Season 1 Episode 5

Crash and Burn

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 03, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

The crime scene at Tanner's apartment is searched. Huck says the person was experienced because he was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Olivia tells David that Amanda is missing and she gets a text during her talk with him. Harrison and Quinn head to the scene of a plane crash.

Grant makes a speech about some of the people that died, including Senator Sanchez. Another 119 other people died as well. Olivia meets with the head of the pilot's union. Someone is already making the claim that the plane has a perfect safety record and that it was pilot error. Cyrus wants to push a vote, now that Senator Sanchez is dead. But Grant and Billy are not so sure this is a wise move. Gideon surprises Quinn at the office and asks her if she knows Amanda's whereabouts. Gideon says there's a missing persons report already filed. Meanwhile, Huck is working on figuring out just who took Tanner.

Huck meets with another former CIA agent at a diner. After some small talk, Huck wants to know where Tanner is. The man (Charlie Manson) says to stop looking because she's gone. Someone from the NTSB plays the audio from the black box for Olivia Pope and associates. Everyone takes notes as they listen to the recording. Afterwards, Harrison, Finch, and Abby dissect the audio, trying to determine whether the pilot was single-handedly responsible for the plane crash. A man appears at the office and says his wife, the pilot, was on board. He explains that she was in AA, sober for about 20 years. The news starts reporting the pilot was drinking.

From Abby's gathered information, she asserts that all 6 flight attendants were drinking. Olivia is confused because the flight records only mention 5 flight attendants on board. Huck brings in a copy of the black box recording and also mentions that Amanda Tanner is dead. Olivia is outraged and she heads down to someone watching the building, possibly a secret service agent. She tells the man to tell Grant that she knows what's going on. At the White House later on, the man delivers the news.

Amanda's father comes to the office and Quinn calls in Olivia to see how they can handle this situation. Olivia and Quinn go to get tea for him and Quinn hears the news that Tanner is dead. Finally, Grant calls Olivia and they duke it out. Both of them are angry, Olivia states that Tanner is dead and Grant is shocked. Grant says he didn't authorize this; he didn't have anything to do with this. Olivia is not sure she believes him but then suggests that Cyrus might have had a part in this.

Abby heads to find a flight attendant who switched shifts the night of the flight. She explains that several of her coworkers are dead. Abby asks if the pilot was drinking at the party before the flight. The flight attendant says no. At the crime scene, Olivia and the husband of the pilot watch as the crew sift through the wreckage. Olivia makes a statement denouncing that the pilot, Laurie, drank alcohol before the flight. Later on, Olivia asks Huck to find the body of Amanda Tanner. Olivia says it's not necessary but Huck says he's willing to do it. Olivia is unsettled by her request, knowing Huck's background.

Grant tells Cyrus about the death of Tanner. Cyrus is not sad at all, he is happy that this problem is removed from their daily routines. He's sadder about the 120 people who died in the plane crash. Grant finds his wife working on something in the hall. He informs her that the bill they are getting passed is going to go through.

Finch has got his hands on the maintenance report for the plane. The team finds that the latest check of the plane that crashed was forged, a fake copy from another point in time for the plane. Meanwhile, Harrison listens to the recording again and again, dissecting every bit of audio. Huck grabs his tools from a large locked cabinet and heads off to find out some information. Huck waits in Charlie's apartment and confronts the man. Finch finds a mechanic who states that one of the planes had some rudder issues. Harrison confirms this through his analysis of the black box recording. So the report was altered because the mechanic found a problem with the rudder.

Grant and Cyrus are still getting people on their side to pass the Senate bill. They're currently at a tie: 49 to 49. Grant wants to get the vice-president to vote in favor of the bill, but Billy states that he hasn't been able to get a hold of the vice-president. Meanwhile, Huck uses his previously learned torture tactics on Charlie in order to extract information.

Grant himself heads up to the vice-president's office: Sally Langston. She does not want to vote in favor of the bill, called the Dream Act. Grant doesn't see eye to eye and hopes she will reconsider because her own success in Washington. The meeting ends when Cyrus enters and Grant feels she will change her mind. Cyrus says that they have received another blackmail note regarding Amanda Tanner and that there has to be someone else involved, other than Olivia. Meanwhile, Huck continues trying to get information out of Charlie.

Olivia heads to see David and informs her where the body of Amanda Tanner is hidden. Huck succeeded in getting the information. It's in the water near the 14th Street Bridge. Olivia sobs as she delivers the information. Cyrus plays the video for Grant – which is a video of Reagan resigning from the presidency. Amanda Tanner's body is pulled from the water.

Olivia meets with the CEO of the airline for the company and tells him about the evidence suggesting tampering. The man says he wants the truth and discusses the disappearing report that needs to be found. Harrison heads to the airline company headquarters and finds a woman who duplicated the report for someone. She feels extremely guilty for having done so and is upset that 120 people have died. The CEO makes a statement saying that pilot error was not the cause of the plane crash.

Amanda's father confirms the identification of the body. Huck says she didn't suffer when she died, because there were no other wounds other than the site of injection. Olivia is happy there is closure but still sobs at what has occurred. Grant asks his two top agents for a spontaneous trip outside of the White House. He's sick of being there and wants to get out for a drink, he says. The agents strike an agreement that allows Grant to venture out without too many people following behind him. David pours a drink for Olivia and says that Amanda's case will be labeled a suicide. David says he is the U.S. Attorney, so he needs to get the answers to this crime.

Meanwhile, Finch tries to get the autopsy report, this time telling the female attendant that his engagement isn't so engaged that something might happen. Quinn heads over to Gideon's apartment. She cries, hugging Gideon. Finch has the report now and calls Olivia saying that Amanda was pregnant but the baby is not Grant's. Just as she hears this, she opens the door and it's Grant standing there. Olivia is shocked to see him there.

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