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Does anyone else hate Fitz and Quinn?

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    [1]Nov 15, 2013
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    It looks like is no longer reviewing scandal, but I needed to vent after watching Everything's coming up Mellie. I remember liking Fitz in season 1, but as the episodes continued I have come to despise his character. I have no idea why a man who cheats on his wife repeatedly and treats her the way he treats Mellie is seen as a protagonist on the show. Sure Mellie isn't perfect, but she doesn't deserve any of it and my sympathy for her has only doubled after the most recent episode.

    As for Quinn, I've never been a fan of her character and found her to be profoundly irritating. Now I actively dislike her character since her whole obsession with B13 began. She is so easily manipulated.

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    [2]Nov 16, 2013
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    HATE!!!!!!!!1 sounds a bit harsh...... love fitz hes in a very difficult situation and quinn just wanna be like huck and poor girl needs help and no ones noticing her or paying any shes deep in s..t... it will get better shonda will drive us crazy you watch ))

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