Season 1 Episode 6

The Trail

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 10, 2012 on ABC

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  • Amazing as always!

    I just watched 5 episodes in a day, so I think everyone can assume how much I love this show

    This episode earned a 10 because of the raw chemistry involved. The way the camera lingers on Grant and Olivia outside of his campaign room as they share one full minute together makes you forget you're watching professional actors, and think that you've stumbled upon a private moment you weren't meant to see. Likewise, the fact that they either muted or lowered the volume in that scene spoke volumes (ironically enough). It was if you could hear them both breathing as they stared at each other, uncertain, scared, and yet way the director(s)/producer paralleled that scene with Grant and Olivia sitting on her couch, heartbroken that they're perpetually stuck between a wall dividing careers and love, is a mastery of film techinique! Yes, this episode could've possibly used more time devoted to the present, but how many times have shows either not given us backstories to characters or even used episodes Shield!) to go away from the present plotline and focus an hour on flashbacks. This show has it all for those open minded to cherish it. Say goodbye to stereotypes (you're not going to get an interracial couple put on screen just for the sake of being different, you're not going to get stereotypes of men who abuse their power for the sake of manipulating a woman for the purpose of sex, and you're not going to get stereotypes of gay characters). We need this show. We need real characters in realistic situations!
  • Pretty good.

    It was pretty entertaining, what with the interesting cdevelopments and a breathtaking cliffhanger at the episode's ending! But then one can argue wthat the episode was living in the past and not doing enough in the present, which is why I rated it 9.5 instead o f 10. Th e scenes were entreataining, but I would prefer developments in the present day.

    Seeing Brenda Song on the episode made my day! Just love her, especially on The Suite Life, and I didn't recognise her by her face, but by her voice. :P That was awesoem seeing her here!

    Hopefully the show continues to get better, as it has been doing!
  • And then THAT happened!

    WOW! This show has quickly escalated to the realm of my must-watch list. I never thought I would have said that about some little mid-season show that came out of nowhere, but WOW! The flashbacks were so relevant, and they connected everything together, all of the intertwining storylines, and drew them back to the present. And the ending! I literally gasped. He better be okay. Seriously. This episode was ridiculously tense and pulse-pounding, and I can't wait to watch the finale!
  • getting better

    I definitely thought they did a good job in this episode of presenting the the Olivia/Fitz relationship. Lots and lots of seduction in this episode, which of course is the ultimate scandal, and I like how they upped the ante with some very seductive music! From James Brown ("Baby You're Right" plays when Quinn + Gideon are in bed together eating cheese) and The Album Leaf ("The Light" plays when Fitz and Liv are in the hallway and on Liv's couch) there was some great steamy music setting the mood.

    Best episode in awhile for this show, although I do hope that we see an increased role of the snoopy media in this show I think that'd be more realistic.
  • More Flashbacks too wreck ones head!

    God that was an awful episode! The only good part occured at the end. I'm really disappointed because last weeks episode was very good. These flashbacks that shows do all the time has become very tiresome.
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