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The ranting and over the top acting on Scandal

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    [1]Mar 30, 2014
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    I've always liked the little speeches on Scandal, there's usually at least one in every episode. You know, the ones where a character goes off on some random soliloquy for a couple of minutes. My favorites were Jeff Perry's because they were so dramatic and borderline over the top. Bellamy Young's were a close second. But then came Joe Morton, Olivia's dad, whose speeches are COMPLETELY over the top. His acting is really good but also completely ridiculous, and now it seems everybody's taken a leaf out of his book. Especially Scott Foley.

    I realize a lot of this comes down to the writing. So I guess I'm also contesting that. But try to watch a couple of episodes and look closely at 'the speeches'. They are incredibly, and annoyingly, similar.

    Or is it just me?

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    [2]Apr 6, 2014
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    I'm probably a minority, but to be honest, I thought the rants showed superb acting!! Especially the scene with Olivia's dad and Olivia when they were on the bench with the whole "monster/hand of God" speech (after James dies). I took it as years of previous pent up emotion that he wasn't ever able to express to ANYONE... and finally his secret was revealed as to who he was, and since Olivia uncovered things, he could finally vent some of it out..... had he been talking about ANYTHING else, I would have agreed and called it over the top. But I literally was hanging on EVERY articulated syllable!! You are correct - now Jake is picking up on that.... but I actually think, again, good writing... he is falling into the same situation Olivia's father was in. Suddenly the "hand of God", with the most responsibility, and still trying to be the good guy in a job where there is no such thing. I take it as being overwhelmed venting. Again, in ANY other situation, I would agree 100% over the top.... but I found it appropriate for the particular scenes. HOWEVER, I hope it won't be a theme, and they start talking like that in other ways, cuz you are right, it will get old and over the top, and annoying (!) fast!! Side note... I love Cyrus... but suddenly he might be heading close to over the top too... again... could be on purpose becuz of James recent death - portraying huge regret and despair.... however I do hope they tone him down a little soon....

    Now... if there is a successful bombing at the white house... we should prepare ourselves for a lot of dramatic acting/speeches LOL
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    [3]Nov 3, 2014
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    I completely agree with you, especially re: Olivia's dad. The cadence of his voice is maddening, and it's the same every. single. time. It's like every actor in a scene is trying to out-do their fellow scene partners rather than create an organic build... the emotional volume is always on 10, there's no crescendo. And you're right, the Jake monologues are over the top and generally disgusting. Like, can he have one interaction with Olivia that doesn't reference how much she enjoys some part of his body entering her? They have zero chemistry, and Scott Foley looks physically embarrassed delivering those lines which makes it all the more cringeworthy. I know this is a game of carrots and sticks, but the procedural end of the show long ago became uninteresting, and the whole "I love you! No wait, we can't do this" back and forth is no longer deliciously agonizing... it's plain irritating. At this point, just put Fitz and Olivia in a room together and roll camera. I'd rather watch an hour of them silently staring at each other than endure the endless ranting.

    P.S. B613 is the worst thing that ever happened to this show. Puh-leeeeze dismantle it and find some other conflict generator for these characters.

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    [4]10 days ago
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    It isn't just you! I thought the same thing. All characters are not the same and do not speak the same way. Why have they all started doing this? I knocked me out of what is happening in the story because it is so annoying.
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