Season 1 Episode 4

Enemy of the State

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

Finch brings Olivia a bottle of wine for a late-night talk. Olivia is stressed. Amanda is sleeping there. Olivia chugs a glass of wine and shoes Stephen the multiple pregnancy tests that Amanda took and are positive. Olivia says the baby is his. Finch says there is no shame in saying that she can't handle this. Finch is concerned but Quinn calls and says Olivia is needed at the office.

The rest of the team is holding the fort at the office. Olivia heads into find members of the South American army there and their general. The general says his wife and two children were kidnapped while he was in town for the conference, but he thinks the FBI is behind the move. He wants his family back. Abby is not happy about taking the case and argues that the team did not vote on taking the case. But Olivia doesn't budge. Olivia heads into see Cyrus and gets accosted by his husband. Olivia informs Cyrus that things are not good for the president. Cyrus says that they are not friends anymore and not to come by again.

Olivia says there is $10M for Amanda but Amanda still wants to meet with President Grant. Olivia says there is no chance of the meeting because there is no way Grant will let her be seen with him anymore. Olivia asks what Amanda wants in all of this. Amanda says that she wants to keep the baby and wants Grant to confess – Grant says he loved her; he wants him to burn for this mistake. District Attorney David comes by the office and asks Olivia for a simple help but Olivia has none of it. She heads into her office where she sobs for a few minutes.

Cyrus meets with a number of people, including Billy. Sanders Black is there. Cyrus says nothing they discuss leaves the room. Sanders is an investigator and explains that he is thorough. He has done an investigation of the Olivia Pope team.

Meanwhile, Abby presents her research on Miguel, the army general and his family. There are three children and the oldest Filipe says he heard the kidnapping. However, his story didn't exactly add up. The rest of team tries to build on what happened, but no luck. Huck finds a location on the phone, which leads two Finch and Abby to a church – it's a women's shelter by day as well. Miguel's wife fled from her husband. Sanders Black continues debriefing Cyrus. The wife is there at the shelter and she explains that she doesn't love Miguel anymore. Miguel has become paranoid about threats and she didn't feel like asking him to leave. The oldest son didn't want to leave Miguel. This case hits Abby personally, as her ex-husband had once abused her.

Quinn meets Gideon again. Back at the White House, Sanders says that Quinn Parker didn't exist until 2008 and so they are still working on figuring out what is happening there. Gideon says he has another source about the Tanner case. Abby and Stephen book Miguel's wife and kids a room and buy time by stalling with Olivia. Meanwhile, Billy wonders what Olivia did to have Sanders get involved. Olivia calls Cyrus and says she's going to book a 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer. Sanders brings up that Pope had an affair with someone during the presidential campaign. Cyrus says that this information will not prove to be important and to focus elsewhere.

Harrison tells Quinn to shut off all contact with Gideon. Cyrus tells Grant that Amanda Tanner is pregnant. Grant says it's not his baby and asks Cyrus what to do. Cyrus laughs manically; he is as stressed as ever. He rants to Grant telling him that the situation is incredibly bad and predicts a large downward spiral from this point forward. Cyrus ends it with the idea that Grant will commit suicide in the end. Grant quiets and listens to the gravity of the situation. Olivia and Finch prep Amanda Tanner for an interview on 20/20. David asks Olivia for help a second time to help save one of his favorite newsstands. When Abby gets to the hotel the next morning, she learns that Miguel's wife and kids are gone. Abby gets back to the office and finds the family all there. Miguel is happy but his wife is not smiling. Abby and Olivia duke it out in the situation room. Abby argues that the woman needs the team's help. She says Olivia Pope helped her when her husband beat her. She says Olivia made the wrong call in this case.

Quinn keeps Amanda Tanner in an apartment. While Miguel is giving a speech downstairs, Olivia breaks into action and says they need to leave now. Filipe reluctantly agrees to follow but the general finds them before they leave. Carolina, the wife says she wants to leave Miguel. Miguel agrees but says the children will be coming home with him, which upsets everyone in the room. Meanwhile, Gideon does some research and finds some photos of Tanner and president Grant. In their presidential car, Melly asks what's on Grant's mind because he is so quiet. Grant says that he might resign, he asks if it would be bad or not. Melly is shocked but tells him to prepare for the speech.

Amanda Tanner picks up the phone and tells the person on the other end that she can't lie anymore and that she needs to tell the team the truth.

Grant delivers a speech that receives ovation. Grant walks into Cyrus' office afterwards claiming he is innocent. Grant says the real problem is Olivia Pope, not Amanda Tanner and decides to start taking action on his own. Olivia finds Miguel to ask him to reconsider his decision and vows to represent Carolina should he not agree. She argues that Carolina could be the face of his opposition. Reluctantly, Miguel agrees to leave without his wife and children.

Meanwhile, Quinn is kissing Gideon at another one of their meetings. Harrison talks to David about the newsstand that David is interested in saving. Harrison says a news crew and an editorial piece will help save the owner from getting the boot.

Olivia meets with Cyrus where he says he will be digging up more information on the entire team. They exchange quick jabs back and forth. Cyrus says he's not starting a war, president Grant is launching this war. Olivia accepts the challenge. She meets with team and says that Amanda's case will be their largest ever. She tells them that it's going to be tough. While the team votes on whether to take the Tanner case, back in her apartment, Amanda Tanner is kidnapped and forcibly injected with some substance. The presumably dead body is then removed from the apartment.

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