Season 3 Episode 14

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2014 on ABC

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  • VERY disapointed with

    Probably THE BEST episode of Scandal for this season shows, I mean I'm talking some Emmey's need to be thrown out and it is TOTALLY ignored by this website! Seriously!!!???? What's the point of having this site if when episodes like this go off there is no acknowledgement! Cyrus crying during the press conference... PRICELESS!!! Jake standing over Jame's body making sure he doesn't die alone, excellent, if not morbid. There are no white hats! 183! And he remembers every face! This episode was outstanding! God Damn It show it the respect it deserves... the respect it EARNED!!!!
  • Amazing!!

    This episode was definitely one of the best!! SOOOO emotional!! I cried when Cyrus took the podium until the very end. And I actually thought it was touching (as touching as it can be given the circumstances) for Jake to stay by his side during James death (to me showing him trying to still grasp onto the little bit of good guy he can despite being "the hand of God" now..... The level of acting just seems to get better and better. Although he is not a well liked character, I found Olivia's father's acting to be superb in his scene with Olivia!!! I hung on every word and saw a softer side of the man; someone actually filled with regret over what he did and had to do, and without ANYONE to release those feelings to! And David's acting was excellent too - could practically feel the pain he was feeling!!! I actually watched this episode twice to try and catch everything - so much is going on right now - so many story lines, it is easy to get confused and I didn't want to miss a thing. I am SOOOO curious where they are taking things with Olivia's mother. The writers are amazing!!!!!!!! I can't say enough about this show!
  • Superb!

    This might have been the best episode in the entire series so far. And i have said it couple of times earlier for some of the previous episodes. Writers, directors and the entire cast of this excellent show never stop to surprise me and amaze me. This episode have had everything, drama, emotions, thriller, little bit of humor and most of all.... love. Cyrus`s breakdown on live TV was the highlight of the episode. Just brilliant show. Hope to see it airing for a long years to come
  • Stunning

    Perhaps the BEST episode I've seen in a long, long time. This show is constantly surprising you and this time certainly wasn't the exception. I think the best scenes of tonight's episode were the last ones: the dance and Jake there staying by James' side.

    Simply great. Let's see what happens next week, can't wait.
  • aaah WOW

    Another riveting and exicting episode. Jake reached an all time low when he sat there and waited for James to die. Every one of them did and excellent job in tonights episode.
  • :-D wow!

    amazing acting! loved it!