Season 3 Episode 2

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2013 on ABC



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    • OOPS!
      Cyrus tells Fitz that B613 was set up in such a way that the president is not supposed to know about it, allowing for plausible deniability, but when Sally Langston was "acting president" the intelligence community told her about B613 when Olivia was trying to get Huck released so that he could catch Becky for attempting to assassinate the president.

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    • Fitz: The things people forget, the things that you'd think would be staring them smack in the face. Like the fact that I am the President of the United States, and I call the shots. You both threw an innocent young woman under the bus, and now Liv is going to make that right. So when the media calls and asks if Jeannine Locke was my mistress, you will answer, 'absolutely not'. And then you're gonna tell them that this White House owes Ms. Locke one world-class hell of an apology, which we humbly hope that she'll accept.
      Mellie: And if we don't?
      Fitz: Try me.

    • Olivia: (Voice cracking) Do you teach people how to kill? Do you throw them in a hole until they go insane? Do you work at Wonderland?
      Rowan: (Quietly) I am your father. So I'm going to explain to you how you are to behave in my presence. You do not ask questions that you cannot handle the answer to. You do not make judgments about things you cannot imagine. You don't know me that way. You don't ever want to know me that way. But if you push me, you will know me well. And that will break my heart, because I am enjoying these Sunday dinners that you make me pay for. Now, you are on my dime. Pick up your menu, order your meal, and tell me about your day.

    • Cyrus: Sir, I told you, there's no way we can make B613 do anything.
      Fitz: It's a simple choice, Cy. Door number one, I tell the truth and the both of us get kicked out of this White House. Door number two, I admit to the Jeannine affair and Jake gets released. What's it gonna be? Because I'm about to go on live television and need to know what to say. How presidential are my balls now, Cy?

    • Huck: Why did you lie to me?
      Olivia: I never lied to you.
      Huck: (Shaken) You said there was no deal. You said no deal. But you used to talk to your father. Then, you got mugged, and I was taken from the metro right after that. And then they put me back, but they've never tried to find me again. And you don't talk to your father anymore. You stopped then. You stopped right then.
      Olivia: Huck- (Huck chokes Olivia)
      Huck: (Screaming) How high is your father up in B613?! Is your father Command?! Is your father Command?! (After struggling, he lets go and calms down) Liv, is your father Command?
      Olivia: (Whispering) Yes, he is.

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