Season 2 Episode 6

Spies Like Us

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on ABC

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  • Intense Episode

    Bravo for the acting of Kerry Washington and associates. Columbus Short is doing some of his best acting in this episode. The intensity of the scenes with the ex-CIA members was awesome. This is certainly one of the best shows on ABC and any thoughts of cancelling it will cause a revolution. LOL
  • Excellent episode

    This episode was quite solid.
  • What the world.....

    This was another great episode that I enjoyed. Of course I would like to have Tony Goldwy (Fitz) come back. I surely have missed him and the storyline about him and Kerry Washington (Olivia). I am not fond of the story line between Olivia and Senator Davis. I do not feel that the chemistry is real, but being pushed by the writers of the story. Although it is wrong to want a married man to be in love with another woman, I hope the drama has not ended between Fitz and Olivia. It just can't be finished. I am also hoping that there will be more than 13 episodes for this season. I want more, pretty please.

    Thank you

  • Where the H*ll is Fritz?

    Another good episode that would have been great if Fritz was around. I miss Tony Goldwyn. I don't like Olivia with Senator Davis. There is no chemistry between the two actors. They look like two friends not two lovers. All the supporting players were very good this week. I like how the stories are all playing out with Cyrus and his husband, David and Abby, and Harrison and Olivia. Huck is amazing. Hopefully, Tony will be back when Scandal comes back in two weeks.