Season 1 Episode 1

Sweet Baby

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

Two people meet a bar. The woman, Quinn, says she is actually here to cancel and she apologizes. The man says this is actually a job interview, and asks Quinn what she wants to drink. He mentions that Olivia Pope runs the agency he works for. Quinn, rushing to leave, stops and sits back down. She is stunned. Olivia Pope is clearly someone she looks up to. The man confuses her again and he ends up saying the job interview is essentially a job offer. Olivia wants her to start immediately. She says she's interested.

Stephen Finch and Olivia Pope meet with some shady people, paying them $3M and telling them to leave before they ask for more money. Olivia tells them that their names will appear on a no-fly list in about 4 hours so they should catch the first flight out, which is in about 2.5 hours. Harrison brings Quinn to meet the entire team. Their not lawyers Olivia says, they solve problems. We learn that Olivia and Stephen were dealing with a kidnapping of an Ambassador's child. The Ambassador picks up the abducted child and leaves a fat check.

A man comes in. Olivia sees he is covered in blood. The man says his girlfriend is dead and the police think he killed her. They immediately start interviewing the Sully St. James. Abby gathers all available history on the man and briefs the team. He is a member of the Republican party and a rising prospective government official. We learn the girlfriend was shot three times in the head, not an accident. The team is not sure what to do, but they have to interview Sully first. Sully mentions that he was going to propose and denies having anything to do with the murder. Stephen establishes his alibies and his whereabouts. Olivia watches Sully and observes his behavior. The team deliberates whether they should take the case but Olivia has the upper hand anyways and accepts the case. Olivia accepts and gives Sully the rules and warnings.

Olivia meets tells David Rosen, a member of the FBI to stay back so that her team can gather information. Because Olivia has insider information on David and threatens a media firestorm, David agrees to her demands. Abby heads over to the crime scene and investigates. Stephen goes to the morgue to get the autopsy report fast-tracked. Quinn wonders if they have families, but they don't. They work around the clock. After all all-nighter, Olivia says they need more information. The team thinks Sully killed the girl, but Olivia isn't so sure. The team agrees to find more information.

Olivia Pope meets with Cyrus Beene, a member of the secret service for the president. There's an aid going around saying she slept with President Fitzgerald Grant. Olivia agrees but only on the concession that the President meets her to talk about this. When she tells the team, they are weary but continue working their current case. Stephen is thinking of proposing to his girlfriend tonight, but he's not so sure about it. Quinn finds an email regarding the girlfriend cancelling an event invite that night. A friend of the girlfriend admits that the girlfriend slept with someone other than Sully.

Olivia heads in to see the President. The president's wife knows about the allegations and they walk and talk. The accusations come from a 27-year-old Amanda Tanner. President Grant denies that she slept with this girl. Olivia says to consider it handled. When Pope gets back to the office, she tells Harrison to gather information on Amanda Tanner. Then Olivia and Quinn tell Amanda Tanner to stay absolutely quiet. They have a lot of information already from the secret service agent, so Olivia pressures her and tells Tanner to hand in her resignation. Quinn overhears the entire conversation and is shocked. Back at the office, Huck, the tech specialist finds Quinn crying about the experience she just witnessed. Huck says not to show tears in front of Olivia, because she doesn't believe in them.

Olivia watches the large news networks closely for any breaking news. Harrison returns with prints on the gun matching Sully. And Abby says that Sully knew about the girlfriend sleeping with someone else. Means and motive, so Olivia heads over to Sully for more questioning. He denies killing his girlfriend Paige. Olivia tries to prep Stephen for popping the question to his girlfriend Georgia. The team works on solidifying Sully's alibi. Tanner comes to Olivia's office and says that she resigned but she's telling the truth. David comes to arrest Sully. Olivia holds him off. Stephen, Abby, and Harrison finds camera evidence showing Sully away from the crime-scene. But they also find something shocking: he was with a man that night, a male lover. Paige was his best friend. Sully says this information about him being gay cannot get out. Ever. Olivia wants the lover's name but Sully won't divulge. He leaves the office not wanting the help of Pope and Associates. He submits to being arrested by David. Quinn learns from Huck that Amanda Tanner is in the hospital because she tried to kill herself.

The media starts circulating around Sully's arrest. Stephen is allowed to head over to the restaurant. Pope gets caught up with Quinn. Quinn thinks that Tanner is telling the truth. Pope heads to see President Grant. When he comes in, everyone else is told to leave. Grant admits his faults: he once cheated on his wife with Olivia, who previously worked for him. They share a brief kiss but Olivia tries to stay back. She now understands that Tanner is telling the truth. The chief secret service agent Cyrus interrupts and ends the meeting. Next, Olivia heads to the restaurant to support Stephen, who is still having doubts. Olivia tells Sully to tell the truth about his sexuality. Sully divulges his partner's name. The next day, Sully makes his sexuality public during a press conference in full soldier's uniform. Cyrus tells Olivia that the President wants to see her. But Olivia informs him that Amanda Tanner is her newest client.