligent, independant female characters who turn into complete twits as soon as their particular love interest shows up.
I appreciate that dramatic tension is a common part of story telling, but it really does bug me when quality female characters are portrayed as little more than airheads, incapable of logical and rational thought when confronted by a man they have feelings for. Aside from the inconsistencies with their character in just about any other given situation, is there really no other way to create dramatic tension without having these women act like idiots?
Without further adue, here are my top 5 offenders...keeping in mind that I haven't watched Mad Men yet.
#1. Olivia Pope (Scandal)
Washington DC's ...
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Dec 06, 2013
Scandal S03E09 "YOLO" Review: No Pain No Gain.

Although quite a few scandalous things happened in this episode, it didn't quite work for me. I found the pacing erratic, the scenes felt patched up together rather than blending smoothly in a narrative flow. I don't know. It wasn't bad, there were some great moments even, but it feels like Scandal is going to end its mid season finale with a whimper rather than a bang, if I am to judge by the below par quality of the last two episodes. I hope I'm wrong.

Let's start with huck and Quinn. Some people were shocked and bewildered by Huck's actions. I'm not. Of course he doesn't *have * to torture Quinn. She's so scared in this first scene that it is likely she would have fessed up everything on the spot if she didn't have a mouthful of duct tape ...Read more
Nov 17, 2013
Scandal S03E07 "Everything's Coming Up Mellie" Review: Collateral Damages.

Mellie. Oh, Mellie...

Excuse me while I push my jaw back into place and unplug myself off the saline I.V. This week was all about collateral damages, embodied in three main characters: Olivia, Mellie and Quinn. The episode was packed to the brim with drama, some predictable, some absolutely freaking less so.

On the predictable front we had the Remington plot and Quinn being used by B613. Olivia recruits OPA to find out what happened to her mother. It is a logical step, if a dangerous one which is why Olivia initially warns the rest of her team and offer them an out. Speaking of Olivia, the woman is at her lowest ebb, hollowed out by what she knows, or think she knows about the Remington operation: her father and Fitz are responsible for her mother's death.

The love of her life is suddenly a stranger and she ...Read more
Nov 09, 2013
Help: What did Mellie say about Josie Marcus?
Can someone please tell me, what Mellie badmouthed about Josie Marcus couple of episodes ago? English isn't my mother-tongue... thanks!
Nov 08, 2013
Scandal S03E06 "Icarus" Review: Welcome to The Labyrinth

I haven't written an episode review since the fanzine days of the X-Files. So please bear with me.
Stuff that happened last week:

1) Huck'n Jake found out the Remington plot involved Papa Pope ordering Fitz to shoot down a plane over Iceland, a plane where Olivia's mum was a passenger – which pretty much sucks.

2) Mellie shamelessly begged Olivia in a heartbreaking “Come Back To Us” speech, which thankfully distracted me from staring unblinking at Olivia's dress wondering how she'd managed to break into Klaus Nomi's linen closet. I can understand the black & white, conflicted nature, blah blah blah, symbolism of the outfit, but boy, I needed eye drops after this.

3) Phoebe Marcus is running for president but her sister is actually her daughter who was raised by her mother, so it is putting a bit of a spanner in the democratic ...Read more
Nov 04, 2013
I realise that as a whole Scandal is totally unbelievable and far fetched (chiefly Fitz being a republican) and yet the one thing that keeps bothering me about it more than anything is the fact that in 2 and a bit seasons we have yet to meet or even get a glimpse of Fitz and Mellie's kids. It just seems so odd that something as minor as casting two adolescents for a scene or two in the 40 or so episodes we had so far was something the writers never even seemed to entertain. Not even when we saw Fitz on the campaign trail or posing for family photos with America's baby.

The last thing Scandal needs is a parallel teenage story line (see Homeland) and I don't think Shonda even knows how to write kids but considering several and repeated mentions were made of said mysterious ...Read more
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