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  • So many twists and turns!!

    This show keeps me tuning in every week. I feel conflicted for cheering for a mistress over a wife, but darn this show is good!!!
  • who else is tired of this?

    I have been watching Scandal since the beginning and always loved it. But I am so sick of the anger - EVERYONE is angry at EVERYONE. The acting is getting so over-dramatic. They are all seething and pissed off at someone or something. I think a lot of the scenes could be done just as effectively without the over-dramatic anger.
  • Overrated: Not Good

    I don't want to play devil's advocate, but I do not find this show interesting. It reminds me of a low production crappy soap opera with the White House/political ties slapped on it as a brand. The characters are not interesting. The stories are predictable. There is not enough good drama I believe. I just could not sit through more than two episodes. It is just similar to a show like Dallas with soap opera elements to me which has been overdone for 50 years on television. It takes place in the White House in You tell me, okay so what! It could have the actual President on the show and still be the overrated, hot garbage that it is. I don't like shows that just focus on affairs and stupid personal crap without much actual interesting information. Who would waste an hour watching this? Big waste of time and highly overrated
  • my favorite show hands down

    I am completely in love with this show when i first seen it i was on Netflix just scrolling side ways trying fine something good and this show pop up I watch it after seeingthe first episode i was addicted and finish the first season and the second season so quick and waited patiently for a knew while replay the first 2i love it and can't getenough
  • I like the show but....

    I was wondering if I was the only one having problem with this photo camera flash light effect they use between the scenes? These constant flashes give me a headache. It's just too much! Such a pity: I like the show but this will force me to stop watching... I give it 6 only because of the flashes other ways it would be a 9.
  • Intrigued but?

    After watching season 1-3 straight out in 2 days I can say is they should put a full stop on Fitz & Olivia on off 7-Eleven relationship been dragging too long.

  • Love it!

    Best show on ABC!
  • Cutting Short???!!

    The cut down the episodes this season??? and they're still taking a mid season break??

    No appreciation for the fans.....
  • Political soapiness at its best....

    Season 1 was great, season 2 fantastic, and yet Shonda still managed to kick it up a notch in season 3. Filled with drama, suspense and complex characters. Yes they do talk a little fast, but honestly, it's basically the only downside, so get over it. Can't believe doesn't review this show weekly.
  • Low morals in high places

    Government like a mediaeval court.

    Lust for power, overcoming love everywhere. The writer must have had a really messy divorce. Not a single normal character who can survive more than two episodes. A series of Type A personalities fighting in a cock pit to rule the roost.

    You're not meant to like any of the characters, each more wonderfully flawed than the last. You're meant to marvel at how low they will go.

    Revenge is based on the Count of Monte Christo, redeeming an injustice. This is based on Suetonius's Life of the Caesars and Tiberius and Nero are coming up smelling of roses by comparison.

    I don't see how anyone can end well, only on top. I just hope the writers don't sell out.

    Its the best thing on television.

  • What did they say????

    Okay, I've read all the reviews and so far have not read a thing about how fast these people talk. Now I get that this show is supposed to be fast and exciting and the people in it are super smart, but NOBODY talks this fast. and it would be okay at that speed if you could understand them. Half the time I reverse the show, turn off the sound and then READ what they have just said. This is annoying. It won't take away from the show to have them slow down just a little.
  • A guilty pleasure

    This show has become one of my favorites!
  • addictive

    So I've watched the first 2 seasons over the last 2 days and it's addictive. the first season is not so great but this show is getting better and better.

    The concept of the show is original even if I'm not sure if the Olivia/Fitz love-story can go further because it's becoming boring the "i love you" but "we can't be together"...

    It is catchy but there is fast approaching a time that this serie will have to take a line on what Olivia Pope and others are going end up doing. It is frustrated to continually have sit and wonder what the President will do and IF the expectation is that Olivia is going to be the NEW first Lady then it will set breaking ground for new thinking in the political arena. It will also open the door for somewhat dysfunctional politics and those who so easily get corrupted. The President will have to pay in a major manner for his discretions. Until such time it remains a rivitting show!
  • Better Late Than Never

    I was introduced to this show by accident and was floored by three early revelations.

    1. Despite the title, this wasn't another 'Revenge' or 'Dallas' or any of the other ridiculous one word titled prime time soaps

    2. Not only is it not a soap, based on nothing by the original series promo, it isn't AT ALL what I thought it was

    3. The very reason for me finding out about it, it's the first show in my lifetime, not produced by Bill Cosby, to have a black woman as a female lead.

    That last detail was enough for me to dig up the first two seasons and give this show a legit shot. And now, here I am, all caught up after being WAY late to the party. I can say I both LOVE and HATE this show.

    Between the statements and predictions that have been as wrong as Quinn is a to Cyrus is in love with catching up on these reviews with the knowledge of what comes later is great fun. As is the yoyo of emotions on various characters like FLOTUS is awesome! FLOTUS sucks! POTUS is a jerk! POTUS is romantic! The only single commonality that I can find seems to be my take seems to be opposite.

    Which brings on why I hate this . Here we have a show with intelligent and beautiful women in positions of power who are often in situations when they can flaunt their mental and political muscles and routinely show just how much smarter they are than just about everybody around them. Because they're so good in these roles, it drives me nuts to see them acting like and being treated like disposable whores who are at the beck and call of wildly insecure men who inexplicably have some sort of Jedi power over them. When it comes to shows and movies, I don't have any real issue with misogyny. It's a human trait, it's not uncommon and portraying it seems fairly reasonable. But why Olivia, Mellie and Abby allow themselves to be treated by Fitz and David the way they I don't understand.

    The Abby/David story line had me confused. Mostly because obvious Abby has some deep seeded issues with regard to domestic rightly so. She was however quick to dismiss those issues after a little time out where David is concerned. Flirting, silent booty calls and dreamy glances towards a guy, who as far as she knew at the time, beat the crap out of his ex. Seriously Abby (and by Abby I mean Shonda) WTF?!?!?

    Say what you want about Mellie being cold and ruthless and uncaring, she is the PERFECT match for President Dbag. She knows the political game, has trouble separating her feelings from the job and when those lines blur, she occasionally overreaches and creates chaos for those around does that sound like? But for as much as a "politician's wife" as she is, I can't comprehend some of her reactions to down right cruel words and actions from Fitz. I know he's the President, but she's put up with A LOT.

    Which brings me to the queen of . Routinely treated like a cheap whore, emotionally manipulated and strung along, having her heart broken at least 4 times that I can count and at just about every opportunity, will lay herself out for Fitz to do what Fitz does, be a complete POS, spout the stereotypical abuser excuse, "I love you too much, baby" lines and get what he at least what he wants at the moment because he's a complete child. I get him as a character and I'm okay with that. But Olivia falling for his game time and time and time still take exception to that and words can't describe how anti Olivia/Fitz I am and have been since since pretty much the pilot. But on to the there's SOOOO much good.

    The good is pretty much everything else outside of the sexual relationships on this show. Olivia & Huck, Olivia & Harrison and Quinn & Huck are easily my favourite dynamics and I'd be at a loss to say I'll ever tires of scenes with these characters. Olivia and Huck, two fundamentally broken people for completely different reasons. Both devoutly loyal to the two steal episodes with their scenes. And speaking of blind loyalty, Harrison rocks! So appreciative of Olivia saving him that he doesn't question and won't judge anything she if he knows it's wrong. It's simple and it's fine by me. Huck and didn't see it coming, but this was absolutely the "I wish it would happen relationship" of the series. I'm still a little unsure about this whole Quinn having the same traits and addiction potential as Huck, but I think he can fix her of that. Or at least he'd better, cause I like those two, even if they're just friends.

    Cyrus and James might be my second favourite gay couple ever after Argon and Nasir. Hell, those two pairs are right up their with my favourite couples regardless of orientation. But I think these two embody what's best about this show. It's not the "client of the week" or the grand conspiracies or latest the relationships between the characters. Sometimes they're flawed and sometimes they're unhealthy, but IMO that's what this show is all I dig it. But seriously, give Olivia a crumb of something positive and healthy in her personal please? No more ridiculous, self absorbed, manipulative, abusive, childish, lying, spying, assaulting men in her personal life. Is that really too much to ask?

    Okay, back to catching up on the recaps. Laughing at the wrong predictions, smiling at the right interpretations and seeing if ever what I feel about various characters matches up with Lily's :)
  • Amazing

    its nice to see a good show on the network channels as the best dramas are now featured on cable, Scandal is turning out to be a great show as the writers are able to weave out story lines that are connected to the main issue of the dirty side of politics, Kerry Washington is fantastic as the lead and deserves all the accolades for her perfomance.
  • Where are Olivia and Fitz Headed?!?

    Overall Scandal is a great show, but there are a couple of inconsistencies in Shonda's writing that drives me crazy. The main quam is the relationship between Fitz and Olivia. Where are they going as a couple? I am tired of them being pulled away from the fans. I can't take the back and forth, so either they are going to be together or not. Shonda make up your mind.

  • More love

    Shonda, what about more love between Olivia and the president?
  • Really awesome

    I love this show, the plot lines, the characters are perfect, i just wish though that the plots revolving around the president should reduce, and they should get different stories everytime, just like the first few episodes where there was a different client and different issue in every episode and the team tackling it , was fun to watch
  • FInally

    A Great show with a minority lead that is not a comedy. Thank you Shonda Rhimes and ABC. We have a minority President and Networks finally think Black people came be more than comic relief. Now we only have to hope that ABC doesn't Change the time and date it is aired and tank the show.

    Really Rhimes, u need to take that Olivia Pope character down like a million the bit--h is obnoxious not to mention sanctimonious. soften her character with a really big dose of humility.

    And oh, that wig or weave or whatever she has going on ontop of her head, please please please I beg of u, change it next season. Other than her I really like the show, cant wait for season 3. Nice work.
  • Totally ridiculous

    I got to the party late on this, but have been making it up in the past few weeks, and although season 1 pretty good, it went downhill steadily in S2. There is hardly anything redeeming about this show: the acting is bland and monotonous, the story is ridiculous and has more plotholes and inconsistencies than even I am prepared to overlook, it is one big pile of cliches stacked on top of each other, there is not one likeable or even agreeable character (with the exception of David Rosen - the only character capable of self-relativation, everybody else are completely self-absorbed *ssh*les) with that sanctimonious Olivia Pope dude being the worst, and Harvey Leek is playing some sort of wannabe Alan Shore.

    Most of this actually also describes A Few Good Men, and similarly I just keep watching, even if it is against my better judgement.
  • Well executed

    Shonda & crew are hitting the steps dead on.
  • A Deliciously Refreshing Show!

    Scandal is by far one of the most refreshing and well written shows that has come out in a long time. Every week Shonda Rhimes has you on the edge of your seat with some new OMG moment. Most weeks each show ends with some sort of cliff hanger and it almost feels like a season finale every week. The cast and plot is excellent. Bravo!

    Ok, now I have to vent about 2 things with people rating this show:

    1. There are some aspects of this show that I don't necessarily agree with either (ex. gay marriage, adultery) BUT that doesn't mean I should rate the show a 1 based off Olivia shouldn't be sleeping with the president or the gay scenes. Guess what? This is LIFE! Men and women cheat on their spouses all the time regardless of their income and status. And gay people love each other. These are issues that are real life and will not go away. So kuddos to Rhimes if she wants to write about it.

    2. Ok, let's get one thing clear. I'm noticing some of the people that have rated this show a 1 is someone who watched one episode in the middle of season 2. Well, of course you wouldn't have a clue of what was going on. How about start at season 1 ep 1.

    Then to others that have rated this show based off ONE episode that they didn't like. WTF. Can I get anyone to actually rate the show AS A WHOLE not based of one episode !?! Jeez

    Ok, vent over :)
  • Me, The President, Olivia Pope & a bottle of Wine - Me and Scandal Time

    I think the title proves enough.

    I really adore this show, romantic, great cast, terrific story line every episode, the love scenes or...........

    I was afraid that season 2 would be disappointing, because season 1 got me hooked, but I was (gladly-happenly) WRONG.
  • Got to love it!!

    I love this show. Unlike some I don't over think it - or draw meaning where there isn't. At the end of the day its a TV drama, drama being the operative word. It's well thought out and although slightly slow in a few places it was still able to surprise me which doesn't happen often. If it wasn't for that fact that I can see them dragging on this Fitz and Olivia thing to the point of insanity I would give it a 10. Hurry up and get them together already and focus on drama elsewhere for a while.
  • Fitz and Olivia

    that love scene is one of the best i have every seen. I think olivia needs to get pregnant with his child to make it more interesting. I hope they can get there relationship back. Or even Mel to have an affair with someone would be great.
  • Olivia "Model Role"

    Shame on Shondra Rimes for portraying this tramp Olivia as role model. If a woman wants the power she should keep her legs shut. A Mistress is not a position of power. It's a position of weakness. An adulteress is a tramp, a home wrecker, a low-life. Shame on anyone who sees Olivia as a role model.
  • IF YOU WANT ME, YOU EARN ME!!!!!!!!!

    IF YOU WANT ME, YOU EARN ME!!!!!!!!! Enough said that statement says it all it has stuck in my head since i heard Olivia say it with all her attitude. I love OLIVIA shes got the best characteristics, straight up, tough, firm, sympathetic, beautiful, secretive, shes the whole damn package this show is awesome love the whole team every single one of them GLADIATORS!! . I wouldnt change one bit of it they play their roles above and beyond the expectations and is completed to perfection in every episode waiting one week is just too slow to keep up with everything coz the story is just happening to fast... Scandal keeps you on the edge of your seat all the time. I hate the first lady (Melly) she annoys me i find her acting fake and not legitimate enough her voice and facial expressions dont suit the character of a first lady. I also wish someone made a television show on real world conspiracies and how they affect us &our world our lives today. . Illuminati, free masons, HAARP, one world order etc. etc.
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