Season 2 Episode 18

Molly, You in Danger, Girl

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2013 on ABC

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  • Molly you in danger

    It's time for Olivia to stop being a fool for Fitz. For someone to be so smart she's really pretty stupid and reckless with her own emotional security. Oh and it's time for Harrison to have a real storyline. Huck needs a family......
  • who's the mole??

    each character seems to have a good and a bad side, don't think Jake is the mole, he is too much of a patriot, he is definetly involved in some cia conspiracy but he is definetly not the mole. Albatros has often been used to take the fall for the mess that's made in the intelligence community, i don't think a mole truly exists i think here is a classic case of Jake and his cohort trying to clean up a mess that's been made, this may be about defiance or about the time Fits and Jake fought in the army. If you juxtapose Fits's speech in the beginning with Jake's fiddling with cameras in olivia's apartment we are given the impression that everything is been done in the name of protecting and keeping america safe but also recognizing the betrayal between people who trust each other, i think here its more about the betrayal within the Jolifits triangle.

    I think the same man who locked up Huck is the same man who was in Olivia's apartment trying to kill her. Jake looked like he was on his way out when Olivia came to visit although the question still remains about who turned the camera at the storage facilities? right now it seems charlie is the one who attacked Huck as he is wearing the same hat as the man on the camera, however charlie has been following Jake around and Jake could not have been at 2 places at once.

    Fits character is officially annoying, he moves from hating olivia for betraying him with defiance to been guilt ridden that Olivia will never forgive him for killing verna.

    Its certainly a thought provoking show on the question of marriage and morality, as viewers we are almost delusioned into cheering on for OliFits on the basis that his marriage to Mellie from day 1 has been a political one. We are led to believe the lies between Cyrus and James are more romantic and acceptable than the lies between Fits and Mellie all in the name of love or lack thereof.

    I would not be suprised if the man Jake frequently meets with lands up been Olivia's father or something lol then again with Shonda Rhimes anything is possible
  • Things are hitting the fan now!!

    Another great episode. I knew Olivia would find out Jake was spying on her. I have a couple of questions however. What is going on with Cyrus and his hit man? Is Jake a bad guy or a somewhat good guy. We have to of course wait another 3 more weeks for another terrific episode.
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