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  • i am done Way too much Male Gayness ..

    I am done with this show.. I never minded the gay point of view and I turn the channel when it got to much now like you can get away with is a choice

    . But not for me.. sorry.
  • Pope Can Do It All!

    Just love this show. I have from the beginning. I'm curious how they will keep the seasons going. President is out after this term. I guess they are going to actually let Melly become Pres. They may keep the show going but I can't get onboard with her being voted in as President.
  • Get back

    Whatever happened to the old Scandal? The one we couldn't wait to watch every week? A story that Pope and Assoc. had to "fix" (Season 1 with the Washington DC Madam) was fabulous. It was entertaining and fun how Pope and Assoc. fixed it. And the storyline between Olivia and Fitz that held hope. Before Jake. It is what got us hooked to begin with. The sweet moments between Olivia and Fitz (on the campaign bus, touching hands, the constitution, dancing at a state dinner) all the moments Fitz recalled when Olivia was being held hostage. That's what we want to see. Not the constant bickering. Not to be taught a lesson in what's going on in the world today. We watch to escape from that reality for an hour. Why don't the writers get that? Get back to the way it used to be when Thursdays couldn't come fast enough. Now we tune into something else and record it and watch it when we get a chance. I can't believe that's what Shonda Rhimes and her team want. The show has become ridiculous and you need to get it back to the type of shows in Season 1. Extremely frustrated.
  • Scandal tv show going downhill.

    The show is lacking in good story lines. The Vice President situation is stupid.
  • make it all a dream!

    I was a fan until this season. writers what happened? no loyalty for father . death of pres emotions from . the characters that we loved are gone. if it is not fix it. season 4 has pushed me to turn the channel. make it a them back to cases
  • So you think we can't count?

    I went to school, just saying, Last week episode 14 did NOT air, instead they chose to air a 90 min How to get away with murder(episodes 14&15) in Scandal's time slot, now I see episode 15 is to air tonight, where is episode 14? Someone help me out here #confused
  • Scandal

    Sick to death of that repetitive "boing, boing" music that runs through the entire show! So annoying!
  • Scandal season 4

    i still expect hope for olitz so i still love this show
  • not so intrigued by the current storyline

    this whole kidnapping, auctioning thing is dragging show was so much fun the first two seasons. I wonder what happened.
  • Disappointing

    I am shocked and so disappointed that the writers ruined a really great creative show to become a ridiculous and boring storyline. I hope to God that this season is just a character's NIGHTMARE and that we will all happily wake up to better writing similar to the first two years . IT makes NO sense that the Olivia Pope could ever function in her 'normal' life if she is so powerful (really? blackmailing a president into a war?) and worth billions to every psycho who kidnaps her. They could have continued to play with the story going between the present and past which made for such great suspense, and even with the future. Instead, the writers killed off the gladiators (they made every character into an evil person), they killed the dialog (boring parents with hour-long soliloquies), they killed every relationship and they killed off the great cases investigated by Pope and gladiators. Why??? Why kill such a great initial story by ruining it with absurd writing that results in terrible acting. So disappointing! So sad that they went past the original storyline and the focus on 'SCANDAL'.
  • Horrible!!!

    Bring back the Scandal that WAS must watch TV. This is a STUPID RIDICULOUS TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE STORYLINE. NO WAY an appointed VP has this much stroke. Get real!
  • who writes this

    what is happening i really liked this show but it has just dropped from being interesting to extremely boring how sad that people who produce this cant see how far they have dropped wtf is the point there is no more team everyone is doing there own thing blah blah blah who cares abt Olivia and her affairs it was interesting for one season then it just got boring and dragged on just like this comment



  • Intriguing as eff :D

    Great characters and tons of jaw dropping moments !
  • Too much of a good thing

    Seasons one and two of this show were great quick, intense and hot! Olivia's character, when not distant, seemingly unemotional and lacking affect, can be abrasive. That's part of what made so much of the show work. It made sense given her profession within the plot, and somewhat differentiated her from the story's many strong characters. Her manner of speaking - timing, cadence, emphasis was dramatic and unique. (As an aside, I must say that I have always found unappealing, in fact, unattractive, the way she curls her lip and pouts her lips when respectively on, or winding up to the attack. Yet, I suppose it works with her

    Unfortunately, increasingly in subsequent seasons, the idea that more of the good thing is better is infiltrating the show's creative team, as one after another character takes on an almost identical manner/pattern of speech. It's gone beyond odd, I now find it annoying, almost to the point of lacking appeal.

    Also, though admittedly steamy, there have been a few scenes in some of the most recent episodes, where sexual situations seemed either random and gratuitous, or over the top. I'm not by any stretch, a prude, and I am very much a fan of sexual tension. I understand that complex relationships can go from hot to cold, and back again, quickly. I also understand that sex sells. but I would have expected its inclusion to have fit better.

    Lastly, I'm sure there exists in writing, especially for television, a fine line of balance in the pace of the story, and, of course, the show is entitled Scandal. Yet, though perhaps I am not paying close enough attention, I have a sense that some of the ongoing, background scandals both cycle too quickly and are disjointed.

    If there exists another resource for filing comments such as these, I would appreciate that information. Thanks.
  • Speechless

    I'm done watching, they crossed the line. I really give a big fat zero for their rating, but it won't let me post lower than a 2,
  • Too Sappy

    I just can't reconcile a supposedly powerful lead character that is so emotionally weak. Too many scenes with the puppy dog eyes and the sad faces and crying. The show has potential but Olivia has to be stronger if you want the viewers to buy into her character.
  • Used to be good.

    Season 2 had my heart in my throat. Season 3 wasn't bad, but that ending was HORRIBLE. Now season 4 is GARBAGE. Scandal had the potential to keep going strong, but it failed. I have moved on to How to get away with murder and love it more than I ever loved Scandal. Don't waste your time. Watch up until season 3, then stop.
  • 1.0
    Every character is speaking "Olivia" style.. EVEN HUCK!!! WHY??? Huck playing a video game??? WHAT??? Has Shondra burned out? Scandal SUX now!!! Who are these characters??? SUX!!! Grey's and HTGAWM are barely watchable!!! SUX!!! Where did all of the creative writers go???
  • I just deleted Scandal from my recorded Series

    Doesn't it seem like they fired all the talent writers/directors last year and hired a new batch from a local HS Drama club this year?

    I simply can not watch this drivel. Some good actors/actresses absolutely wasting their time performing this drivel.
  • Dial it back

    I love the show's story and I can't watch it anymore.

    Olivia's character was smart, strong, and witty. She had this quick paced way of speaking that turned every conversation into a performance. Bravo. But then they made her angry and sped-up her pace so her performances were overacted. Booo. Now, they've given every character this same angry-witty-quick talk that is overacted, and its ruined the show. Goodbye Scandal.
  • whoooaaaaaa!

    Seriously, whooooaaaa......

    I think it's one of the strongest season premieres of fall 2014.

    (Although Millie was barely visible in the premiere, I got a funny vibe and I hope that means that she will show us a whole new person this really couldn't stand the hysterical moron she was up 'till now)

  • My guilty pleasure!

    I absolutely looooove Scandal, my number one show on TV. Love Olitz and i'm hoping they'll end up together. I'll stop watching the show when it ends.
  • I'm a geek about Scandal

    This is my newest obsession. I honestly don't know why it took me so long to start watching this brilliant show. Shonda Rhimes outdone herself with this. I mean it! As I have already told you, I'm not big on romance, but I truly believe it has one of the most exciting, intriguing, stimulating love story of all the shows I'm watched or have watched in the past.

    Apart from that, every episode is getting your suspense to the point of climax and not letting you finish because you need to see the next oneand the next oneand then you get addicted like me, and start writing blog posts about it like a complete lunatic. But it's ok. I'm handling it. *takes deep breath*

  • Utter Crap

    I can't believe that this show has run for three years. The lead actress (?) is practically emotionless and (at least from what I have seen when watching this crap [my wife watches it]) should really consider a new profession. It seems that her only emotion is in the volume of her voice...

    The incessant "camera shutter noise" should really stop. It adds nothing to the show and only serves to piss my wife off when I imitate the noise every time it happens (~30seconds).
  • The outside womanwhat a romance

    This entire series is bullshiteach and every part of itwell not every part but mostly:

    1) the twisted romance that these stupid women watch. In real life, the President would have disappeared her the same way every high profile political man has killed their mistress.

    Continues to perpetuate the story that the married man will leave his wife for you if u wait long enuf when there is actually someone else you can go women who are with a married man don't have or cannot get a single man.

    2) the secret agency that civilians could take down???

    3) her father tried to kill her a million times, gave the order and suddenly its one big happy family? Really? Shonda Rhimes shud stick to Greys Anatomy. But considering Grey was with a married man I think Rhimes has a personal issue with this. in love with a married manthis is all for the outside women...

    however, Cyrus's character is incrediblesome of the lines are really good.

  • No more teeth pulling or drilling.

    I like scandal but I am so tired of all the drilling on human flesh this is disgusting and I turn it off the rest of time the show is on .change some of your format torture and drills are a bit to much very stupid with all the dumb drama. I will not see the finale and please change something no more tooth pulling and drills please pastor Hartwell.
  • Why is it always summer in DC

    They never show any of the four seasons that actually exist in DC. It's always summer time. They never stop wearing winter clothes and coats. It's 90 degrees and humid in summer. Where is spring, fall, and winter? Just plain stupid.
  • Love this show..

    I love this show.. Sure it has some small flaws. but what show doesn't (I miss Quinn being a gladiator) i don't think I have ever have a show a 10 before. Oh wait, I may have gave the blacklist a 10. I hope The new shows coming out like crisis and believe r not a precursor to what dull shows that will b premiering next fall.
  • Millie Millie Mille when will you ever learn....

    best show. I am truly a fan. I make the whole house shut down when this is on. SHHHHH honey mommy is watching Scandal. LOl.....
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