Season 3 Episode 3

Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2013 on ABC



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    • Quinn: Have you heard from Huck? I texted, I called.
      Olivia: Huck is taking a personal day.
      Quinn: Personal day?
      Olivia: A personal day.
      Abby: We get personal days? What, do we get vacation now, too?

    • Rowan: I wanted to deliver this personally. I think you'll find it a generous increase. (He hands Pete a package of money)
      Pete: I got last month's lying around here, too, if you wanna take that with you.
      Rowan: Take it, leave it, burn it, should that be your heart's desire. But we had a deal. And your antics at the White House this morning, not part of it.
      Pete: The deal? I'll tell you what. Screw the deal. I'm tired of turning on the tv to hear about who our President's bangin', which girl's apartment he's stumbling out of, 'cause the way I see it, I'm the only honorable person in this deal. And I deserve to talk to the man.
      Rowan: You wanna sit down with the President? Let me work on that, because if that's the only way to keep Remington under wraps, believe me, it will happen.
      Until then, relax. Enjoy the view.

    • Mellie: (Drunk) I am not miserable that she survived. I am celebratin'. Because Olivia Pope still walks this earth. She's still alive. And as long as she's alive, well, she's your flaw. Your achilles' heel. Which makes her my weapon. She's the strings that, if need be, I will pull to make my puppet husband dance. So cheers, baby! Drink up! I live to fight another day!

    • Olivia: (About Rowan) Nobody walks away from him. He controls everything. I need to know how are you here?
      Jake: I never thought I'd get out of that hole. Never. And it's not just the dirt floor and the darkness that gets you. It's the isolation. It's Silence. It breaks something in you, and I just kept picturing your face. Your face saved me. I'm here because you saved me.
      Olivia: This is not a fairy tale. This is not the happily ever after. If you're still alive, it's because he still owns you. It's because you're still useful to him, and he's going to find a way to use you against me.
      Jake: Liv -
      Olivia: Don't feel sad about it. He still owns me too.

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    • The episode title is a take on the classic 1939 movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, starring Jean Arthur an Jimmy Stewart.