Season 1 Episode 7

Grant: For the People

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 17, 2012 on ABC

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  • Very good.

    This episode was very entertaining, and one of the best episodes of the show so far, for sure.

    There were some very interesting developments, most notably centering around Quiinn, and I wonder who she really is!

    Looking forward to future episodes!
  • Finally, a smart, entertaining show that I can LOVE!

    I love this show! This show is SMART, and full of surprises. I'm not easily surprised. Though I'm no fan of affairs, the story of Fitz and Liz wrestling with their forbidden love is told tactfully and with a tenderness...all without over-romanticizing affairs. We do see the characters experience consequences. I love the slow, careful character development. These characters are three dimensional and real people facing real life dilemmas. This show makes you an insider on the Washington scandals, manipulations, and cover-ups. I am no fan of actual scandals themselves, but I am a fan of how this show tells a good story of scandals. Lastly, I love the loyalty of the "gladiators" team to their head "gladiator" as she shows loyalty toward the team as well. This is awesome!
  • Soooo Romantic

    I LOVE this show!

    It has all the ingredients, politics, romance, hate, dirty games, love (I'm a sucker for romance).

    In the beginning I was rather sceptical but trough out the show watching.... a Fan!.