Season 2 Episode 17

Snake in the Garden

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2013 on ABC



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    • Olivia: (on the phone) Cyrus.
      Cyrus: I'll be there in 20. I was thinking a nice Napa red with a side of stovetop popcorn. We'll go old school tonight?
      Olivia: I can't. I'm... I have plans.
      Cyrus: Is it a date? Who is he?
      Olivia: You wouldn't know him. I don't even know if I know him. There's something... not quite right there, but I'm going with it, because God knows, when it comes to men my instincts haven't exactly served me well. So, I'm jumping. This is me jumping.
      Cyrus: Why is everybody cheating on me?
      Olivia: You don't mean--
      Cyrus: Not James, of course not. My other marriage. But I think I'm back in. Now I just have to get rid of the competition.
      Olivia: Fitz is getting advice from someone else?
      Cyrus: Yep.
      Olivia: Who?
      Cyrus: You don't know him.
      Olivia: Go for the jugular.
      Cyrus: I always do.
      Olivia: How is he?
      Cyrus: You have a date with a new guy, remember?

    • Olivia: (taking a phone call) Cyrus, I can't talk.
      Cyrus: Why not?
      Olivia: Because Hollis Doyle's daughter has been kidnaped.
      Cyrus: Karma!
      Olivia: You are a bad man.
      Cyrus: Just take a moment to feel the karma!

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