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    Really Rhimes, u need to take that Olivia Pope character down like a million the bit--h is obnoxious not to mention sanctimonious. soften her character with a really big dose of humility.

    And oh, that wig or weave or whatever she has going on ontop of her head, please please please I beg of u, change it next season. Other than her I really like the show, cant wait for season 3. Nice work.
  • Totally ridiculous

    I got to the party late on this, but have been making it up in the past few weeks, and although season 1 pretty good, it went downhill steadily in S2. There is hardly anything redeeming about this show: the acting is bland and monotonous, the story is ridiculous and has more plotholes and inconsistencies than even I am prepared to overlook, it is one big pile of cliches stacked on top of each other, there is not one likeable or even agreeable character (with the exception of David Rosen - the only character capable of self-relativation, everybody else are completely self-absorbed *ssh*les) with that sanctimonious Olivia Pope dude being the worst, and Harvey Leek is playing some sort of wannabe Alan Shore.

    Most of this actually also describes A Few Good Men, and similarly I just keep watching, even if it is against my better judgement.
  • Well executed

    Shonda & crew are hitting the steps dead on.
  • A Deliciously Refreshing Show!

    Scandal is by far one of the most refreshing and well written shows that has come out in a long time. Every week Shonda Rhimes has you on the edge of your seat with some new OMG moment. Most weeks each show ends with some sort of cliff hanger and it almost feels like a season finale every week. The cast and plot is excellent. Bravo!

    Ok, now I have to vent about 2 things with people rating this show:

    1. There are some aspects of this show that I don't necessarily agree with either (ex. gay marriage, adultery) BUT that doesn't mean I should rate the show a 1 based off Olivia shouldn't be sleeping with the president or the gay scenes. Guess what? This is LIFE! Men and women cheat on their spouses all the time regardless of their income and status. And gay people love each other. These are issues that are real life and will not go away. So kuddos to Rhimes if she wants to write about it.

    2. Ok, let's get one thing clear. I'm noticing some of the people that have rated this show a 1 is someone who watched one episode in the middle of season 2. Well, of course you wouldn't have a clue of what was going on. How about start at season 1 ep 1.

    Then to others that have rated this show based off ONE episode that they didn't like. WTF. Can I get anyone to actually rate the show AS A WHOLE not based of one episode !?! Jeez

    Ok, vent over :)
  • Me, The President, Olivia Pope & a bottle of Wine - Me and Scandal Time

    I think the title proves enough.

    I really adore this show, romantic, great cast, terrific story line every episode, the love scenes or...........

    I was afraid that season 2 would be disappointing, because season 1 got me hooked, but I was (gladly-happenly) WRONG.
  • Got to love it!!

    I love this show. Unlike some I don't over think it - or draw meaning where there isn't. At the end of the day its a TV drama, drama being the operative word. It's well thought out and although slightly slow in a few places it was still able to surprise me which doesn't happen often. If it wasn't for that fact that I can see them dragging on this Fitz and Olivia thing to the point of insanity I would give it a 10. Hurry up and get them together already and focus on drama elsewhere for a while.
  • Fitz and Olivia

    that love scene is one of the best i have every seen. I think olivia needs to get pregnant with his child to make it more interesting. I hope they can get there relationship back. Or even Mel to have an affair with someone would be great.
  • Olivia "Model Role"

    Shame on Shondra Rimes for portraying this tramp Olivia as role model. If a woman wants the power she should keep her legs shut. A Mistress is not a position of power. It's a position of weakness. An adulteress is a tramp, a home wrecker, a low-life. Shame on anyone who sees Olivia as a role model.
  • IF YOU WANT ME, YOU EARN ME!!!!!!!!!

    IF YOU WANT ME, YOU EARN ME!!!!!!!!! Enough said that statement says it all it has stuck in my head since i heard Olivia say it with all her attitude. I love OLIVIA shes got the best characteristics, straight up, tough, firm, sympathetic, beautiful, secretive, shes the whole damn package this show is awesome love the whole team every single one of them GLADIATORS!! . I wouldnt change one bit of it they play their roles above and beyond the expectations and is completed to perfection in every episode waiting one week is just too slow to keep up with everything coz the story is just happening to fast... Scandal keeps you on the edge of your seat all the time. I hate the first lady (Melly) she annoys me i find her acting fake and not legitimate enough her voice and facial expressions dont suit the character of a first lady. I also wish someone made a television show on real world conspiracies and how they affect us &our world our lives today. . Illuminati, free masons, HAARP, one world order etc. etc.
  • Good show

    I really like the show, except for the gay scenes, sorry but at 66 y/o it truly is nauseating. Otherwise, the suspense is great and Olivia & remainder of the cast gets an A+.

    Thursday comes along too darn slowly !!!! I have DVR'd every episode and watch the whole loop at least once a week - now I have watched it so many times that I play it while cleaning the house and have memorized most of the dialogue - each and every one of those actors are perfectly cast - I am a 66 year old lesbian and thought the love scene with our two husbands was done PERFECTLY !!!!!! I love the president - Jake is spot on !!! - Huke stole my heart - this show is not like ANYTHING that I have ever seen march on !!!!!!!
  • Addicted to this show !!!!!!!!!!

    I could watch this show every night!!!!!!!! I can't wait till Thursday rolls around so that I can see what happens next. The actors who play these parts are perfect !!! They have their characters perfected ~ so real. Can't wait till next episode (5-9) when the "Mole" is revealed. This story line is so well written. Keep it going!!!
  • georgieboyme

    Every time I watch Scandal I think this must be a season finale; that's how packed every episode is. Also, I hate and, in the past, have never watch any TV series more than once. With Scandal, I always end-up watching each episode twice, just because there are so many little details that one can miss, which end up being important to some story line that's being developed. I love this show.
  • Huck!

    Oh my goodness! The last episode of Scandal was soooo good. I can't believe Huck is even a semi-remotely functioning human being after all of that. Wow. The whole episode was a heartbreaker, but the scene between Huck and Olivia at the end when she said that he saved her was the worst. I love love love this show and the relationship between Olivia and Huck (and to some extent all the Gladiators) is what makes it a great show. Hats off the Shonda Rimes and her writing staff, keep up the good work.
  • Best drama on tv

    Love this show wish abc wouldn't keep moving it around and making me wait two and three weeks to see the next episode
  • Bellamy Young

    Awesome interview with Bellamy Young! 2013/03/interview-actress-bellamy-young-scandal
  • Worst show on TV

    Awful show, bad acting, cheesy dialogue, a mess!!! the only reason this got on the air is because ABC is up Shonda's butt. TV for the dumb down masses.
  • AWESOME!!!

    Awesome show! Period.
  • A clever title

    a quick review to share your thoughts...
  • Great show

    This show is great love this
  • Absolute drivel

    What a hoot! If this show is in ANY way indicative of what goes on in America then it's no wonder you are laughing stocks all over the world. Totally unbelievable. Worse than that other drivel, Nikita, and that's saying something.
  • do not stop the show, we have to watch more...

    hey! what's going on? do not stop the show, we have to watch more....
  • this show is amazing

    love this
  • More!!

    I'm absolutely addicted to this show. Please give us more episodes, don't end it there, because it's just starting to get juicy :D
  • Who cares?

    Thats how I feel when I watch (3 episodes so far of season 2) this awful production. No one is even remotely believeable, the acting (such as it is) is horrible. Kerry Washington (!?!?!) has but ONE expression & its BORING not to mention unflattering. She gives women in Wash DC a bad name. And, whats w/the terrible over-the-elbow gloves worn at every possible outdoor moment? Her entire look is yucky. It boogles the rational mind to think ANY man in power w/a brain would have an affair w/her. And the "smelly" fixer who nobody will tell he smells? Not clever. I watch TV all the time, I enjoy it but I cannot bring myself to watch this drivel again. I don't care what happens to ANYONE on this bad show.
  • Don't miss an episode

    I love this show. It has my attention every minute that it is on. Love it!!
  • Scandal is a scandal!!!

    I love the show, not because I approve the theme of the lifestyle portrayed. However, Kerry Washington is absolutely amazing. I wouldn't miss an episode. I only wish there had been a role model like her when I was growing up. Her talent, how well she's honed her craft is unsurpassed by any women in prime time tv.
  • Extremely Dissaponted

    Last night's show was in very poor taste and WAY over the top. First he shrugs off his wife, then he ravages Olivia, then kicks her to the curb, and then totally disrespects his wife, again. Does he want her to be in his corner or not? I did not like either of the shower scenes nor the closet encounter he had with Olivia. AND I was too undone to think that the government could intrude into the privacy of the homes of any American. I think if this is going to be the direction of the show, I will have to bow out. I did not like the show AT ALL last night. To me if Fritz is so upset with the people that put him in office, then he had the opportunity to terminate his presidency by allowing the Judge to bring the incident to light, instead he kills her and now he's mad at the world and blames everyone but himself. I don't mind the love scenes, but tone them down and quit disrespecting his wife. If he doesn't love her, move on!!!!!
  • Disappointmwnt

    I did not like the show last night was not realistic. Fitz tells Olivia to wait for him and after he finds out they were all involved in the voting scandal, he tells Olivia she's okay to screw as his mistress but not as his tells Mellie that she is honest and the only one he can trust. Where does he'd get off?
  • Nothing happens

    I've only watched one episode. Given the high ratings, i must have watched at an off moment. Nothing talked about things happening, but that's it. They were in an office talking about stuff, then moved to another office to talk about it and then one character went home, went to sleep, only to have someone at the office call her to talk about it, so she went to the office to talk about it more. I'd give it another chance, but nothing about these characters makes me care about them and half the actors didn't act well.
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