Season 2 Episode 16

Top of the Hour

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2013 on ABC



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    • Sarah: You have some job... fixer. How do you fix betrayal?
      Olivia: Sarah, you betrayed him. You did. You messed up and there is a price. Betrayal always has a price. But let me ask you something. Is he a good dad?
      Sarah: He's a great dad.
      Olivia: You did what you thought was best at the time. Even if it was wrong, you thought it was best. You can't change the choice you made. All you can do is not letting it ruin you.
      Sarah: And what if he never forgives me?
      Olivia: Then you're going to have to learn to forgive yourself.
      Sarah: That sound lonely.
      Olivia: It is.

    • Olivia: (picking up a call) Cyrus, I've already told you--
      Fitz: It's not Cyrus. I wish you'd have just be honest with me
      Olivia: I already told you I made a mistake.
      Fitz: I didn't mean about Defiance.
      Olivia: What do you mean, Fitz? What do you mean? (silence) Fitz?

      Fitz: If you didn't think I was good enough to be President--
      Olivia: I did think you were.
      Fitz: You didn't! You didn't. If you had...
      You know, it doesn't matter, not anymore. That's not why I called.
      Olivia: Why did you call?
      Fitz: I've told myself I was calling to tell you to back off from my Justice Court nominee. But really? I was calling because apparently I haven't kicked myself enough today and I needed a little more misery. I trusted you, you know? You were all I had. You ruined me. I'm ruined.
      Olivia: I'm ruined!
      Fitz: I don't care.

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