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  • Olivia Pope

    I like this show. I used to love Oliva Pope of course her dad Roland is my fave. But Quinn should put a bullet in her for turning her back on her friend. Charlie should cut off one of her fingers and I think her n Mel should have a cat fight. Someone teach this lady a lesson. She think she can't be touched. The show is called Scandal NOT Olivia Pope
  • Getting old

    Come on scandal, you guys is losing big time to Trump administration. Think of something more interesting out of current situation. Bringing back B613, seriously? We're back to jurassic time now?
  • Scandal went downhill and boring while real life Scandal in DC got action every day

    Stopped watching the show for its numerous incoherences. Replaced it with watching the crazy show that is still running in real US politics.
  • Yawn....

    Only in Season 3, and already tired of the whole thing. First of all, to Shonda, do you even realize there are more actors on this earth than the ones from Grey's? Seriously, so many of the same people playing new roles in a different show is tiresome.

    Now for the characters, Olivia Pope has just gotten weird. For a so-called strong woman, her wavering, indecisiveness, and sleeping around (barely shows up at work) would bring her company crashing down and all the people around her.

    Her father's appearance and presence in the show is unbelievable.

    I originally thought Huck's character development was promising, but it is now just another unbelievable

    aspect with mostly unbelievable storylines.

    Stephen just disappeared from the 'crew' which was another weird thing, and never mentioned again. They could have at least given that more of a backstory so that it made sense.

    Quinn has become downright scary, but nobody seems to give that a thought, whereas seemingly good guy David is treated like the anti-Christ.

    Abby seems filled with anger, and we don't know why.

    Jeff Perry is great at Cyrus Beene; however, his character has really pulled some crap, and there's no way in reality that someone like that would still be in position without investigation.

    Finally, I do think Mellie is a believable character, albeit nasty and conniving.

    Tony Goldwyn is the one saving grace of the show. He plays a believable president--a little tortured with father issues, a power-hungry wife, and an undermining chief of staff, but I believe he pulls it off as a strong president able to stand up for what he believes once he powers through all the crap. He portrayed a man in love very well (even though now it's a little hard to believe with Olivia's issues).

    Overall, a good show will leave the watcher with a decision to make--which way things are going to go--and you can't wait to watch the next episode to gauge if you're correct (many times with exciting twists of plot to change direction of your thinking). This show does not do that. You end up not really caring any more what's going to happen because it's basically the same storyline each episode: Will Olivia and Fitz be/stay together, and what weird plot will develop to tear them apart. And when does Olivia do all that Prada shopping?!?! Yawn.
  • The death of ,,great" Scandal...

    The last seasons were just plain awful. Olivia used to be a strong character, with clear values, but, nowadays, everything doesn't make sense anymore. What side is she really on, is she good, is she bad?! You can't answer these questions anymore and not because the character became more complex, but because the character is not coherent anymore. Switching the show from solving cases mode on to a continuous haotical drama is not working for me....
  • Shonda and Writers Think Readers Are Stupid

    With their storyline involving Fake and B613. Jake's character has ruined the Scandal storyline from the beginning In order to make him fit into the script, the writers have gone more off the rails than Scandal was from the beginning. Since when has a Navy Captain even qualified to be the NSA Director? For a woman that wants to write for strong female leads, why does she have Olivia supposedly aborting Fitz's child without a care in the world and turning to a man that choked her, filmed their sex scenes, killed numerous innocent people etc?? Shonda and her writers have written this show and storylines into a complete mess. So, is Olivia's next Scandal having an affair with the married Fake or just having his wife mysteriously disappear?

    The writers missed the opportunity for even more great acting between Tony and Kerry when they turned Liv into someone that suddenly cured her PTSD by turning into a heartless killer. Tony brings out the best in Kerry and they had potential to have a great relationship that could be fun and productive without being boring. All because Shonda wanted to push the terrible acting Scott Foley into our . screens all the time.

    It's a little too much to watch anymore.
  • need kary scandal

    we are hooked on scandal and kary wasington is one of the reasons
  • Loved this show until this season

    Well I am ready to remove from PVR. Really not liking the Olivia and Jake thing and really not liking Olivia. The only people worth watching the show for are Millie, Susan and Fitz, as long as he doesn't try and get back with Olivia.
  • 1.0
    The show is definitely one I would love to see canceled at this point. It used to be one of those shows that kept me at the edge of the seat, I never knew what was coming. More importantly than the surprise elements were the characters who were complex but relate-able. I no longer like any of the characters, they have actually all be turned into one thing - power-hungry maniacs. It's not interesting or shocking even, just really dull and disappointing. I don't even care if I miss an episode. I want it to be canceled because I feel like I have to watch it to the end even though I absolutely hate it. Please cancel this show soon, it no longer has anything to offer.
  • Disappointed

    Very disappointed with this season. Don't like how the characters Olivia and Jake are being portrayed. Previously Olivia's character seemed strong and confident. Now she just seems to be a bully along with her father. Also, how can her father not be in jail anymore when he killed the president's son. The president and his wife are doing nothing about this. This is so unrealistic! I'm not enjoying watching the show anymore.
  • Stopped Watching

    I watched because I believed the President and Olivia would make a heck of a team kind of a modern Hart to Hart. Huck being a father by day and a gladiator would have made good family safety plot. I put up with watching her screw the world and look desperate and weak. It wasn't the having sex it was the desperation you could feel. I put up with her being used. However, the abortion, china pattern sexist bull and them finally able and she'd rather be a Mistress is why I stopped watching the Good Wife and why I'm not watching Catch. Ms. Rhimes your notion of strong women is NOT it. Drama does not have to be drama filled so until this is made a bad dream segment or a clone I'm not watching any of her shows because they'll all end up being stereotypical and sad caricatures of warped women. Either they listen to the fans because the ratings are sinking or watch the show sink. This was a favorite and now I'm totally out as well!!!!
  • Gone down hill fast

    I watched seasons 1-3 recently whilst off work following an operation and was hooked. I thought the show was great. However 4 onwards, and most specifically this season, its got worse and worse. The weird relationship between Jake and Olivia has become seedy and just creepy. In fact Olivia, Fitz and Jake are now all completely unlikeable characters. I think the show has definitely had its day and I wont be watching any more. Unlike Grey's which is still awesome after 12 series.
  • Goes from Great to horrible + the love story is annoying as hell.

    I have watched 4 seasons so far and here's what I love about this show:

    - The development of all characters is great.

    - The plots in throughout the episodes varies between good to brilliant.

    What gets very old very fast is the love story between Olivia and the president. It should have been killed after first season if not halfway through first season. It becomes unrealistic and annoying as hell to see them have make up sex after each fight.


    Furthermore there are many things that does not make sense at all int his show.

    1. They all know where "command" works and can easily go and put him out of his misery, but nooo. Despite the fact it takes two cops about 3 minutes to come and arrest him in end of season 4.

    2. Fitz throws Mellie out cause she caused 12 people to be killed, but he himself shot down a plane where 300+ people died. And Cyrus has caused more death and scams during the years including fixing the election, but is he fired? No. Hell even when he resigns, he comes back.

    3. Olivia, her associates and "friends" + agents have many chances to kill her father, "command", but does not and keeps getting framed and had by him... For real?

    4. Olivia turns into an arrogant, self righteous and ignorant person, which in the end starts to irritate the hell out of anyone.

    In fact I find the 4 above mentioned things (there are many more) and the love story is annoying enough to rate it as low as a 3.
  • this show is falling down hard....

    The first seasons was great, even this season started reasonable but over the last parts they lost it completely. The story got lost, the single characters are inconsistent, Olivia turned into a ignorant bitch which is basically in the meanwhile one of the most unsympathetic characters of the show. I have loved this show and I cant understand how the producers do not see how this shows goes down. Unless they turn this around into something positive I cant imagine this survives any longer.... Sad!
  • Disgusted by Scandal series episode 1

    Anybody who has any decency and watched this episode will know why I am disgusted by the story of the show. A princess dies in a car crash.

    How can anyone be so evil as to make a programme out of real people's lives.

    No doubt they will try to say any similarities are purely coincidental.

    I've watched every episode of Scandal until now. I'm not sure that I will watch any more.
  • What's going on are they trying to make us not like Olivia??

    Wow.. I use to really love this show.. The season started off so good, now I don't know anymore. I was so inspired that I make a commercial about it, just to make people more aware about what really going on in the world of Elections.

    Now I just don't know anymore, I just don't know.. They better do something about this fast. I've read some comment over here, and we all pretty much feel the same way.
  • Needs to wrap

    Scandal started as one of my favorite shows! I couldn't wait to watch! When Olivia and Fitz finally got their moment, I was so happy! I understand Shondas need to address current issues and she could've done that by addressing women's needs through Mellies dialogue. However, she went WAY over the top showing Olivia getting an abortion. Olivia is now a self serving bitch. Won't be watching after the holidays.
  • disappointed

    I love scandal but the way they have Olivia's character is annoying. I want her & the President to be together but she acts like she doesn't know what she really wants & it's making the show irritating. Just let Olivia & the President remain happy together to make the show better
  • The Decline of Olivia Pope

    I am extremely disappointed in the character Olivia Pope. I have watched this show since its debut and I have watched this character evolve into an unlikeable person who uses persons for her own convenience. Whilst I understand the writer(s) need to identify with the real word, I had somehow hoped Olivia and Fitz could have a future. If the writer (s) wanted Mellie and Fitz to be reunited this could have been done without making Olivia into the typical Bitch Mistress who wants the gain and fame with no pain and finds the man only attractive if he is taken... Welcome to the real world of wives who have to be versatile enough to play the role of wife and mistress at the same time. Apparently this character can only be given the role of a mistress who doesn't even want the entanglement of a child you cant take the heat Olivia stay out of the her character get any some how think so
  • NOT Breaking Bad

    Characters have become increasingly unlikeable and one dimensional - spouting essentially same thing every episode. Both they and plots seem written with sentimentalism and as if the writers don't know what the storyline is, because the characters don't develop and change through their actions like real people do. It's as if these adults in the story aged in every way but emotionally- everyone's 15 but looks old and can strategize like chess champions. Btw I'm sure everyone is aware but gladiators were slaves. Some character needs to mention this at some point otherwise it makes it look like the folks behind this show don't know their slave history, but then given the writing maybe they don't.
  • Best show on tv!

    This is the best show on tv i think people is really confuse becaise anybody who watch this show since begining will know for sure that this show is about fritz and olivia first of all she dint steal no one husband mellie never love him she was all in for the power so shes paying the price for it which is watch her husband fall inlove with another women
  • changing date or time

    PLEASE .. think you guys should change the date scandal airs .... Instead on Thursdays maybe Fridays or Mondays.. Reason being because on Thursday most popular shows air so having bout 4 popular shows(Scandal, Sleepy hollow, vampire diaries and alsothe originals) showing we can't focus on one . Please consider changing it ... I know you won't get to this message anytime soon but please consider changing the day it airs thanks again
  • ABC is going too far!

    Be CAREFUL not to feed into the MESS that is being promoted on our televisions! This DISGRACEFUL television programming is going too far! I PRAY that RESPONSIBLE parents are not allowing their children to watch and/or hear television programs that are NOT for their young eyes and ears! If you've made such a from it and make the correction! PLEASE be MINDFUL of what you allow in your home through the television! Take control of your OWN home! #IJS! #Guardyourhome!
  • Not great

    Never have I seen such an unlikable group of characters together in one show, which would be fine if that were the only problem. After all, you can't expect these people to have a tremendous amount of virtue given what they do.

    Things were good for a while: the storytelling was fast-paced and competent, and despite the fact that the characters were constantly making dumb decisions, it kept me interested, even with all the gratuitous sex scenes and people making out nonsensically to bookend every conversation that the writers didn't know how to transition smoothly. Fitz annoyed me every time he was onscreen and the fact that everyone seemed to think he was a demigod confused me. His relationship with Olivia seemed (and still seems) forced and based purely on physical attraction. And the nickname that he uses on the intern that he used to call Olivia? Haven't heard it since. Considering it was the TITLE OF THE EPISODE, you think the writers would have caught that. Everyone with a southern accent was a caricature.

    But yeah, despite all that, it was still fun to watch. Then:

    -- Huck and Quinn started licking each other

    -- B613 got integrated into the plot and Rowan / Eli / whoever became a main seemed to think he was Lawrence Olivier the way he would drone on about crap with an annoying cadence

    -- Weird, contrived B613 subplots became the main focus of the show.

    -- Olivia's mom. Bad actress, bad writing, or a combination of the two.

    -- It became ALL about Olivia, self-absorbed, melodramatic sociopath that she is.

    -- The Vice President goes from being a seemingly good person to a cartoonish villain overnight

    -- Everyone's most prominent character trait turns into all they are over time. Fitz gets more butthurt over everything, Olivia cries even more easily, Huck turns into Jeffrey Dahmer, Quinn becomes a grade A weirdo, Abby is constantly angry at everyone

  • Not likeable

    There is no one left to 'like' on Scandal. The producers have thrown all their sh*t at the fan. Olivia is irredeemably evil. We know she must be under-handed to fix things, but her moral compass was smashed to bits long ago. I have watched/rewatched episodes since the start, and decided I no longer care what happens to anyone on the show. Blame heavy-handed evilness. They can all go to hell, I don't care.
  • Super sappy and hyper emotional

    This show had great promise. With a great original cast and strong first season, this show was shaping up to be something remarkable. Seasons 1 and 2 were so good at being clever and interesting, but Kerry Washington's character's hyper emotional, over-the-top, and plain ridiculous overreaction to seemingly every little thing is just annoying. I don't think she's stopped frowning since season 3. With an unlikeable roster of supporting characters, and a penchant for stuffing an intolerable amount of hormones induced time-filler sex and emotional tension, I just don't see the point of this show anymore. This show has become so unbelievably monotonous and unsubstantial that it hurts. It had so much potential, but alas I find myself hopping off at the season 4 finale before I start resenting this show any further. Such a shame.
  • Lalalove it.

    Been my favorite show for months now, seen every episode. Though the main actress Kerry Washington acts weird/overreacts, that's how she's supposed to be; how actors/actresses are... If she was supposed to react how people normally would, this would be a reality show. Action, romance, thrill, suspense, and plot twists MAKE this show. Worth 10 point rating all the way.
  • I'm out of here

    I used to like this show a lot. I thought season 1 was great. Season 2 was good too with so many scandals and plots happening. However, season 4 is just getting so ridiculous. The writers seem to think up all these crazy, over the top stories just to out do the previous storylines. It doesn't help that the characters themselves are not nice people, so it's very hard to root for them when they get into trouble. I thought they were supposed to be white knights. They seem to be in season 1, but now they are just horrible people with no redeeming qualities. So, I'm sorry to say, I've stopped watching. It's very rare for me to stop watching a series that I've followed for a few years as I usually carry on just to see what happens at the end. But I just can't bring myself to do that for this show as all the characters annoy me. It's a shame really. It could have been so good...
  • Too much,Kerry Washington

    At first, i really like this tv show, the story, the plot, the twist. However, i just want to say this real quick. I am sorry but Kerry Washington will never win Emmy for leading actress due to her overreacting emotion in this tv show. Kerry washington tries too much and it annoys me (and many ppl who watched it) everytime i see her in Scandal. Even I noticed the way she walked in white house aisle or any aisle was ugh! , as if she tries so much to look cool and slutty sexy. I am sorry but if you guys are into tv show and acting, you will see why Kerry washington will never win an Emmy for Scandal. Shonda Rhimes needs to tell her to be natural and not overreacting. I don't mean to be rude but Kerry Washington is the problem.
  • What in the world happened to Scandal writing?

    Olivia needs to find someone new. The Fitz/Olivia storyline is getting stupid and it is old. Fitz needs to fall back in love with his wife since he plans to stand by her side at her stupid campaign to be VP. The Gay wedding in a republican white house was silly and unrealistic. Gay graphic love scenes (even graphic heterosexual love scenes are offending). It can be implied-- and then get back to the Scandal!. The show has lost its focus. If she truly has PSTD from being kidnapped, why would she take a strange man picked up at a bar, into her home and bed?--esp. after she worked so hard to have a million locks on her door! An insult to anyone who has had PTSD. If she has PTSD, work the story line. That is a real disorder that impacts thousands of people exposed to trauma. Maybe she can fall in love with her psychiatrist who ends up being a spy who is trying to get intel on the white house. Get back to spy, espionage, and fixing scandals in Washington. This last episode about Jake and bringing the father back (finally!) was the best. Let's bring the mother back too, she's good. And some new