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Season 3 Episode 18

The Price of Free and Fair Elections

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 2014 on ABC

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Way surprised they had the bomb go off so soon into the episode - I thought it was going to be dragged out until the end. I'm just catching up on this now because after a few episodes of this season, I thought it was kind of dragging on, and other than the premiere, I wasn't feeling it (but kept recording anyway). Now that I've caught up, I'm glad I did because the finale packed a punch, especially with the frantic pacing that I need out of a show like this (maybe I'm getting spoiled by House of Cards?)
Loved the cinematic/directorial choices they made right after Jerry's death - it really made it hit harder. Also I really liked the subtle acting during the scene where Oliva and Fitz talk on the phone before he takes the stage. She says that she understands that Vermont is not happening anymore - even just the vocal inflections were so great and realistic (plus I thought it was cool how they used "The Light" by The Album Leaf during this scene to add to the mood).
Hopefully they pick up season 4 where they left off here and get back to the fast-paced twists that keep you on edge - Season 2 was great in this regard.
Dayum, that was a great season finale. Too bad they had to shorten the season from 22 eps to 18 eps due to Kerry Washington's pregnancy.
They were not lying when they said the season finale will blow us away. Scandal has to come back for season 4. There were too many questions and cliff hangers. Anybody else agree?
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