Season 1 Episode 2

Dirty Little Secrets

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

A new client, Sharon, congratulates Olivia on her previous PR job with the President. The client wonders why she left the White House. Stephen is directing the team in an operation for their latest client. Abby and Huck have entered the client's home and are deleting files from the computer and gathering some personal items. Stephen directs from outside. David from the FBI comes to see Olivia. He's not happy because he had a search warrant for the same house to investigate the same client. A "list" of names has been removed with the personal belongings.

The team brings the gathered materials and Quinn learns that Madame Sharon is a brothel-agency owner. Meanwhile, President Grant and Cyrus talk about Olivia and her new client, Amanda Tanner. Abby briefs the team of the case, one of Sharon's women, Ginger Bell, got picked up by police and gave away too much information in the interrogation. Olivia says she needs a client list, to use as collateral during the case. Sharon submits a list going back to 1986. It contains phone numbers so they cross-reference them with drivers license records and pull the names. Olivia sends Quinn to check on Tanner. Olivia notices that Patrick Keating is on the list and he's about to get nominated for the Supreme Court by President Grant. She heads to see the President but Olivia is denied entry. But a friend of hers gets her in, the vice-president's chief of staff. While Quinn is watches Tanner, a reporter tries to get some updates, but Quinn picks up and says nothing.

Cyrus is shocked to learn about Keating's hooker dealings, but it was many years ago. President Grant doesn't want to drop Keating as a nominee and is currently doing press with Keating. Back at the office, Stephen is grilled about his past paying for sex. David is back with a warrant for Sharon's arrest. Olivia gives Sharon up but tells David to prepare for her release. Quinn tells Olivia that someone tried to get at Tanner. Then Tanner goes missing at the hospital.

Olivia meets with Keating and tells him about the evidence. Keating denies the allegations and Olivia recommends withdrawing. Keating flatly refuses and leaves the office. His wife agrees that Keating didn't do this. Olivia decides to track down "Stacey" his supposed hooker to find out if she remembers him. Stephen goes to Sharon in attempt to get permission to release the client list. Sharon says no. Cyrus says Grant needs to be careful because the headline of the attempted suicide of Amanda Tanner has now appeared online. But there are no details as of yet. Quinn tells Huck that she lost Tanner. Stephen also comes by and says the client list will not be shared. David then provides Olivia with a subpoena for the client list.

Harrison and Abby track down someone who worked for Sharon at the same time as Stacey. Quinn and Olivia find Tanner at her home. Olivia apologies but Tanner doesn't want to let them in. Olivia advises that Tanner is going to be trouble without Pope & Associates. After Tanner closes the door, Olivia tells Quinn to slip her phone number under Tanner's door. Olivia says she will call, eventually. Abby is still wondering why Stephen Finch would pay for sex. Suddenly, Olivia gets an idea and heads back to the White House. Olivia finds Keating's wife and it's Stacey! They stayed together after the first night. Patrick Keating saw that Stacey got stood up and sat down next to her on the first night. Stacey told Sharon that Keating was her client. But she never told Keating about the agency.

Stephen and Harrison go to court over the subpoena face-to-face with David. The judge says they are all children, giving the agency another 24 hours and telling David to reduce the bail amount. Grant finds Olivia and they watch Keating learn of the news from his wife. Keating is upset and Olivia is not sure the married couple will make it. Grant tries to grab Olivia's hand but she leaves. Olivia sends Harrison to take pictures of Sharon's high-ranking clients. Pope manages to get the high-ranking clients to pay up for closure. Sharon is now out of the business, liquidating her assets. The case was dropped. Grant tells Cyrus that Olivia is not against them. Grant confesses that Olivia is the love of his life, even though he is married.

Tanner calls Quinn and they meet up. Quinn says the agency can help and Tanner agrees. The reporter from earlier follows them into the agency though and now he has a story.