Thursday 9:00 PM on ABC Premiered Apr 05, 2012 Returning October 5, 2017




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Sweet Baby
      Episode 1

      A young lawyer, Quinn Perkins, is offered a job in a crisis management firm that serves to make clients' problems go away. As Quinn finds out, the firm has several high profile clients and her first assignment involves an accusation that the President had an affair with an intern.

    • 4/12/12

      The team tries their best to keep a new client (Sharon Marquette) and her high profile clientele list under wraps. Olivia finds herself protecting a lot more than just the madam. Quinn runs into some trouble with the President's former intern, Amanda Tanner.

    • 4/19/12

      Pope & Associates receives a new case, that of wealthy woman's son who is accused of rape. Another client, Amanda Tanner requests meeting with the President, something Olivia is very weary about.

    • 4/26/12

      The Amanda Tanner case takes a shocking turn that leaves Cyrus looking into Olivia's personal life along with some of her fellow associates. Olivia and the rest of the team deal with a kidnapping while Quinn has dinner with a reporter.

    • Crash and Burn
      Episode 5

      Olivia and her team help defend the pilot of a commercial plane that crashed, killing all onboard: when Amanda Turner goes missing, Huck must call upon his past to help find her; Fitz asks the vice president for help.

    • The Trail
      Episode 6

      Gideon intensifies his investigation into the Amanda Tanner case and in doing so finds a connection between Olivia Pope and the Grant when he was running for office. Olivia's background with Grant are seen through retrospect.

    • 5/17/12

      Quinn finds herself in a serious problem and only Olivia can help her. Meanwhile, Cyrus also requires Olivia's help after a possible blow to Grant's credibility.

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